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finally, i got the time to write this post! well, soon after regions have come up, it almost feels like single maps have been almost died down, as they are much more harder to manage.

Firstly i would really want this feature to be implemented as its one of the best tools in visualizing the problems:

PART 1 Movement
now first part of the single maps revival: the biggest problem i have faced is the movement through the map. most single map players complaint about the long time taken to move from one place of the map to other. for this, like there is a button that makes a building the center, so let the colony be divided into segments of 100x100, and each completed 100x100 segment gets 1 center. so in the take to center button near the bulldozer tool, shows you a small grid of x by x where x= GIF of (1 dimension of colony/100)

so suppose you have 400x400 colony, you'll see a 4x4 grid, upon clicking the 'Take to center' button, and then you can choose any of the blocks that you want to move to without having to move through the whole map. so now when you'll be selecting a building to mark as center, it will get added in the grid corresponding to its location/plot which it lies in

PART 2 Central Tile
Now question arises, if the building lies on border of two plots, where would it go in the grid if its marked as centre. for this i have formulated a system called as the central tile of building, which will be used, not just for this but further in part 3&4 to decide in which plot the building lies, to decide in which plot does the building lie. the central tile is decided through the following rules

So for square buildings of size:
odd*odd sized building, the actual central tile
even*even sized building the top tile in the central square
for rectangular buildings
odd*odd, it will again have a central tile in similar fashion of the odd sized square
even*even sized rectangle, again find the central square and choose the top tile
even*odd, you pick the middle row/column perpendicular to the odd side and of the two central tiles, you pick the top one

PART 3 Policy Micromanagement
so the thing is, why am so much looking for those 100x100 size plot grid is we can introduce another building which can manage the policies in that particular plot. so if the overlays that have been suggested in the post linked at the very beginning, gets implemented, there needs to be a much more efficient way of managing them

like if there is a problem of fatigue in one of the grids, due to commute lengths, rather than doing fire drill in entire map, you can fire drill only in that particular plot to reshuffle the people. also you can change labour costs for different occupations in different zones, to attract the immigration in that plot, as usually as map gets bigger, the immigration sites are way farther. so like i was building the IT complexes, and i want people to come in those first before going to the small server building, i'll just reduce scientist wages in the small server area, and increase their wages in the area of it complexes to start getting softwares

i request for suggestions where to keep the research to unlock the buildings that manage policy of the plot.

PART 4 Policy and Stats overview
probably will take some time to implement, but i believe, this would drastically improve the policy management and as well bring single maps closer to regions, in terms of data that can be accessed. this is further divided into two major changes: one in stats window and other in policy.

Stats: so in the stats, under overview, similar grid will be shown as discussed in part 1, where upon clicking the tile, it will open a new stat window which has info regarding only that particular plot, including pop, employment, and so on, except CW, and embassy stuff, which can be directly accessed through the main stats window

Policy:similar to the grid in stats, upon opening the policy tab from side bar, it will as well have a grid along with two other buttons, '#colony_name' and 'Resent Policies'. you would have already guessed, but upon clicking the tile on grid, it will show the policy that has been set in that particular plot. the #colony_name button shows the policy that have been set for the entire colony through either consulate or capitol. and 'reset policies' changes the policies of all the plots to that as of the entire colony.

I know it would be pretty tough and time taking to get this added, but it would make management of single cites much more better and bearable. hence i have divided it into parts so that it can be added one after other.
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I'm pretty interested on how the plot of the game will be going. The first episode looks fine :)
Besides describing the current plot, I'll also make presumption on chapter 3 of the game.

As far as I know, base on information provided by @bastecklein 's messages and posts, as well from the game itself, that is the current plot.

Chapter 1: Lunar-3 Prison Facility
Frank Munson (player) is mercenary hired by LIS for conducting covert operations against United Earth military. However, 4 years ago, due to an unsuccessful mission and betrayal of his squadmate (bribed by United Earth intelligence authority), Frank ended up imprisoned in the top security block of Lunar-3 prison facility, under command of a legendary member of Space Marines, the most ruthless chief warden of this prison in history, the "Dogface Boy".
Yet Frank had not yet gave up his life and free will while his stay in the prison. Eventually he had his extremely rare chance of escape at the time when Human Civil War was at the peak. While a lonely security guard was on a regular routine checking Frank's prison cell, the guard was killed by Frank, at the blind spot.
With the pistol looted from the killed guard, Frank began his breakout from his prison cell. The top security block was surprisingly underdefended, he managed to breach the containment in no time, escaping to the other blocks of the prison. His next stop? The maintenance block where he could obtain a detailed structural map of the facility.
He got what he wanted in the maintenance block, quickly he planned his escape route, which he could maximize his chance of survival by bypassing major security checkpoints, obtain supplies he needed for breaching the security, and paralyze the critical functions of the prison facility. Just like the way he used to be in the old days when he infiltrate military facilities.
Frank's escape plan progressed successfully and did stir up large chaos in this heavily guarded facility. While most security officers were confused by the strange traces of Frank, Frank's escape had caught special attention of the chief warden of the prison facility. Dogface Boy knew the exact place Frank was heading to - The supply dock of the facility.
Eventually Frank was intercepted by the ruthless chief warden. However, after a lengthy battle, which left the corridor in front of the transporter room in complete disarray, Dogface Boy was mortally wounded when he caught a class 3 rocket square in the face.
At last, Frank escaped using the teleporter of the transporter room, sneaked into the Galactic Freight cargo ship The Pegasus - which was heading to Earth.

Chapter 2: Cargo Ship Pegasus
(detailed info not known, hence much less info is here)
Frank infiltrated into the ship and made his way to the bridge of the vessel. The captain of the ship, Wurm (ex-member of United Earth Space Marines) was shot and the ship was destroyed by Frank upon emergency landing on Washington D.C., the political capital of United Earth.

How would Chapter 3 go like? (presumption)
Here is my presumption on the plot of chapter 3. Since this is presumption, please don't take that serious.

Chapter 3: Washington D.C.
As the emergency report from Lunar-3 and the distress message from Pegasus before its destruction were received by Earth capital security agency, the military police on Earth were already prepared for recapturing the dangerous convict Frack Munson at the landing spot. However the self-destruction of Pegasus was not expected, which had distracted the military police. Frank managed to break through the first layer of containment and headed deep into the center of the city, preparing for his bold plan came up with while he was on Pegasus - assassinate the President.
Shortly the officials of the city announced a emergency situation in Washington D.C., kicking up the alert level of the city. At the same time, the capital security agency deployed a Space Marines team led by Arms McGee to guard the White House.
Every streets and alleys of the city was soon stationed with military police and heavy vehicles, nevertheless, Frank destroyed the defense lines one by one. Eventually he reached the White House, which was guarded by the Space Marines.
A tough battle was fought between the veteran mercenary and the well-equipped Space Marines. After an hour of battles that had almost torn the white house apart, Frank pushed forward to front of the bunker under the White House, however the last line of defense was guarded by Arms McGee, one of the most experienced officer of Space Marines.
A battle between two real man, as described by McGee before his last heartbeat. McGee eventually lost in the duel, he had both of his mechanical arms crumpled and his chest pierced by countless bullets.
At last, Frank broke into the bunker where the President was hiding (and livestreaming his presidential campaign), shot the President to death right at the scene.

After the assassination, using the roughly intact communication device in the bunker, Frank sent his last message to LIS and his ex-squadmates. Afterwards, he once again picked up his weapon, attempted to fight his way out of the city. At last, he was surrounded by helicopter gunships in the suburbans, reduced to ashes under intensive rocket fire and bullet showers.
United Earth, despite able to stop the rampage of Frank Munson, however what they had lost was far more than that. The tragedy of President's death demoralized the United Earth military at the battlefronts for a while. The massive casualties caused by Frank was not easily compensatable, especially the loss of 3 legendary members of Space Marines, disruption of the Lunar Run supply line due to destruction of Pegasus, and an almost nonfunctional prison facility.
I do think that each planet should have it's own events and hidden challenges, and I like the idea of a dust storm.

Dust storms would indeed darken the map, but just in case the player sets the engine to always-day, I would override that with this disaster. Dust storms would tear at structures and increase their decay speed substantially during the storm. Also, the storm should randomly deposit ore in open plots. This would be a rare occurance to have ore deposited on a plot of land. Colonists exposed to the storm would lose some health, but their health would only go down as far as 50% due to the storms. These storms should stop occuring would the atmosphere reaches 1 million.

The ice world disaster would be hard to implement though because bast has yet to implement any sort of heat aspect to the game. ice and crystalline meteor impacts would be nice, and the user would need to build shield generators in order to protect their buildings and colonists. Any meteors that manage to land on an open plot of land will either leave an ice or blue crystalline deposit depending on their type. This should not happen often. This would stop happening after 1 million atmosphere though.

lunar planet: meteor bombardment - meteors made from regolith and aluminum pound the moon every hour or so, so it's important to keep your structures shielded. Buildings that meteors land on take massive damage, and colonists and rovers would be killed on impact. If a meteor lands on an empty plot, it will drop regolith or aluminum depending on what type of meteor it is. This ends when the planet is over 1 mil atmosphere.

asteroid - living on an asteroid can be dangerous, because meteors are constantly colliding with the asteroid due to the asteroid being in an asteroid field. meteors made from any of the base resources, ore, gold, aluminum, uranium, regolith, crystalline, and ice, land on the asteroid in spurts. In fact, meteor strikes would happen the most often on asteroid planet types. When a meteor lands on an empty plot, it leaves it's resource behind, but if it lands on an ore node with the same resource type, it adds it's resource to that node. Be sure to build shield generators to protect your buildings and colonists.This way asteroids can get at least some aluminum. This ends after 1 mil atmosphere, so be sure not to terraform the asteroid if you like this effect.

I would make it so that paradise planets, or planets with atmosphere's between 5-15 mil atmosphere, would have no negative disasters.
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Hello! I am here to discuss a story I was thinking about. I will present my requested My Colony Plot in the cuurent game. This will be the beginning of the story. Have fun reading this!

