Hello guys!

So speaking of war games like this. It can’t goes without campaigns.

Maybe I can share some ideas?

The UE storyline surrounds Commander Kelvin of Squad Falcon.

UE Campaign 1 - Operation Mantaray
Our supply line is intercepted, but we have got the coordinate of these thugs’ outpost. Destroy their outpost to ensure the safety of the supply line!
Objective: Destroy enemy lander.

UE Campaign 2 - Lockdown
A serious riot broke out in Prison Bermuda! The guards needs reinforcement! We have noticed the prisoners got secret weapon supplies from unknown source. Supress the riot, save the prison, and search for clues for who’s responsible for this riot.
Objective: Capture all critical strongholds.

UE Campaign 3 - Black Rose
From the intelligence obtained from the prisoners, the LIS mercenaries ‘Black Rose’ is responsible for both the riot in Prison Bermuda and interception of our ships. Now storm their headquarters and show them don’t ever mess with United Earth!
Objective: Destroy ‘Black Rose’ Jenny and her Mercenaries.

UE Campaign 4 - Battle of New Rotawood
LIS decided to take retaliation against our actions taken on their mercenaries, and their forces are heading to one of our strongholds, New Rotawood. Hold the line until we have reinforcements from Space Marines!
Objective: Protect the Fort before the Space Marines arrives.

UE Campaign 5 - Encircled
LIS launched another attack on our major colony H-53 Intigo, now the local forces are being encircled. They can’t hold any longer - Send the reinforcements as soon as possible to help the survival of their colony!
Objective: Destroy all enemy forces before the ally is terminated by LIS forces.

UE Campaign 6 - Scramble for Artifects
In the meantime to the battles, an new antiquity site has been discovered on a neutral planet G-45D, reserves lots of alien artifects. However, LIS forces get faster than us, already established an outpost for digging the artifects! Now we must catch up to get as much alien artifacts as possible before LIS depletes these important strategical resource!
Meanwhile, looks like there’s another empire (Alpha Draconians) looking for these artifacts...
Objective: Obtain 500 alien artifects before others get so, or destroy all enemy factions.
(as @bastecklein mentioned Reptilians will take a ‘little role’, Alpha Draconians will join this campaign. Yet maybe that’s not what @bastecklein means :p)

UE Campaign 7 - War for Uranium
The exploration fleet have discovered a new planet with lots of uranium deposits. LIS definitely also know about that, but luckily this time we are earlier than the LIS forces. Most importantly, establish an outpost as soon as possible, and ensure nobody is in our way.
The Supreme Commander said I can use the Uranium our forces get to build up Tier 3 troops.
Objective: Capture all Uranium mines and destroy enemy lander.

UE Campaign 8 - Last Stand
Emergency! Admiral Tots of LIS is heading towards our most important stronghold Ageis with his best troops!
We have Sarge and Space Marines, but still I’m not sure how long we can hold the line, not even how we are going to defeat Admiral Tot’s forces.
Objective: Survive the attacks from Admiral Tots until the miracle comes.

UE Campaign 9 (final chapter) - Being Right or Loyal
After LIS’ defeat at stronghold Ageis, LIS retreated to their territory. Very soon, our squad recieved a new order from United Earth.
It’s not about LIS, but I’m told to destroy my home colony Athenia.
What should I do? Am I supposed to be loyal, or protect anything our country has?
Objective: Follow the plot and destroy all enemies.