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Colony Wars v0.3.0 Released

#1 2019-08-07 16:29:38
Today the 3rd beta, v0.3.0, of Colony Wars is available on Web, the Ape Apps Launcher, and on Android! This update adds a few new engine features and a bit of new content.

Firstly, on Android devices, the back button is now handled properly, which was badly needed.

Next, there is a new structure, the Research Lab. The Research Lab unlocks two new units, the Medium Tank and the Engineer. The Medium Tank is simply a larger and more powerful (and more expensive) version of the current Light Tank, so I don't need to explain much on that. The unit with the associated engine changes is the new Engineer.

The Engineer is a slow, weak, and defenseless unit, but if you let one sneak into your base, you could be in a bit of trouble. If the Engineer enters an enemy building, the building will be captured for the Engineer owner's team. This can be devastating if the unit enters an expensive building or even the Lander.

There is still a ton that needs to be added to the game, and I have gotten a lot of good suggestions and feedback through the forum, the Play store, and the in-game 'Submit Feedback' button, so please keep the ideas coming. Things that are currently on the list include Navy and naval units, air units, more techs, more types of infantry and tanks, etc. Once the United Earth faction is built out, I will start on the LIS. I plan on each faction having at least one unique super weapon, such as a nuke or giant laser cannon or something similar. Basically something with a countdown timer that lets you deal massive damage to an enemy base. I also plan on adding the Ore Fraking Operation soon, not as a structure that you can build, but one that starts out on the map and you have to capture it with an Engineer for an endless stream of income. I also want there to be abandoned buildings on the maps that you can garrison with infantry and use as a fort out in the battlefield. Finally, once the two main factions are done, I will start working on the single player campaign mode.

So that is it for today's update. Stay tuned for more, keep the suggestions coming, and if you haven't played Colony Wars yet, find download links at the following website:
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#2 2019-08-10 09:00:20
Part of my suggestions...
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#3 2019-08-28 21:14:40
uhm, after some time (30-40min) the game will freezing, no error, just.. all stopped (vehicle movement, unit construction, building construction, but I can move the viewpoint)
#4 2019-08-29 02:44:32
Hmm there must be an endless loop somewhere in the worker thread
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Colony Wars
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