This is only the beginning. At 5000 BUE (Before United Earth), Ancient Aliens founded Caranothia. Their ideology is Democratic, their government is Republic and their capital is Ödarķešten, the oldest city in the galaxy, with 1,238,523 people. The city was full of alien technology and knowledge. Their technological level at this era is the "Alien Age". Caranothia reached its size peak at 4392 BUE, with control of the local group. However, it declined at 3827 BUE, with the Sejinars invading, the 4th largest civilization in the universe. Caranothia finally fell to the Sejinar Empire at 1273 BUE. Not long after, at 1208 BUE, The Sejinar Empire reformed into the Kingdom of Sejinaria. At 1176 BUE, Sejinars became a type 3.5 on the Kardashev Scale. In 1046 BUE, A universe-wide revolution was created by an civilization that manipulates multiple universes. At the end of the war at 725 BUE, the rebellion was suppressed. Sejinaria was restored, however, it was short lived. At May 13 724 BUE , the Sejinarian Explosion happened, which entirely destroyed their homebase. The former Sejinarian Kingdom was annexed by a few civilizations. It's remaining territory was converted into the Karnomian Democratic Republic. In 695 BUE, Karnomia deteriorated, including it's economy. At 642 BUE, There was a revolt which started the Proto Draconians, the earlier version of the Alpha Draconians. At 276 BUE, The Alpha Draconians were created from the Proto Draconians. At 134 BUE, There was a sucessful rebellion which created the Zolarg Empire. It was repeatedly attacked by the Alpha Draconians. At 0 BUE/AUE, The United Earth was formed. They invaded both factions. At 47 AUE, the LIS started to revolt on Terra Nova I. During this time, LIS covertly contacted the Zolarg Empire at 74 AUE, because the LIS was losing so much. The Zolargs accepted their demand. At 106 AUE, The Alpha Draconians joined in the war. Thought as a third party, they declared war on all 3 factions. (see At the end of the war between United Earth and LIS at 277 AUE, There was another revolt at the United Earth, this time an different ideology instead of the LIS. They were named the "Wildcat Anarchists", and are enemies of both United Earth and LIS. The United Earth and LIS cooperated with each other, despite the embargo. They sucessfully eliminated the rebellion at 330 AUE.

That is the end! If you like the story, you can like this post! I hope @bastecklein will respond later. See you folks later!
@ nes3Ah

Trust me, find a corner, and just add more crystals manually until you have a plot about 10x10, or bigger if you want, and then wait. The more crystals you have the faster they spread.

I've done this myself so I know it works. Also, roads, roads, roads. Gods help you if you forget to block the area with roads. I have roughly a 40x40 patch of tiberiu-Crystalline...Growing that my rovers can barely touch and it doesn't spread any further than that square.
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Ok, so here would be my idea of how to add this building. So, make it an upgrade to the fl arc, so it would still require an empty plot of land. Then, the building would look like a big space elevator, only with a gigantic station at the top. This station would also support massive amounts of immigration and tourism, would produce large amounts of money and civics, and would produce enough food, power, entirtainment, and jobs to support itself with a good amount of each left over to support other structures.

I would make it consume several more resources, or at least most of the durable goods since this thing would not only support lots of housing, but it would be the center of commerce. So, water, oil, uranium, he3, steel, antanium, gold, aluminum, chips, pottery, toys, cloth, rum, robots, plastic, charcoal, atmosphere. In order to build and support this thing, you would have to have built up all of those production areas. I would mak certain productions of the space station halt when certain resources are depleted. For instance, a lack of water will hault food production, a lack of uranium or he3 would halt power production, a lack of cloth would halt money production and reduce tourist space to zero, or a lack of rum would do the same but also halt civic production. These are just several examples. Even if every needed resource is depleted, housing will never be disabled as long as the power grid can still support the station when the station stops producing power. I think that this would be easily hard coded for this particular structure, so the engine should be able to run it just fine.

I would only allow up to eight to be built, but i would make it produce enogh and house enough to be totally worth building. You could also make several upgrade choices that would cause the station to focus on a particular area. I would make 10 choices: residential station focuses food and housing, commerce station focuses tourism and money, administration station focuses civics and money, funland station focuses tourism and entertainment, support station focuses power and food, luxury station focuses housing and money, data warehouse station focuses power and civics, warehouse station focuses raw and durable goods storage, research station adds and focuses research production and a lunar station allows you to gain access to the planet’s moons and terraform and annex them for additional space(this one may not be possible).

I would change the name to “orbital Space station.” The whole point of this building would be to consolidate several functions and resource productions into one single space to provide more room for bigger colonies.
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Well hello there..

New to this game and I enjoy it so far..
I gotta ask about this issue of mine..
So if someone can help me, thx a bunch 😁

Apparently after having built 300s buildings, my builders didn't want to build new ones. I wanted to build another small sugar plant but after choosing the plot, my builders wouldn't move at all. At first I tried to build another building and they did it. I tried on sugar plant again, they still wouldn't do it.
After I quit the app for a few hours, my builders wouldn't build some buildings like the mineral mine.

Does it have anything to do with the population or something?

Sorry for the long post. Just try to be detail enough here..

6y ago
I personally like this idea and goes along with another idea I had a while ago. I suggest that these "builders" are part of the population, but when you build, let's say the construction depot, anyone who gets hired there becomes a builder. Whenever there is a building to be built, they come. They don't build as fast, but there can be a lot of them. Here's the full compass of my idea:

New Building: Construction depot
Hires 40 colonists; Stores 10,000 steel, gold, aluminum, antanium, triantanium, and bricks; produces small amount of income from building (similar to steel depot) and has a by-product of clay; consumes water, steel, gold, and aluminum; 5 by 5 square plot on map; built by advanced builder bot; requires 500 power; needs large-scale construction (for the workers and it builds all three builder bots and the drones), low gravity masonry, and advanced robotics; Constructed from 50,000 ore; 10,000 bricks; 5,000 gold; 1,500 aluminum; 25,000 steel; 10 robots; and 10,000 units (what I call the currency);

New Occupation: Worker
Employed at the construction depot; normal citizen, except for when any structure being built, they are there; base paycheck: $3; No space suit look: Yellow hard hat with orange safety vest, blue undershirt, and slightly unshaven face (no stereotype intended);
This is my idea about builders. Enjoy!
-Dylan Carter
6y ago
Hello all,
My name is Dylan Carter and I would like to present my planet idea: an ocean world. I know that this planet type has been presented before, but I would like to start my own page. On this page, I will suggest all my ideas, keeping them concentrated on one page. I would love feedback from anyone, especially moderators and Brandon Stecklein. If moderators want me to copy this stuff and paste it in other discussions, I will be flexible. Enjoy!

Planet Type: Ocean World
Civilization: United Earth
Difficulty: Normal to Difficult
Atmosphere: 2,500,000
Resources: Ocean blocks (must be processed as it is salty and "chemical" filled; infinite), Salt deposits (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Ore deposits (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Regolith blocks (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Gold (normal), Aluminum (normal), uranium (normal), Granite OR Obsidian (Granite: 2500 1 by 1 blocks; Obsidian: 500 1 by 1 blocks); Salt in the Ocean blocks (10,000 per 1 by 1 block); Fir trees (normal); Contraband diamonds (normal; can only be mined after independence)
Characteristics: Limited land (if possible, the base map of each colony will always have a 3 by 3 square of land in the center with the lander); Limited resources; As with the lava, the ocean's shoreline will be constantly changing (if an unlucky colonist is on the shore when that happens, and the ocean block covers him, he will drown and die);
Starting Plot: Begin with one salt miner, one waterbot, and one granite/obsidian miner. Use 25 salt and 100 g/o to build the solar evaporator (1 by 1). Here you can use the waterbot to collect water as the ocean water cannot be processed by the lander. The solar evaporator turns ocean water into salt, ore, and regolith. The lander can build only a rover (Red Planet) and stores 100 salt and 100 o/g. The game will continue the same except for a few additional buildings and rovers. The small vehicle factory will produce rovers, ore miners, regolith miners, salt miners, o/g miners, waterbots, and builder bots. The builder bots can build a new building, the fishing pole factory (2 by 2). The fishing pole factory produces a new manufactured resource: fishing poles. Fishing poles can be used to be used to build the docks (2 by 7; instead of mass drive; can be partially built on water), water farms (5 by 5; built on water; produces food), and most importantly: the sub bot. The sub bot is an underwater miner and food collection probe that can travel on water to collect salt, food, and any trace amounts of resources in the water.

This is all I have for right now so enjoy! Please comment and expand this idea.
6y ago
I suggest that these "builders" are part of the population, but when you build, let's say the construction depot, anyone who gets hired there becomes a builder. Whenever there is a building to be built, they come. They don't build as fast, but there can be a lot of them. Here's the full compass of my idea:

New Building: Construction depot
Hires 40 colonists; Stores 10,000 steel, gold, aluminum, antanium, triantanium, and bricks; produces small amount of income from building (similar to steel depot) and has a by-product of clay; consumes water, steel, gold, and aluminum; 5 by 5 square plot on map; built by advanced builder bot; requires 500 power; needs large-scale construction (for the workers and it builds all three builder bots and the drones), low gravity masonry, and advanced robotics; Constructed from 50,000 ore; 10,000 bricks; 5,000 gold; 1,500 aluminum; 25,000 steel; 10 robots; and 10,000 units (what I call the currency);

New Occupation: Worker
Employed at the construction depot; normal citizen, except for when any structure being built, they are there; base paycheck: $3; No space suit look: Yellow hard hat with orange safety vest, blue undershirt, and slightly unshaven face (no stereotype intended);
This is my idea about builders. Enjoy!
-Dylan Carter
6y ago
Hello all,
My name is Dylan Carter and I would like to present my planet idea: an ocean world. I know that this planet type has been presented before, but I would like to start my own page. On this page, I will suggest all my ideas, keeping them concentrated on one page. I would love feedback from anyone, especially moderators and Brandon Stecklein. If moderators want me to copy this stuff and paste it in other discussions, I will be flexible. Enjoy!

Planet Type: Ocean World
Civilization: United Earth
Difficulty: Normal to Difficult
Atmosphere: 2,500,000
Resources: Ocean blocks (must be processed as it is salty and "chemical" filled; infinite), Salt deposits (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Regolith blocks (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Gold (normal), Aluminum (normal), uranium (normal); Salt in the Ocean blocks (10,000 per 1 by 1 block); Fir trees (normal); Contraband diamonds (normal; can only be mined after independence)
Characteristics: Limited land (if possible, the base map of each colony will always have a 3 by 3 square of land in the center with the lander); Limited resources; As with the lava, the ocean's shoreline will be constantly changing (if an unlucky colonist is on the shore when that happens, and the ocean block covers him, he will drown and die);
Starting Plot: Begin with one salt miner, one waterbot, and one regolith miner. Use 25 salt and 100 regolith to build the solar evaporator (1 by 1). Here you can use the waterbot to collect water as the ocean water cannot be processed by the lander. The solar evaporator turns ocean water into salt, ore, and regolith. Then, using 20 H3, 100 salt, and 50 regolith, you can build the salt compactor. The lander can build only a rover (Red Planet) and stores 100 salt. The game will continue the same except for a few additional buildings and rovers. The small vehicle factory will produce rovers, ore miners, regolith miners, salt miners, waterbots, and builder bots. The builder bots can build a new building, the fishing pole factory (2 by 2). The fishing pole factory produces a new manufactured resource: fishing poles. Fishing poles can be used to be used to build the docks (2 by 7; instead of mass drive; can be partially built on water), water farms (5 by 5; built on water; produces food), and most importantly: the sub bot. The sub bot is an underwater miner and food collection probe that can travel on water to collect salt, food, and any trace amounts of resources in the water.

This is all I have for right now so enjoy! Please comment and expand this idea.
6y ago
The small vehicle factory should be able to produce all rovers, even those from the shuttle, allowing you to sell the shuttle right off the bat if you want to.

