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Security and Crimes!

Hello guys!
The name is Wadaling.

Security is supposed one of the challenges to rule a new established colony, however there is no such mechanism in this game yet. To give the game more challenges, here I will present my ideas about Security and Crime .

How a crime occuar? There are three conditions that determines the chance for a crime outbreak:

1. The colonist’s savings is below poverty line, the lower the savings, the higher the possibility for the colonist to perform a crime

2. Colonists has a bad opinion on your governance. (overall governance rating below 65% will begin increase chance for crimes)

3. Weak security, showed by security ratio (will be introduced below), when it is less than 100%. The lower the higher chance for a crime.

What is security ratio?
Security ratio is defined by the security staff on duty, security facility under operation, total population and running immigration/tourism facilities.

Here is how it defined:
Security Points/Crime Risk Points (×100%)

Factors affecting security ratio
• A colony begins with 52 security points.
• Security buildings gives various security points.
• One on duty security staff gives 15 security points.
• One population gives 1 crime risk points, while one illegal migrant history gives extra 1 crime risk points per case found.
• One landing pad/space port gives 5 crime risk points.
• Some tourism buildings also gives crime risk points, for example, casino gives 30 crime risk points.
• Banks are also places with high crime risk. One bank/money pit gives 25 crime risk points.
• Black market bazzar gives 30 crime risk points.
• Consulate (level one) gives 50 security points (increases by 20 per level)

Once there is a crime outbreak, the colonist being robbed will lose money. If a building is targeted, instead of colonists, the government lose money (or resources) , while the building will take damage.
Low security ratio also leads to illegal immigrations. Triggers when it is below 65%.
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Yes great idea!!!
I am nerdy programmer that happens to like games made by ape apps. At some point in my life I am hoping to start a company and make games.
DKMK100 said:Yes great idea!!!

@DKMK100 Thank you
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Love the idea but seems like it would be better suited as a factor affecting approval rating
Westy266 said:But seems like it would be better suited as a factor affecting approval rating

You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Maybe if your approval rating gets under 50% people will start rioting and once it gets under 25% people start committing crimes against you.
Leading to damaged buildings and loss of resources
Westy266 said:Leading to damaged buildings and loss of resources

My Colony

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