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The Insectnoid Expansion! <Part 3 - Tourism & Commerence>

H3110 guys!

Part 3- Advanced Insectnoid Tourism & Commerence
These two are the main parts I am introducing to Insectnoids today - Especially insectnoid has only one tourism building available. The commerence part will concentrating on expanding trades and economy.

New technologies!
  • Insectnoid Public Entertainment Theory
    Learn how to develop large scale entertainment facilities for both serving tired visitors and making profit.
  • Long Range Cargo Transport
    Learn how to transport a larger amount of goods in an efficient way better than ordinary export cannons.

New buildings!
  • Mound for Guests
    A motel structure for giving tourists a place to have a rest.
  • Sauna Mound
    One of the best place to relax after a entire day of tiring jobs! Meanwhile it’s also liked by the tourists.
  • Wishing Pond
    There’s a myth about this pond. If you are willing to sacrifice little of your fortune you will get good luck. (well it’s just a bait)
  • Bugzaar
    A insectnoid market for selling fresh goods to your broodlings and tourists at a bargained price! Consumes food, sugar, water and rum to produce money.
  • Grand Bugzaar
    A luxury grand market that welcomes every guest and selling all sorts of goods at bargined price! Consumes food, sugar, rum, water, cloth, pottery, microchips, wooden toys and robots.
  • Dome of Insectnoid Fine Arts
    The artworks of the Insectnoids always involved their beautiful dreamy imaginations and meditations, their painting styles are liked by most people around the galaxy.. Some insectnoids will go into this gallery in their free time and paint their own thoughts on sheets of papers and show them to tourists.
  • Mind Treatment Centre
    Utilizing the Insectnoid mind network, this facility will treat all sorts of stress and faigue by inserting meditation into the thoughts of people. Don’t worry, there will not be any adverse effects on the brain.
  • Mess Hall for Starvers
    Want to try out some wierd yet delicious insectnoid cuisine? Here you go!
  • Insectnoid Hologram Theatre
    Re-extracted from my post IT industries ideas Vol.3. This entertainment facility makes use of multiple hologram projectors to play freshly uploaded soap operas and amazing hologram illusion shows from Zolarg Prime.
  • Insectnoid Water Park
    No matter which race you are, nobody can resist the fun of playing in water parks! Water World map exclusive. Must be built on water.
  • Cargo Launcher Array
    Large insectnoid trade facility for exports and imports of wider range of goods.
  • Stardocks
    An Insectnoid version starport.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Have you made any post on how tourism can be made into a bigger industry or something? The thing so happens is, there is so less income in tourism sector, it's useless almost every where and in any part of the game. I was thinking maybe adding some sort of feature where tourist drop of certain things which unlock some skins or clothes or maybe even buildings? Would atleast give something useful to have a nice booming tourism sector.

It can also be that these materials can be just clubbed together and sold for high cash in exports?
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