That would mean other things the shuttle is required for (like gathering wood apparently) should be changed over to any storage units for that resource, or the raw resource storage plot that you can build at the beginning.

Lastly, I'd like to be able to set a waypoint for Small Vehicle Factory, to produce a rover and have that rover move there and find an unoccupied square near the waypoint.
6y ago
I think it'd be simple if it was just a tiled menu of buttons. Realistically, there's a TON of dead space on the road menu, and it's not like we'll have fifty road types by the end of the game's development.

You could just do it as such.
You click on the Road you want to upgrade, it shows the number of that road type, it's stats.

Then you have two buttons. Change Road and Change All Roads.
Click it, and a submenu pops up showing a scroll list for whichever button you picked.

This scroll menu is filled with buttons indicating each type of road that ISNT what the road already is, and a resource cost beside it, either colored black if it's an upgrade, or red if it means a loss of resources (in the case of say, downgrading from hardened pavement, to pavement) in the long run.

Picking an item will delete every single road, and replace them instantly with the type of road you chose, but as a building plot as if you just placed them yourself old-style.

This will be used more for people who either like the look of older path types (most likely when vehicles are only needed for building, as United Earth colonies eventually will get there, making travel speed not really a big deal when at that point, build speed is so low that a couple of early seconds doesn't mean much in one's mind versus say... premium path types).
5y ago
Did you ever find a solution?

My builders now refuse to do any building, and I can't even cancel the plot.

I'd hate to have to start over because of this glitch!
5y ago
Similar to Antiquitas. You start with a desert plot and you have to develop into a paradise that will soon drain the nation's water supply. Could have a My Buisness Empire offshoot: My Trading Post.

Please tell me what you think. I want you to expand this idea.
5y ago
I have a story for it in my head. It’s just that the other two Deimos games weren’t so popular, so it’s not top priority. Personally I like the story behind the games and they are some of my favorites, so it will probably happen eventually.

It’s going to be Deimos 3 - High Noon. The team goes back to the old west to save Sarge and, of course, foil a plot to destroy the universe as we know it.
5y ago
Other then the planets full of lawyers Opps snakes Opps reptiles Ok all the same species .
Earth is the only faction that can not make every resource . Lis has the black market which to my knowledge even brings in paintings ( done by lawyers ???? ))

Anyway crystal can be automated easy enough just by planting a large enough plot so they grow back faster then they are harvested .

So every thing BUT regolith the only way is to buy it . Buying is easy enough as star gate can import every thing but painting . But what fun is that ?

Thing is reg cant be auto if its mines they dont grow back lol .
BUT maybe a new earth based building that takes several resources and turns them into reg . The irony in this is no matter which you choose the cost will be higher then the product .

But a finished colony like my biggest can afford the expense of making stuff that it takes as a lose .
Kind of like the way you try and get buildings to eat over production of resources .

anyway just a thought . Just like the idea of being to run every resource in well no longer have green lol so really dont bug me like it use to . But still have red and that does . Got to get the red out .

5y ago
The main new feature being added in My Colony v0.70.0 is for premium users, and is the new concept of Regions. Coming soon, when you create a new game (online or off), you will be asked if you want to start a single city, or a region.

If you have ever played Sim City 4, then you kind of know the idea behind regions. Basically how it works, when you start a new region, you get a blank map that looks like a regular map, but instead of placing buildings, you can either place a Small City or a Medium City. You then start a new map using that size of city. When you go back to the region, a tiny little picture of your map is sitting in the plot of land you selected.

The idea is that the entire region shares a common resource, electricity, atmosphere, and technology pool. Also, the region declares independence as a whole. The region is 50x50 in size, so in theory you could have 2,500 small sized maps in a single region, although that would be crazy.

Either way, the support is somewhat experimental right now. It's been on the web version for a couple of days, but I do not suggest starting a region yet until the official release of 0.70.0, as you will likely have to start all over again from scratch. Many things have yet to be implemented, and that will happen in the coming days. I just wanted to let everyone know what it was, so nobody starts a new region yet expecting it to work properly!

If the regions turn out to be popular, I might also add moons and asteroids that are part of the same region system, but don't necessarily share the same resources, at least not electricity and atmosphere.

Anyway, somebody suggested something similar in the forums the other day, and I always loved the region aspect of Sim City 4, so that is sort of my guide here in implementing this, although SC4 did not share money between cities, I think it would be need to do so here.
5y ago
Was sitting there in Church today and during the sermon I was thinking of the code for My Colony, and I had an idea to add another gameplay mode of Multiplayer Regions. In my mind, it would be a slightly larger map than the current region file, and all of the high-level region data would be stored on the server, including the little thumbnail images that represent the individual city files. However, you could invite your friends to join your region, and they could pick a plot on the map and start building their own cities.

Instead of shared resources across the region like on current region maps, only atmosphere would be shared, although there would be a new regional warehouse type building where players can manually store resources that are shared across the region.

Also, instead of the whole region being one big city, it would be broken up into 'areas', like metropolitan areas, where each one of those would have a charter code/online presence as opposed to the region as a whole.

For example, if you start a city on the region at coordinate 20:20 (x:y), and you own no other cities touching that city, it would be chartered as a new colony on the server. If you then started another city right next to it as 20:21, it would be "linked" to the first city and they would become a metropolitan area with shared resources. However, if your friend started a new city in that region across the map at location 8:10 or something, then that would trigger the formation of a new "area" with a new charter code and its own resource pool.

My thought for this was that regions are so big anyway, the likelihood of a player filling one by himself is not very high. However a group of players could probably do it.

Anyway, that is kind of an idea I had, it's nothing solid right now, but I have (at least in theory) worked out a lot of the code needed and issues in my head, lol. I mainly wanted to throw this here and see if there is any feedback on it, to see if it is a feature anybody would actually be interested in, before spending time to implement it. I actually think that compared to a lot of things, it would be a pretty easy one to implement, since a lot of the work on Regions is already completed, it would be a similar experience except there are other parts on the map that are being filled out by other people. The only main difference to the player is the joint atmosphere, and the addition of the joint regional warehouse. You wouldn't really be able to load up other players' maps and play them, you would just see them on the main regional overview.

Let me know what you think of the concept, and if it is worth exploring further!
5y ago
There is a plot every 2000 ticks, assuming you have 20 ticks per second, thats 1 min 40. And I believe it keeps data for the last 600 ticks. So the whole graph would be a bit less than 1 hour. Not 100% sure about that one though.

But yes I support this idea it would be great.
H3110 guys!

To maintain a stable food supply to feed yourself growing your own food is unavoidable.

Today that’ll be the focus!

New working stations
Tree plot - Grows trees and large crops.
Planting box - Allows you to sew seeds and grow them into crops, when the land is not fertile.
Mushroom box - This box provides a dark medium for growing mushrooms and crops that can be only grown in the dark.
Water well - Interact it with wooden bucket gives a bucket of water that allows you to irrigate crops.
Grain mill - By supplying water it pushes the mill to process grain crops into flour for food recipes.

New decoration
Torch Stand - Luminous burning torch stand that will allow you to see in the dark without having torch in your hand.
Stone lamp - Better than torch stand.

New objects
Wild aperoot - This red root tuber does tastes like a potato, but also looks like an ape’s face.
Wild wheat - Ordinery wheat.
Wild mushroom - Common underground plant, easy to grow.
Wild cave-oat - Short and fat underground plant that is covered with grains, it can be found in undergroud lakes.
Bluebeet - Tastes sweet, but toxic if uncooked.
Bouncy Porky - Pigs that have no legs, but able to move by bouncing around. Aperoot is their diet.
Pile of mud - Bucket it to obtain a bucket of mud that can be able to create mud tiles; or dig it to get mud pieces for making fertilzers or put into a kiln to make ceramic.

New tiles
Farm tile - Tiles created by ploughs, must be created on grassland or mud. Allows growing of crops.
Mud tile - Where Bouncy Porkys can be found.

New tools
Plough - Creates farm tiles.
cry8wolf9 said:You can also plant and harvest trees on human maps

BUT lots of entities causes lag in mobile devices, especially those poor.
Also, one unit of fir tree provides very few wood (only 15). That’ll require a large plot of land to provide a large amount of wood.
Unless human have megatrees, otherwise growing trees using lumberbots is a dumb way to produce wood.
H3110 guys! :3

When looking at your planet, no matter on what planets, you might feel your colony is somehow, lifeless.
I do mean, even with trees, something is missing on your plot of land...
Meanwhile some developed colonies - While the colonists suffering from the factory smokes and dust, inside their heart, do they want something green and lively?
Or, colony commanders. Do you want new challenges fighting between the nature and your brave conquest?

Here, I have come over with something new inside my mind -

    Ecology would be the new challenge to be introduced to the players, you have to manage your balance between natural environment and your colony development. Ecology is activated once you have reached terraforming stage 3 (vegetation stage, which you unlocks trees), and this will gradually becoming the concerns of your colonists.
    Ecology is evaluated as the follows:
    • Carbon Emission
      This is a very classic evaluation factor. Once you have unlocked ecology, industries and colonists begins generating carbon emissions. Mind that carbon emissions accumulates over time. Once you have reached a certain extent of accumulation, here comes Mr. Global Warming, and you know the rest of these...
      You can lower the net carbon emission through atmosphere scrubbers and plantations such as sugarcanes and trees.
    • Nature Reservations
      Nature reservations means how much greening or nature objects you have kept inside the colony. This includes (non- hostile) alien lives, trees, lawns, greened buildings, e.t.c. The more you reserved, the more your colonists satisfied with the environment.
      Zoos also counts into nature reservations.
      Green dome doesn't count.
    • Pollution
      Everybody knows what's pollution, right?
      Pollution is counted by trashes.
    The ecology rating can be counted by:
    Nature Reservation Points (NRP) - Carbon Emission Points (CEP) - Trash amount
    Let's say, the terraforming system needs re-design.
    The 'atmosphere' in the game is not specific enough, it can actually also referring to alien unbreathable atmosphere.
    Adding earth atmosphere onto the existing atmosphere seems not a wise concept too. It may cause atmosphere overpressure.
    This time, I'll show you my ideas that will bring a more logical terraforming system.
    • First, the atmosphere is removed from a member of resources.
    • Terraforming will be determined by Planet Type. Each planet will require different extent of terraforming to unlock new items.
    • Terraforming is divided into different parts and are counted by various Terraforming Points (TP).
      • Temperature (degree Celsius). Increased by colony activities, volcanoes, geysers and AtmoHeaters. Decreased by AtmoChillers and ice. Heat production is multiplied by carbon footprints but can be reduced by natural water bodies or artificial one.
      • Atmosphere Pressure (kg). Increased by AtmoGenerators. Decreased by AtmoPumps and Atmosphere Condensers.
      • Atmosphere gas (%). Alien gas can be removed using AtmoPumps or converted into Breathable Gas using Atmoconvertors. AtmoScrubbers and AtmoFilters removes pollutants. Atmosphere Condensers removes any type of gas slowly.
      • Soil condition (%). Once the atmosphere can support microbe activities, you can begin improve soil using Bacteria Farms.
Hello guys!

