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Buses! Trains! Tube transits! Public transports!

Hello guys!
The name is Wadaling.

When you are looking into details and stats of a colonist, you'll see one of the stats showing Commute Length. I'm not sure whether it's related to happiness of a colonist, but I'm very sure that nobody wants long commutes all on foot. (and in my active colony, most of my people got "too-long" commute length, ranging from 24-45 for those I've checked) I would like to have my ideas about commutes and transports here.

Basic mechanism of transport
How do transport system run, according to my idea. There would be new buildings that will help people travel to various locations, such as, home, workplace, entertainment facility, and medical facility. When colonists (actually I want to include tourists as well) enter this buildings (only when the predicted shortest commute route length is over 20), they will use the service to 'warp' to their desired destination (right into the building), this greatly reduces commute length (on foot). transporting needs time, and time length for transport depends on the building. Better buildings usually has faster transport speed. Meanwhile, to limit its ability (other than time), each transport building has its capacity, means, it serves a limited amount of passengers in the same time.
Note transport facility only do one-way transport only. If the colonist wanted to return home far away from the workplace, you may need another transport facility near the workplace as well.
(P.S. this might gives wheels another use)

My ideas about transports (Buildings)

Human race

1. Light bus depot
The most basic form of public transport. Serves at most 25 colonists in the same time. Slow transport speed, but it is much faster than walking. Consumes wheels during the run.

2. Bus depot
A direct upgrade of light bus depot. Still slow as the light bus but it serves a lot more colonists up to 300.

3. Metro access
You can't call your colony a 'city' if you don't have a mass transit system like this. A faster transport station than buses, serves 100 people, and it occupies less space. However requires steel and wheels for maintenance.

4. Tube transit access
You can actually go to every destination very quickly (just within seconds!) with the vacuum tube, although it serves up to 180 people only and consumes lots of power, however, it is better that its efficiency is way higher than the buses.

5. Local portal
You should be happy about you can get access to any facilities in a instant!

Insectnoid race

1. Wormriders mound
Take a ride on this huge worm and it will take you to the destination.

2. Roadroller
Don't get confused with the human roadwork vehicle, it is just a bus for insectnoids.

3. Underground shortcut tunnels access
These secret paths has secrets to get to a destination quickly. You might think it is insectnoid magic, but actually it is just slick metal tunnel.

4. 'worm'hole
Yeah, it is a wormhole, but it is a Worm-Hole. Okay?

More ideas?
Further suggestions?
Comments please!
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