So speaking of war games like this. It can’t goes without campaigns.

Maybe I can share some ideas?

The UE storyline surrounds Commander Kelvin of Squad Falcon.

UE Campaign 1 - Operation Mantaray
Our supply line is intercepted, but we have got the coordinate of these thugs’ outpost. Destroy their outpost to ensure the safety of the supply line!
Objective: Destroy enemy lander.

UE Campaign 2 - Lockdown
A serious riot broke out in Prison Bermuda! The guards needs reinforcement! We have noticed the prisoners got secret weapon supplies from unknown source. Supress the riot, save the prison, and search for clues for who’s responsible for this riot.
Objective: Capture all critical strongholds.

UE Campaign 3 - Black Rose
From the intelligence obtained from the prisoners, the LIS mercenaries ‘Black Rose’ is responsible for both the riot in Prison Bermuda and interception of our ships. Now storm their headquarters and show them don’t ever mess with United Earth!
Objective: Destroy ‘Black Rose’ Jenny and her Mercenaries.

UE Campaign 4 - Battle of New Rotawood
LIS decided to take retaliation against our actions taken on their mercenaries, and their forces are heading to one of our strongholds, New Rotawood. Hold the line until we have reinforcements from Space Marines!
Objective: Protect the Fort before the Space Marines arrives.

UE Campaign 5 - Encircled
LIS launched another attack on our major colony H-53 Intigo, now the local forces are being encircled. They can’t hold any longer - Send the reinforcements as soon as possible to help the survival of their colony!
Objective: Destroy all enemy forces before the ally is terminated by LIS forces.

UE Campaign 6 - Scramble for Artifects
In the meantime to the battles, an new antiquity site has been discovered on a neutral planet G-45D, reserves lots of alien artifects. However, LIS forces get faster than us, already established an outpost for digging the artifects! Now we must catch up to get as much alien artifacts as possible before LIS depletes these important strategical resource!
Meanwhile, looks like there’s another empire (Alpha Draconians) looking for these artifacts...
Objective: Obtain 500 alien artifects before others get so, or destroy all enemy factions.
(as @bastecklein mentioned Reptilians will take a ‘little role’, Alpha Draconians will join this campaign. Yet maybe that’s not what @bastecklein means :p)

UE Campaign 7 - War for Uranium
The exploration fleet have discovered a new planet with lots of uranium deposits. LIS definitely also know about that, but luckily this time we are earlier than the LIS forces. Most importantly, establish an outpost as soon as possible, and ensure nobody is in our way.
The Supreme Commander said I can use the Uranium our forces get to build up Tier 3 troops.
Objective: Capture all Uranium mines and destroy enemy lander.

UE Campaign 8 - Last Stand
Emergency! Admiral Tots of LIS is heading towards our most important stronghold Ageis with his best troops!
We have Sarge and Space Marines, but still I’m not sure how long we can hold the line, not even how we are going to defeat Admiral Tot’s forces.
Objective: Survive the attacks from Admiral Tots until the miracle comes.

UE Campaign 9 (final chapter) - Being Right or Loyal
After LIS’ defeat at stronghold Ageis, LIS retreated to their territory. Very soon, our squad recieved a new order from United Earth.
It’s not about LIS, but I’m told to destroy my home colony Athenia.
What should I do? Am I supposed to be loyal, or protect anything our country has?
Objective: Follow the plot and destroy all enemies.
cry8wolf9 said:Well maybe not so quick.
Since your taking a look at models.
Are you keeping the same model for structures? Like entertainment, government, ect.
Also what about the races? Same or are there going to be different ones? Would this be a good chance to suggest new ones?
Any lore ideas yet to base the buildings and builders on?

Sorry cry, but you might get more than you bargained for with my reply.

So I am not exactly sure what you mean by "models," but I don't want the design of the game to be limited by what was there in MC1. There might be a tendency to think "well this is just MC1 with just 3d versions of the landscape and buildings," etc, but that is not my thinking at all. There is no reason that the tech or building tree has to mimic what was in MC1, and the buildings don't just have to be 3d versions of their MC1 counterparts. There is no reason why MC1 needs to have a lander, silo, solar panel, greenhouse, refinery etc, unless they make sense in the context of the game. Same thing applies to Rovers, which is why I continue to raise the question as to whether they need to exist in the same form as they do in MC1.

This is not to say that existing MC1 stuff does not belong here, what I am trying to say is that this is an entirely new game, there is nothing wrong with starting on with a new slate.

In terms of lore/races/civs/etc. My thought is that MC2 would be on one hand smaller in scale than MC1, but at the same time much larger.

What does this mean? So My Colony 1 basically encompasses a large area of the galaxy with thousands of planets and the three principal races. And all of the races are still official "lore" for the game, of course. Additionally, a "planet" in MC1 is basically limited to a small plot of land, and you can go from a lander touching down on a dead empty world to a booming metropolis in a matter of days.

I want MC2 to feel completely different, like when your lander touches down on the Red Planet (or whatever world), you are just a lander and two tiny colonists alone on a massive, dead, empty world that you must tame, and all of the resources you need will not just be sitting there waiting for you upon arrival.

Here is how I sort of see it in my head. All lore for the game universe comes principally from the following titles: Colony Wars, Colonial Tycoon, Death 3d, My Starship, Deimos, Deimos 2 - End of the Earth, Deimos 3 - High Noon, and Sarge. If you wanted to put the story in a chronological order, I think it would go like this:
  • My Colony 2
  • Deimos
  • Sarge
  • End of the Earth
  • High Noon
  • Colony Wars
  • Death 3d
  • My Colony 1
  • Colonial Tycoon
  • My Starship
I see MC2 as taking place during the first human exploration and settlement of other worlds. The Deimos series (plus Sarge) takes place in the early days of United Earth, where they have just a couple of settlements. The LIS is starting to form, but is not officially recognized yet, and has not yet broken off from U.E.. Colony Wars takes place shortly after the events of Deimos 3, where the LIS formally declared independence (in the form of a surprise attack) and fights to break away from United Earth, which they are eventually successful at with eventual aid from the Zolarg finally tipping the war in their favor. Death 3D takes place during the middle of the LIS war, and features the demise of some of the Deimos-era heroes, along with the United Earth Presidency, where power is moved over to the General Assembly instead. My Colony 1 and Colonial Tycoon are both post-LIS war, where the three civilizations and also the Alpha Draconians, which are now known to humans but have been known to the Zolarg for a long time, are all branching out and colonizing this part of the galaxy. And My Starship takes place somewhat later, where much of this part of the galaxy has been colonized and commerce/war is going on as usual between the various factions.

So that is a general overview of the MC Universe lore. The nature of My Colony 1 and 2 make them harder to place firmly on a timeline, since a game can last "years" and span throughout the whole timeline. But I do like to see My Colony 2 start at the very beginnings, not to far from our present day, because I think it would be neat to see the original few lonely colonists roughing it in hard times on a barren world, which is what going to Mars is going to be like in real life.

It has given me some ideas for some changes VS MC1 though.

In MC1 you are like a mayor or a governor starting a city. In MC2, I see the player as more of a company landing on part of a new planet for fun and for profit, but mostly for profit. You begin with a certain amount of money, and initially to get more colonists, you have to finance another launch from Earth, which results in another Lander showing up with two or three colonists. The Lander can be broken down for scrap parts once it arrives. I think you will also be able to order up a supplies lander from Earth for a lower cost, which has no colonists but whatever materials you need to order, or foot/water etc. However if another player is also on that planet and there are already colonists nearby, they may join your settlement instead of having to bring in new people. You get more money by exporting resources back to earth.

Eventually your settlement grows into a city and the nature of the game changes from one of having to ship materials to Earth for survival to a self-sustaining colony. But I think it will be a slower, more drawn out process VS MC1.

Having multiple players on a planet will also allow for a planetary economy to grow, where trade networks between settlements are made and colonists move from one player to another. Eventually a planet can be built to a point where Earth is no longer required. In MC1, each player has his own planet, but in MC2 I would rather see all players on the server on the same planet, with the planet itself being near infinite in size, with different resources and terrains on different parts on the planet. There will of course be support for multiple planets on a server, but I do not think the game will be as fun if everybody starts with their own planet, as on MC1. On MC1 it was needed because a planet was, at most, a few square miles in size. In MC2, a planet is like an actual planet.

I don't know if there will be terraforming as in MC1, or if so it will be way, way slower.

As for other civs, my plan is to just have Earth/Human. If somebody wants to create a mod with another civ built out, they are free to do so. If it's really good and they want it included in the base game, I will consider it. But it's not a part of the initial plan.
3y ago
Hello guys.

The following information are not canon information of the game lores. You're advised not to take the plot and information below seriously.

Chronologically MC2 takes place before the establishment of United Earth in My Colony universe, according to the background settings set by @bastecklein.
Things might be less complicated than in the era taking place in My Colony (classic).
Roughly thinking, I guess we can have story campaigns in MC2.
And because it might be before the Earth Unification War, there are still independent nations. This means... A space race might occur. There might be different nations or alliances having their own special technologies.

If you are asking for more detailed items, here they are.

  • <FutureTech Alliance>
    The alliance of of the Western advances, directed by United States and the European Union. Owning the majority of world's capital and state-of-the-art talents, the Alliance pioneered the space colonization era.
  • <Red Satellites Treaty Union>
    RSTU, better known as ‘Red Union’ , the Union was formed under the influence of old Eastern powers Russia and China in order to rival the FutureTech Alliance. Their unmatched mass-production capabilities and highly developed cyber technologies are their strong foundations of space race.
  • <Brotherhood of Polaris>
    The third-world nations had been kept being neglected by the rest of the world. Instead of waiting being saved from unfairness and despair, they decided to fight for themselves. The Brotherhood had the connection to a mythical, religious organization, which the organization assisted them by fostering unification and supplying them resources needed for confronting the powerful rivals of space race, to ultimately discover the promised land they desired. Their strong faith brings them courage and endurance to overcome any difficulties.
  • <Project SEED>
    While other alliances seeks for power and wealth in the space race, only few people still put the importance on continuation of species - Which, the space race further catalysing the irreversible catastrophe of ecosystems. What Project SEED seeks for is a place to save remaining species on Earth from, meaningless competitions that will only bring calamity to everything.

  • New City of Prosperity
    The race between FutureTech Alliance and RSTU. At the late stage both factions found themselves stepping into the ecosystem calamity they had created on Earth, eventually cutting all assistances to the colonies, and abandoning all of them in the loniness... Which the colonies must survive from.
  • The Exodus
    The story of the Brotherhood finding their promised lands. The beginning was smoother than expected, however internal conflicts of the Brotherhood were incubating in the shadows, the colony must made the best choice in this crisis.
  • The Ark of Life
    The attempt of Project SEED creating a new Eden for species on Earth. The terraforming gave them tough times, failures from other SEED colonies had aroused suspicion of colleagues, however all these would lead to the discovery to save Earth from the ecosystem calamity.
Hello guys.

A little elements for the trading gameplay.

Seasonal prices
If the price would shift greatly with the current season on Earth (not in real life, but IN GAME), this would make the trading gameplay more interesting.
The prices of most goods are at the peak when it is close to the end of an Earth year, because... you know, the preparation for the New Year celebrations.
Space Cranivals takes place every 4 years, no matter on Earth or among other colonies. At the year of Space Carnival, commodities like rum and robots are very profitable. In addition, rare alien goods like crystalline and relics can make a large sum of money when exported to Earth.

Contrabands (…?)
Some goods are banned for exporting to Earth, maybe depends on faction, campaign story plot, or random as someone on Earth headquarters was on nutz that he said ban exporting... Food?
This will give some challenge for players financing themselves.

Market Share
Market share will affect the export profit of your goods. The more you export to Earth, the higher rate of market share your faction have, and hence more profits in the future sales.
Of course, never over supply one kind of good. This will neither earn money effectively, nor help your faction gain more market share on Earth.
Sales during Space Carnival will provide extra market share.

Price Refreshes Quarterly
Unlike My Colony Classic, the free version of it is offline based, there is no real-time price changes like in GBT online trading.
My suggestion is prices will refresh quarterly. In every refresh, prices will normally shift towards a normal value. If there are factors such as recently lifted contraband mark, over supply, extra demand, etc, then the price will shift differently.

Though the things may be complicated, but hopefully this will make the trading gameplay of My Colony 2 more interesting.
Hello @bastecklein !
A few issues I would like to share about My Empire.

Terrain yield balance
While I am playing this game, I figured out no matter AI or player, the one who has a large plot of forest around a city will have OP boost on both food and production.
While mountains worths too less productions, often just 1🔨. Rendering mountains not a very favourable location for settlement.

So I am suggesting the followings:
Nerf forest yields to 1🍎 1🔨.
Boost mountains basic yield to 2🔨.

Veterancy and Experience
Right now we can't see whether the unit is veteran or not.
Additionally I am suggesting some further veterancy ranks that can be earned through combats.
So here are the ranks in a nutshell:
(+0) - Not veteran. (Not shown)
(+1) - Veteran unit.
(+2) - Elite veteran unit.
(+3) - Heroic unit. (Highest possible rank)

Texture modding capabilities
Just in case some players wants to apply their own texture models of units or cities. Imagine someone can have a planet colonization texture set?
Maybe we can choose what city texture can be spawned too. Right now we have 5 default types - Mediterranean, Asian, European, Islamic and Nordic.
(Hmmm. Speaking of that, I also plan to add more types to cover more architecture styles, like Slavic architecture, ancient Aztec city, tropical paradise, Mongol tents, etc.)

Somehow the game is stuck
So far I have seen two ways the game got stuck.
The first one being endlessly waiting for an AI to complete action.
The second one being the visual blackout (but UI components remains unaffected), I cannot select any city or unit.
Though I don't know what had caused that, but this really disrupts gameplay. Sometimes I cannot reach modern era due to that.
Hopefully this can be fixed. I played it on mobile, HTML5 version.

High RAM workload put on mobile devices
I have checked the device performance a bit. My 2-year-ago device has a 85% RAM workload when playing HTML5 version of My Empire. Probably this is due to 3D rendering? Or other factors?

Not all AIs use Token avatars
That happened on mega map gameplay, which among 15 AI empires 2~4 of the AIs does not receive any Token avatars.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this can make the game much better!
I just had an amazing discussion with @Luker124 about what will happen in Colony Wars.
Here, I'm presenting the ideas about the story of Colony Wars, involving all 4 civilizations.

In the vast Milky Way Galaxy, lies 3 great civilizations - The Humans, the Insectoids, and the Reptilians.

Humans are the new rising galactic power - The establishment of United Earth government changed everything. The rebirth of humanity from the disastrous failure, with all the humans together. Making achievements beyond what Roman Empire had, the extensive colonization has brought new unimagined opportunities and prosperity.
However, the corruption does not disappear as the dawn of a new era shines on the humans - the desire of the powerful politicians are endless. Further tightened security policy on member colonies, unreasonably heavy taxations, and even legitimating exploitation of labour, all these are just for benefiting those with power, at the cost of those powerless, and breaking their promise of a free and fair society (though the promise had always been a lie since the beginning).
Ruled by a corrupt government, with no will to reform, more and more people of this new commonwealth, especially from the lower classes and colonies, were not happy with this situation. With some of them having strong anti-commonwealth sentiment and advocating overthrowing the General Assembly through revolting against.
The General Assembly, of course, were always prepared to suppress resistance in their colonies using their proud Space Marines, and always actively search and destroy any hidden insurgents in their vast commonwealth. Despite their efforts, the opposition was not silenced, it was growing stronger and stronger, under the support of an organisation they had not discovered yet - LIS.
Meanwhile, with their neglecting attitude on galactic politics, they were not aware that another new threat from afar had already been approaching them.

League of Independent States, abbreviated as LIS, had been working in the shadows for decades, waiting and preparing for a best chance starting a decisive independence war, to free people from tyranny under the United Earth General Assembly.
There was not yet any concrete information about where and when this organisation was founded. Only one thing is surely correct about them - Where people suffer, where they are, and they're here to resist tyranny.
Despite United Earth government already expecting there would be ‘insurgents’, however, their influence were far beyond than they expected, especially in colonies with strong opinions opposing policies of United Earth - LIS influence grew through means of secret propagandas, cooperation with black markets, and even providing planning support to anti-commonwealth activities.
Unlike United Earth, they were aware of the importance of galactic diplomacy, they understood they were not able to fight Space Marines without sufficient external support, even having thousands and millions of militias ready to fight. They had one potent choice, known from the black market intel - Zolarg Empire, which LIS recently established contact with them.

The Insectoid Empire of Zolarg, or simply Zolarg Empire, was also a recent rising power. Once enslaved by Alpha Draconians, they revolted against slavery a century ago and retrieved their civilization from the hands of Reptilians, under the leadership of their wise and brave leader - Emperor Zolarg.
Emperor Zolarg is eager to develop their civilization to a new level, for restoring the dignity of their race, and stop the history of being conquered by anybody else. Through their agricultural knowledge from their ancestors, industrial knowledge stolen from Alpha Draconians, and their own newly pioneered bioengineering, their hard power had been thousand times stronger than the beginning. In the same time, the social and cultural development of the Empire had reached new heights, with ancient religious traditions and technological advancements coexisting in harmony (except the use of… ‘soulless’ robots still under debate), and a successful communal society for large populations.
The new page of Insectoid history was indeed glorious, but not easy. Even they successfully set foot to become a supernova of galactic power, it did not mean Alpha Draconians won't take their revenge someday, sooner or later, and also most of their brothers still not freed from slavery. Their primary mission was still further strengthening their national power, and if possible, finding an ally, in order to fight against the almost all-powerful Alpha Draconians.

The Reptilian Empire of Alpha Draconians, or more referred to as Alpha Draconians, is an old warlike civilization with a strong national pride, that existed longer than other civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy before The Ancients (that disappeared for unknown reasons). One of their possible origins was they were migrant Reptilians from another galaxy, as told in their historical documents.
Alpha Draconians had vast territories in the Galaxy obtained from conquests and annexation, but their name was not well known in the galaxy - Due to their secret style of ruling. Only some powerful political figures, and those under direct rule, know about their existence. Their spies and covert agents widespread across the Galaxy, watching over people, controlling propagandas, delivering absolute orders to their puppet governments, and assassinating any opposition or disobeyed, everything were under the will of the Inner Circle of Lords, and the supreme leader Overlord.
Not just having a strong secret influence, most of their national power are unmatched. Having the most superior technologies, sophisticated industrial machines, most educated elites and a ruthless robot army (that is especially feared by the Zolarg Empire). What are these national powers being built on? The effort of others - slaves, tributes and stealing.
The old empire might still look well, but with more and more problems rising within. Since the Insectoid Uprising and establishment of the Zolarg Empire, they are losing more cities and slaves, shaking their economy and national pride to their foundations. With economy performance dropping year by year, and the core Reptilian society began questioning the ‘invincibility’ of the empire, the Overlord had been facing heavy pressure. Meanwhile, another political crisis was emerging between the Inner Circle and the Overlord - the competition for the throne of absolute power.
Overlord, eager to strengthen his power, planned to begin another conquest, to search for manpower and resources, and, of course, attempt to prove Alpha Draconians was still invincible. And their eyes were set on a civilization - Humans. At the blink of a civil war, and having a corrupt government, a perfect target for Alpha Draconians to secretly intervene, disrupt, and ultimately, conquer them with the might of war machines once they were exhausted fighting.

The Beginning of the War - Terra Nova Incident
Coincidentally, both LIS and Alpha Draconians were looking for a good chance to start a war, but for different aims, different ways, and they had no connections.
The tension between human colony Terra Nova and the United Earth General Assembly had created an opportunity for them.
Terra Nova was a colony under United Earth, yet with the presence of LIS. People of Terra Nova, from workers to their governor, agreed that the United Earth government was too corrupted to rule them, decided to take action in a non violent way, becoming the first colony ever to refuse paying tax to the General Assembly.
Alpha Draconians understood what LIS was trying to do - try to provoke United Earth to take the strongest military actions ever against their people, to be a reasonable excuse to start the war. To ‘accomodate’ the needs of LIS and make progress on Overlord's plan, Alpha Draconian covert agents in the General Assembly began their covert operations, paving path to the military actions step by step, through persuading works, blackmailing and misinformation campaigns. An embargo was first being passed in 4 days, and then a blockade was passed a week later. And after 3 months of ‘debate’ and ‘arguments’, and the ‘Friday Coup’ (controlled by Alpha Draconian agent) happened within the period that caused the cleanse campaign on the opposition party, a decisive pass was made on the decision taking violent military actions against Terra Nova, ‘without’ any objections, leading to the Terra Nova Incident.

The dispatch of Space Marines 35th Regiment (SM35) had angered hundreds of colonies, and people of Terra Nova as well. Things had progressed as LIS wished, they began rallying up resistance fighters in the hideouts in Terra Nova, preparing for their final phase to begin the first phase of war - a surprise attack.
Without much resistance, SM35 occupied Terra Nova under the lead of Colonel Harold Franklin. Soon Space Marines recognised they were in a weird situation - Terra Nova did not strongly resist at all as they arrived. However, it was too late. Just a few minutes after they had noticed that, LIS militias led by a militia officer Admiral Beuford P. Tots ambushed all major forces of SM35 at every street and alleys of the city, causing heavy loss of well-equipped marines. At the same time, LIS revealed themselves in the public for the first time, declaring war on United Earth - marked the beginning of the Human Civil War.
Very soon United Earth's forces retreated from Terra Nova, leaving the colony under LIS control. LIS declared independence of this colony a day after, renamed it Independent State. This city was the command centre of LIS throughout the war, which will be the capital city of LIS after the war.

Early Human Civil War
The United Earth Security Council was in a big chaos after the Terra Nova Incident - unexpectedly attacked by an enemy and almost lost the entire SM35, and little the Security Council knew about LIS. Even though garrisons and national guards were immediately told to prepare and mobilize to respond any possible LIS attacks, however, still not able to stop LIS - either fighting at broken morale or without enough time for full preparations - Since they had no idea where LIS forces would start their attack, and these rebels were well prepared already.
LIS, taking this advantage, launched a series of scattered yet successful attacks in neighbouring systems. Just within the first two weeks of the war, United Earth lost 15 colonies, 45 main trade routes or supplies, and countless soldiers either captured or killed.
However, LIS did not have the upper hand for long - especially after the original Security Council Chairman, Bofors Kaiserton, was replaced by an experienced Marshal called Bradley R. Johnson. The Security Council was soon reorganized by Bradley to stabilise the mess, launched propaganda campaigns to restore the morale of United Earth forces, and began studying the tactics of LIS forces, which the studies could had begun at the first day of war, but got delayed to 5 days later (day 6), due to Bofors unable to stabilise the chaos.
Around 3 weeks later, under the coordination of the Security Council, LIS began losing their ambush advantage, due to their patterns being tracked by Security Council and United Earth forces began being able to predominate the battlegrounds before LIS did so, forcing LIS forces to fight against United Earth forces directly. The Battle of Ferris Mountains on day 37 was a major defeat for LIS, which the local United Earth garrison of Ferris Mountains, instead of being ambushed, baited LIS forces to their doom. The next day (day 38), LIS changed their general combat tactics from sneak-and-attack based to direct confrontation based. Since that battle the loss of United Earth was stabilized at a lower rate. The civil war reached the second stage, the period when major battles were fought.

Mid Human Civil War
Despite losing early advantages, with the introduction of newer weapons and black market technologies LIS forces were still able to maintain their offensive pose in the war for a while, still surprising United Earth forces, in various battles pushing their front straight towards the Solar System.
The most well known new weapon LIS introduced during the war was the Apollo-3500 Beam Emitter, which were equipped by their heavy infantries and installed on specially designed combat vehicles, the weapon itself is able to melt most armour into slags by emitting high energy beams. They caused large troubles to traditional armoured combat vehicles, especially proven in the Battle of Harbinger Greenlands (which led to United Earth giving up the Ares-4 System) that the 196 th Armour Regiment of United Earth experienced a brutal defeat under devastating laser fire of 44F Laser Battalion and 44G Laser Battalion of LIS.
Another major battle featuring LIS new weaponry was the Siege of New Paris that lasted for 15 days. The introduction of Javelin-E ‘Incognito’ Missiles in the last day (though a bit too late) decisively ended the battle, these missiles were designed not interceptable by AEGIS Theater Missile Defense System used by United Earth and successfully breached the fortifications of New Paris Citadel in an almost effortless way.
Meanwhile, 49 more colonies revolted against United Earth rule under LIS support, providing minor battlefronts for LIS to push forward further into United Earth territory.
Amount of LIS territory occupied reached a peak on day 59, which over one-fifth of United Earth territory was taken over.
The offensive pose of LIS lasted until United Earth, though later, also began introducing (a limited number of) experimental weapons into the battles, and the return of Space Marines Corps with upgraded equipment, reorganization and replenished manpower. From that time on, the tide of war had changed favouring United Earth, they began pushing LIS back.
Just 2 days after New Paris was occupied by LIS, this city was back in the hands of United Earth, under the strong firepower of Space Marines 12th Regiment, and LIS forces here were still too tired to fight. After the Second Battle of New Paris on day 73, LIS lost a large proportion of major forces and the overall offensive formation breached. In later times, LIS major forces were defeated one by one, setting LIS forces back quickly.
With that moment the situation largely disfavored them, LIS decided to take a risky move - Reveal and use their secret weapon stationed in New Bavaria, either to devastate United Earth capital city that would put United Earth into mess again, or at least buy some time to find a foreign ally.
The risky move was well known as the ‘Interstellar Missile Crisis’ event. On day 88, LIS broadcasted a message through hijacking the communication hub in Coloniae Leon, threatening they had a secret mass destruction weapon that could never be intercepted once launched, and its range could cover all United Earth territories - Interstellar Warp-Speed Missile (IWSM) with Disaster Warheads derived from Instant Terraforming Bomb Project data found in occupied government labs. And, the first missile, to be launched within 24 hours, would fly straight to the capital city of United Earth - planet Earth.
United Earth offensive operations were halted due to the short chaos caused by the seemed inevitable threat. The United Earth Security Council soon ordered the search for their missile base as the countdown had begun. 7 hours later they located the missile base, and 9 hours later Space Marines 2th Division arrived in New Bavaria. The battle in New Bavaria lasted for 7 hours, at the last hour the missile base was captured, with most of the IWSMs destroyed at the site immediately.
LIS did not waste the time by sacrificing their secret weapons. During the Crisis, LIS secretly contacted the Zolarg Empire and shortly reached an alliance agreement with them - for their common pursuit of freedom and liberating people from suffering, and they needed each other. The entry of the Zolarg Empire would bring the war to the third stage, the time when things had been becoming more complicated than just a civil war between Humans.
What about Alpha Draconians? The Overlord was pleased by the situation so far, the plan had been successful. While humans were busy killing each other, the Overlord ordered mobilizing their robot armies into the back of United Earth territory through means of secret portals prepared by covert agents. While Alpha Draconians were making preparations for the takeover plan, one thing the Overlord was not expected to, and not knowing would happen - the Zolarg Empire, their nemesis, would interfere with the war very soon. On the other hand, the political enemies from the Inner Circle, were scheming a plan to pull Overlord off his throne.

More Than Just a Civil War
Just when people of United Earth thought the war would be over soon with the defeat of LIS. 8 days after the Interstellar Missile Crisis (day 96), the Zolarg Empire declared war on United Earth, in the name of helping their allies - LIS, and officially began mobilizing their troops to the borders of United Earth.
War from another civilization put the United Earth under mass panic. Not just because the war that was supposed to end soon would become even longer, such a scale of invasion from another civilization of a different race was something humanity never had experienced.
Zolarg forces flanked United Earth from the other side, putting United Earth in an unfavorable situation - A war of two fronts. The back of the United Earth was left underdefended (not undefended) due to major forces being put into LIS fronts, leaving the borders only garrisoned with only a small number of troops. Even though the Security Council ordered splitting the troops to the borders in order to stop the Zolarg offensive, the border defenses were breached faster than imagined, garrisons were unable to hold the line before reinforcements had arrived. When the reinforcements reached the Zolarg fronts, a couple of cities and colonies had already been occupied by the new enemy.
At first United Earth forces on the Zolarg fronts attempted to make quick offensives against Zolarg forces in order to re-concentrate on LIS again. However, after a few offensives they found Zolarg forces were difficult to remove - Everytime an Insectoid base was ‘removed’, a new base was rebuilt quickly and pumping out loads of new troops as nothing had happened. Later they found out it was due to the Insectoids established complicated yet useful subterranean tunnel networks that allowed rapid reinforcement on the planets, with entrances hard to be detected using traditional sensors. United Earth troops on Zolarg fronts quickly changed their tactics to mainly defensive with very minimal offensive progress, until their sappers were equipped with new tunnel sensors they began able to retake some territories.
Meanwhile on the LIS fronts. Thanks to the Zolarg Empire entry into war, LIS now faced much less pressure from United Earth forces. Now they were able to at least sustain their defensive lines. After their IWPM were modified to smaller missiles and cheaper designs and put under use, they were able to make small offensive progress for a few days, still threatening some of the strategic locations of United Earth. However, the LIS fronts fell into a stalemate for the rest of time.
The unexpected news of the Zolarg Empire's intervention in the Human Civil War delivered to Alpha Draconians. Overlord was not informed about that until 6 days after the entry of the Zolarg Empire into the war - his political enemies from the Inner Circle controlled information flow in Overlord’s chamber through bribing the Imperial Informats (internal messengers of Overlord’s Chamber). The Overlord, knowing schemed by his political enemies, was angered, but also worried about his plans to secure his position in the throne. The Zolarg fronts in United Earth was exactly the location where the secret mobilization concentrated at. At this rate, his great plan would fail easily if the troops were discovered by either humans or insectoids, and it was just a matter of time, sooner or later.
With his ominous worries, the Overlord assigned extra supervisors into the Ministry of Expedition in order to secure his control on the conquest of the human race. However the Inner Circle had an upper hand - the Ministry had already been hijacked by their covert agents. The newly assigned supervisors of Overlord were soon silenced and puppeted by the Inner Circle.
The Lords of Inner Circle now had control of the Overlord’s expeditionary forces in United Earth - With just a slight attention created by the expeditionary forces to let Zolarg forces to notice, it was enough to ruin the plans of the Overlord, to further destroy his reputation, and ultimately pulling him off the throne.

The Incident that Changed the War - Barracuda Blues Events
On day 165 of the war, an event took place on colony Barracuda Blues, a colony lying behind the Zolarg fronts, inside the territories of United Earth. This incident had changed the entire war - from confrontations between mainly United Earth and LIS, to a war that 3 civilizations together defending against Alpha Draconian invasion.
Just within a night, the base on Barracuda Blues disappeared, with remains of weared-off tank armour and charred grounds indicating there was combat. The only thing left was reports about unknown alien contact of hostile inorganic objects and strong energy sources detected by base on neighbouring planets. The United Earth Security Council received the reports 8 hours after the incident had taken place. A global investigation on Barracuda Blues was ordered 2 hours later.
4 days after the investigation had launched, inspectors reported an unimaginable discovery - a hidden facility, camouflaged by cutting-edge field generators of unknown origin, full of unidentified machines in dormant status, and a colossal device suspected to be a long range stargate portal that was the origin of energy detected.
Informed about such discovery, the United Earth Security Council (cautiously) saw that as an opportunity to obtain superior military technologies that could help break the stalemate of the war. Scientist teams and more military staff were sent to the site for further secret investigation.
Despite the news being a secret, the information about such ‘discovery’ had reached the ears of LIS, their hackers intercepted the intel. The intel was shared to forces of the Zolarg Empire, in order to figure out what it was.
Zolarg forces seemed to know something - Just a couple of hours later LIS received replies from the Zolarg Empire, about warnings of a common threat from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy had infiltrated into human civilization - Alpha Draconians. The Zolarg Empire had also sent a similar message to United Earth, and demanded evacuating the investigation site and destroying it as soon as possible.
The United Earth Security Council, at first, did not take the warning seriously, suspecting it was just a deception from both LIS and Zolarg Empire, trying to prevent United Earth from obtaining technologies that could help them win the war. Later events proved them wrong - 2 days later, the site was under attack - not by LIS, not by Zolarg Empire, but those unidentified machines they were supposed investigating. The machines were suddenly animated, hovered into the air, and revealed what they were - war machines, with the emblem of Alpha Draconians. Almost all staff at the site were killed in the matter of minutes, only a group of soldiers managed to escape, and reported their terrible story (with solid evidence recorded) to the Security Council.
Heard of such an event taking place, and reconsidering warnings from the Zolarg Empire, the Security Council decided to have the big issue discussed in the General Assembly, hopefully they could recognise the dangerous situation they were in.
Meanwhile, LIS and Zolarg Empire had also begun their search for Alpha Draconian existence within their occupation zones, and counter-ops against Alpha Draconian influence.
Under a common threat that could not be repelled with the power of a nation, three participant nations of this civil war held a close-door summit on day 178 in an United Earth city Neo Floridas under maximum security measures. On the next day, all leaders of the military came to an agreement - a ceasefire treaty that put a pause on the civil war, and a temporary alliance pact - known as ‘Delta Alliance’ by humans - that would last until the Alpha Draconians were repelled.
Exposures of Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces and the formation of a temporary alliance were quickly reported to Overlord by the covert agents within the United Earth General Assembly. Shocked to know his plan had gone wrong, the Overlord, immediately contacted his supervisors in the Ministry of Expedition. Without any response, the Overlord understood what had happened - His plan had been hijacked by the Inner Circle.
Indeed, the exposure of expeditionary forces in Barracuda Blues was the order of the Inner Circle, through the Ministry of Expedition which was under their control.
The Inner Circle also received reports of their successful sabotage on the Overlord’s plan. With now they knew the Overlord was in trouble, they began spreading the scandals of the Overlord ‘might even be unable to conquer a lesser civilization’, to cut down Overlord’s support from core Reptilian society. Now, with the information of this invasion leaked to both humans and Insectoids, and further pressured by the scandals, the Overlord had only one choice left for the invasion plan - launch the attacks immediately.

Alpha Draconian Invasion
On day 186, the day known as the ‘Invasion Day’, the remaining dormant expeditionary forces of Alpha Draconians inside human territory were activated under the orders of the Overlord himself, launched the Invasion of Humans, beginning from Barracuda Blues where their forces and one of their main portals were exposed.
The Allies were prepared, they had located and destroyed a few hidden Alpha Draconian facilities, and shared any intelligence known about Alpha Draconians. Yet were not on the upper hand. The cutting-edge war machines of Alpha Draconians was not something humans were able to deal with easily, the superior armour strength and stealth capabilities of Alpha Draconian forces had caused some significant loss of Allied forces.
On the other hand, Overlord tried to keep Zolarg Empire forces outside the war theater of human territory as first priority, preventing the Zolarg Empire from assisting humans with their intelligence and troops. Alpha Draconians inserted blockade fleets in neutral zones between the Zolarg Empire and United Earth, as well began rallying troops at Zolarg borders. The Zolarg Empire not just had difficulty helping humans defending against the invasion as their forces in United Earth were encircled, intensified conflicts and battles at Alpha Draconian borders were something they had to put more focus onto.
The invasion broke out from the inside spread like wildfire in human territory as the Zolarg Empire was not able to provide assistance. Just within a week, Alpha Draconian presence was reported in all human territories (in terms of before the civil war broke out). 58% of original human territories were occupied by Alpha Draconians within a week, mainly the areas around the Zolarg fronts.
Humans had no chances of counter strike at this moment, as the Overlord predicted. However, the Overlord had underestimated humanity. Instead of keeping an eye, he ‘confidently’ set the expeditionary to spontaneous mode, promising the core Reptilian society that humans would be brought under Alpha Draconians in no time (in order to retain his supporters).

The Counter Strike
Alpha Draconian domination on the battlefield lasted until United Earth deployed their new superweapon.
United Earth lacked new weapons of instant destruction needed to change the tide of war since the total decommission of the nuclear arsenal right after the establishment of the United Earth General Assembly. Considering reactivating the nuclear arsenal project would cause large discontent from both the General Assembly and the public due to the long term consequence of detonating nuclear weapons, the Security Council, long ago reviewed older military research projects to seek for a powerful weapon with minimal impacts upon use. And when the invasion broke out, they already had a weapon project at almost completion that came into handy - Particle Cannon. The research of this surgical-space-strike (accurate strike instead of mass destruction) weapon was greatly accelerated by the data from Alpha Draconian facility on Barracuda Blues. 14 days after the Invasion Day (day 200), the first Space Strike group had completed construction at United Earth’s capital shipyard on Earth orbit, assigned into and escorted by the only 3 main starship fleets.
Upon the new weapons were ready, Marshal Bradley of the United Earth Security Council authorized the largest military campaign in the war - Operation Zeus, which began from day 205, aimed to retake territories beyond the Zolarg fronts occupied by Alpha Draconians. Mobilizing over 54 land forces divisions, 6 Space Marines divisions, 31 space fighter wings and 2 starship fleets.
The first use of Particle Cannon was used in Battle of Leo-34, showing the impressive firepower to the entire humanity. The Alpha Draconian stronghold on the planet was reduced to scraps in the matter of a few Particle Cannon bombardments of the 3th Starship Fleet.
The particle cannon also shone on other major battles, including the largest starship battle Battle of Kelvin Rings that the superweapon put the end to Alpha Draconian ‘Eradicator’ class battleship (though that was not their strongest warship in service), and Siege of Venet-35 that the weapon critically broke the siege of Alpha Draconian forces on the colony.
Operation Zeus had achieved a massive success within two months. The Operation recovered 21% of original territories, and some post-war statistics estimated that the Operation had also destroyed almost half of the Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces.
LIS had also achieved victories after their deployment of Type-X EMP warheads that effectively paralyses robot-based Alpha Draconian forces and facilities upon detonation. Just within half of a month after the deployment, LIS was able to uproot all Alpha Draconian facilities and portals within their occupation zones and freed up a large amount of troops for offensive operations beyond their territories (to ‘liberate’ more colonies, of course). At the same time, LIS had also completed an counterintelligence research Project Beacon that analyses the activities and signals of Alpha Draconian covert agents and communications (using information provided by Zolarg and harnessing their expert knowledge of cybertechnology), greatly preventing further Alpha Draconian sabotages on Allied forces, and made the hidden movements of Alpha Draconians predictable from that time on.
The human counterattack progress stopped at regions around Barracuda Blues. At this moment Barracuda Blues was one of the last strategic locations for these intruders - where their last functional long range portal was located, the only available reinforcement station for them. However, also the most fortified position of Alpha Draconian intruders - not only the main portal was protected by the state-of-the-art fortress setup, other strongholds around Barracuda Blues formed a complete exterior defense system that was able to stop any starships approaching this critical site.
The counterattack of humans was reported back to the Ministry of Expedition for multiple times, however nobody read the report - The fierce political competition inside the Ministry between Overlord loyalist and Inner Circle had disrupted literally everything, ignited a few days after the blockade on the Zolarg Empire. Military officers and staff were being assassinated or replaced by the two parties very frequently, they had no time and effort to care about any operations of the expeditionary forces but tried to protect themselves or seek extra interest in this internal political rivalry.
As the regular functioning of the Ministry of Expedition came to a halt, the blockade fleet between Zolarg Empire and United Earth was soon out of control, without any coordination the blockade was breached by Zolarg fleets, like the blockade fleet was just a dull asteroid belt. Regaining the supply line to their occupation zones, the Zolarg Empire began sending their fleet and elite force Imperial Templars to the battlefronts in human territory against Alpha Draconians.
Overlord regained information and control of his expedition plan after Overlord loyalists successfully retaken control of the Ministry of Expedition as a series of bloody political events took place. Knowing his miscalculation on humans and he had missed a lot of events during the Ministry was handicapped, the Overlord ordered a regroup of all remaining expeditionary forces at Barracuda Blues, as well as authorising the expeditionary force access to advanced reserves of Alpha Draconian war machines, the Apocalypse Order, to terminate human resistance before it was too late to remedy the situation. An invasion fleet was also ordered to dispatch for securing the invasion plans, either backing the reinforcement up, or in case the last portal falls the fleet could still devastate the remaining human forces and do the occupation.

The Battle of Barracuda Blues - Twilight of the Intruders
All human major forces from both the United Earth and LIS, and later a small number of Zolarg forces from occupation zones, gathered near minor strongholds around Barracuda Blues. Deployments began on day 274, preparing for the last battle to stop Alpha Draconian invasion - which Allied forces had thrown literally everything they had into it, almost all of their major forces and types of weapons.
Alpha Draonians had gathered a majority of the first group of Apocalypse Order from Alpha Draconia arrived at Barracuda Blues, standing by at the site.
The Battle of Barracuda Blues broke out on day 277. The 2nd Vanguard Group led by United Earth Space Marines 1st Division secured a minor portal stronghold on Baston-36, under the support of the United Earth 3th Starship Fleet and Particle Cannons. Hackers from LIS performed a follow-up hacking of the portal control immediately, opening up a route to Barracuda Blues for major forces after 4.5 hours.
Commando platoon headed by the legendary United Earth elite Sarge led the charge into the Barracuda Blues through the portal, securing an area on the east wing of the main portal stronghold. The remaining forces of 2nd Vanguard Group established a forward base for providing support, with Main Battle Command led by Marshal Bradley of United Earth responsible for the main offensive operations following behind.
Other battle groups were told to tie up other minor strongholds to prevent their reinforcements to Barracuda Blues, and if possible, take over the portals in the minor strongholds.
The first attempts of siege, on the same day, had been unsuccessful. The defense of the main fortress complex was far more defended than imagined. The point laser defense system rendered conventional artillery fire useless, the firepower of the newly arrived Apocalypse Order outrunned offensives of the Allied forces, even the Allied forces were supported by 5th Battle Group later which successfully broke into the south wing through the portal of another stronghold. At the end of the day, the offensive operations had been temporarily halted under the order of Marshal Bradley to prevent further losses.
On day 288 Allied forces detected a larger group of Apocalypse Order reinforced Alpha Draconian forces in the fortress. Few hours later, Alpha Draconians began taking offensives targeting the Allied Main Command Group. Facing even stronger enemies than before, main forces of the Main Command Group were tied at their forward base and fell into a badly passive status, until 5th Battle Group received EMP missiles from LIS and sent help to break the enemy offensives.
On day 289, the 3rd Battle Group composed mainly of Zolarg forces entered the battle at the southern forward base, launching subterranean infiltration attacks into the west part of the fortress. Although the infiltration forces experienced heavy casualties as they broke into, however, provided an important internal structure intel of the main stronghold - there was an antenna structure acting as an command node of stronghold defense, which when sabotaged, it could weaken the coordination of, or even paralysing, the stronghold defenses. However, the infiltration forces also reported there was a massive energy flow towards the centre part of the facility, where the main portal was located, presumably sending in core forces, or worse, a destruction device known as ‘Annihilator’ by Zolarg forces which capable of releasing an energy blast that could destroy any non-Alpha Draconian machines and living being within 50 lightyears radius. The enemy reinforcement was predicted to arrive in three or four days.
The reports from the infiltration forces had put the Main Command into an anxious mood, since this meant not much time was left for them - longer the battle goes, worse the situation becomes. The Main Command Group decided to take another offensive the next day, after the United Earth 1st Starship Fleet sent Particle Cannons to provide heavy bombardments.
Still, Alpha Draconians were prepared, they had set up energy barriers to neutralize Particle Cannon fire. With even the superweapon of United Earth proven ineffective on this base, the Main Command Group offensive once again ended up with extra losses.
On the other hand, the portal stronghold connecting the Allied forward base on the south wing was under attack by Alpha Draconian forces from another minor stronghold, the 5th Battle Group and the 3th Battle group had their most convenient supply lines cut and now had to rely supplies from either the 1st Starship Fleet or the Main Command.
During the hardest times having almost no means to break the fortifications of this stronghold, the hackers and engineers controlling the portal in Baston-36 brought a good news in the late night of day 232, they managed to hack into the heavily encrypted internal portal system and obtained a segment of access code that allowed them to teleport at most a commando squad into the stronghold (due to limitations of incomplete access codes), which this chance could be used to sabotage the command node, allow the major forces destroying the fortification when it was disrupted. However, the code was estimated to be expired in approximately 7 hours.
In the same night, but a bit earlier, a small group of Zolarg Imperial Templars joined the Main Command Group, providing limited but valuable replenishment of Allied forces.
With an irreplaceable opportunity to break into this almost invincible fortress, the Main Command immediately reorganized the existing forces, preparing for an all-out attack in the next day - It was either the Alpha Draconians or humanity being defeated, this would be the last assault to terminate their ambitions, once and for all.
4 hours later, a squad with the best commandos from United Earth, LIS and Zolarg was organized for the most dangerous mission, they were teleported to the west block of the stronghold, and later assisted by another Zolarg subterranean assault force from the 3th Battle Group. Meanwhile, all the other Allied forces on Barracuda Blues, advancing towards the stronghold.
The major forces expected the defenses to be disarmed as they reached the enemy defense lines. Yet the infiltration forces had trouble making their way to the command node, encircled by the stronghold guards as the Allied forces entered the alert zones around the stronghold. The main forces could only hold their position, forced to fight with the enemy elite forces, until the commandos finished their task.
After approximately an hour of brutal battles inside and outside the stronghold, the commando squad, finally made their way to the command node, and installed a disruption device onto it.
The defenses of the stronghold were immediately turned down under the effect of the disruption device, including turrets, energy barriers and point laser defense system. The stronghold, now vulnerable to any human and Insectoid weaponry, soon the main defense was destroyed under intensive artillery barrage bombardments. Alpha Draconian forces were also affected by the disruption effects, their combat efficiency was greatly lowered - the coordination errors broke their formation, these steel machines of destruction began ramming into each other. At this moment, Alpha Draconians had lost their overwhelming advantage in this battle, every force defending the fortress were soon eliminated by the Allied forces, leaving the central portal defendless. Allied forces very quickly flooded into the stronghold, reaching their ultimate target of the battle - the main portal, which was seen charging up for receiving new reinforcements - that could make short work on the last human forces if unstopped.
The decisive battle defining the date of humans, ended with a Particle Cannon strike onto the portal, tearing the portal into pieces of scraps. The dawn on Barracuda Blues after the particle beam dissipated, marked the victory of the Allies.
Remaining Alpha Draconian threats in human territory were eliminated within two days after the victory in Battle of Barracuda Blues under the efforts of human forces. For the first time, the entire humanity successfully repelled an massive alien invasion.
The invasion had not ended yet, Alpha Draconian invasion fleet was still advancing towards human territory. It was until Zolarg fleets attacked Alpha Draconian starbases that forced Overlord to draw the entire fleet back for defense and postpone the invasion… infinitely.

Battle of Kaisergrounds - Conclusion Battle to the Human Civil War
The invasion was over, ending with the defeat of Alpha Draconians.
But not everything was over. The Delta Alliance Pact had expired, now United Earth and LIS had to put their focus back onto their civil war… only after they had taken a necessary break from a month of fierce battles.
The Zolarg Empire had most of their forces tired of the battles in human territory, and they needed more forces and officiers to manage their conflicts between them and Alpha Draconians. On day 312, about a month after the end of the invasion, they agreed to withdraw from the Human Civil War, returning all occupied territories to the United Earth and evacuate all their forces after taking some necessary responsibility (mostly repairing damages they had made), as requested by the United Earth General Assembly and agreed by LIS. The civil war was now and finally kept just between humans.
Things had been peaceful (if not considering some minor skirmishes on conflict site planets) until the war was continued with the last major battle broke out on day 351 - the Battle of Kaisergrouds, which both sides hoped to ‘conclude’ the war in this battle (as not much war supplies were left for large scale conflicts), on this strategic stronghold occupied by LIS - To LIS, a foothold for liberating the core economic regions of United Earth in the future. To United Earth, an important barrier to keep LIS away from the most resourceful colonies.
The extremely rare ion fog winters of Kaisergrounds disrupted communication devices and sensors, which however favoured United Earth offensive - their landing forces could sneak onto the planet without triggering the alarms of LIS forces.
It was not clear how the battle had fought due to the unavailability of communications and battlefield monitoring in ion fogs. However, two outcomes were confirmed for sure - First, it might have been a ‘fierce’ battle, in which United Earth recorded 78% losses of troops in the battle while LIS recorded 85% loss of their forces. Either killed or (less likely) lost in fogs. Second, it was the victory of United Earth, after 4 days of battle United Earth 12th Space Marines Regiment managed to take control of the entire planet and sent a shuttle for delivering a battle report.

10 days after the last battle (day 365), the military leaders of two sides met in the Roundtable Summit in the colony of New London.
The Armistice of Hoxton was signed, with the following details:
  • Armistice: Military actions must not be taken inside territories of the United Earth and LIS for the upcoming 100 years.
  • Border Regulations: Border lines between United Earth and LIS, named Hoxton Line, are maintained. No space vessels should cross the line, both sides have the right to shoot down any vessels that crossed the line, unless the vessel has authorised access.
  • Embargo: Trades and shipments to and from LIS are forbidden. United Earth will enforce a blockade fleet along the Hoxton Line.
  • Colonization restriction: LIS must not carry out colonization near or along the Hoxton Line.
  • Trade Route Protection: Any LIS vessels with armaments equal to or more than corvettes will be regarded as violating United Earth trade routes.
  • Violation of any of these regulations will be regarded as breaking the treaty.
  • Any forms of independence by LIS will not be recognized and accepted by the United Earth General Assembly.
Though this is an armistice treaty, it had indeed ended the Human Civil War - at least it had ended direct military confrontations, another civil war is just a matter of time.
Eventually nobody achieved total victory in the Human Civil War, however, LIS actually ‘won’ the war. Colonies and cities occupied by LIS are no longer under the control of United Earth bureaucrats, they are freed from any forms of suppression and exploits, at least a better life can be started with ture fairness and autonomy guaranteed by the League.
Yet United Earth has also earned a ‘strategic’ victory, since they successfully defended most major regions, leaving LIS only able to have mostly barren planets of outer territories. The Armistice of Hoxton also allowed them to have limited control on the development of LIS.
The United Earth General Assembly was not satisfied with the outcome of the war - They understood that LIS had achieved their aim in the war. Now, the capabilities of the United Earth military were being questioned nationwide, even managed to repel the Alpha Draconian invasion - It shall be stopped to restore the reputation of the General Assembly. The General Assembly originally wanted to ‘retire’ Marshal Bradley to pacify the doubts of people, but changed their mind after reconsidering his achievements repelling an alien Invasion and read about his big military project to retake territories occupied by LIS, which the plan actually helped people put a larger confidence onto the military than before.
Speaking of the support, a tragedy for the Overlord of Alpha Draconians. The Overlord tried to cover up the failures of his expedition plans, however, the Inner Circle intercepted the intel. The scandal was soon delivered to all members of core Reptilian society, they now lost all confidence in the ‘weak’ Overlord that had completely ruined their national pride. Several days later, the Overlord was assassinated in a coup planned by the Inner Circle.
The seat of ultimate power was empty, but that is not a seat for many. A more intense, almost endless political rivalry took place between the Lords of Inner Circles beginning right after the death of Overlord, leading the entire empire into a state of political instability. Without a stable and powerful leader to rule the vast empire, the corruption in administration of Alpha Draconians is getting ten times more serious than before. Social order also began to collapse, leading to the disparity between the nobles and common civilians, and social unrests.
The instability of Alpha Draconians, and one more defeat for their seemed invincible military, gave confidence to the conspiracists hidden all over the empire. Some puppet regions began attempting to break away from Alpha Draconians. Though not all of them had been successful, more new powers have risen - Especially the New Galactic Empire, thirsted for galactic domination, is slowly overtaking the influence of Alpha Draconians in the shadows.
The Zolarg Empire finally found themselves a powerful ally to support each other against Alpha Draconian influence - Humans’ capability defending themselves against Alpha Draconian forces impressed not only the Insectoids of every hive, the Emperor is also glad to see this. A few months after the end of the Human Civil War, Zolarg Empire signed diplomatic memorandums with both LIS and United Earth, on the basis of cooperation during the invasion, to begin official peaceful interaction between Insectoids and Humans.
Zolarg forces returned from human territory also brought back some human technologies along with them. The inspiring foreign knowledge have stimulated further development of the Zolarg Empire in terms of economy, science, society and military, and indirectly led to an innovative invention of Insectoids - Mind Network.
While the human cities and colonies were rebuilding, humans also obtained interesting information from the remains of Alpha Draconian machines in Barracuda Blues. These cutting-edge machines have some linkage with the ancient aliens, which the scientists and archaeologists figured out these engines are derived from the ancient alien knowledge recorded on the artifacts scattered all around the galaxy. This discovery will bring drastic changes to human history, a new era of future technologies is predictable in the future not so far away.
Understanding they are not alone in the Galaxy, United Earth begin recognizing the importance of galactic diplomacy, in order to protect themselves (from Alpha Draconians that might return someday in a larger war), as well as seeking for new opportunities. they begin establishing contacts between alien civilizations as they colonize new planets, not just the major civilization like the Zolarg Empire, but also more minor ones.

The Milky Way Galaxy had changed a lot - although there had been wars, costing thousands of lives. Does the war worth anything in the end? Nobody will have an ultimate conclusion, what we know is, war, is always changing our history.

We also hope @bastecklein can leave some comments on the story idea so far.
Hello guys!

Here, may I proudly present my first idea of alien natives - the Maks!

A Mak village.
Surviving on the barren red planets is not a simple thing. Especially, both food and water can be scarce on these planets, you can barely find traces of life or intelligent aliens.
I said, ‘barely’, but not ‘all’. Maks is a fine example of a intelligent alien race which adapted to survive on the red barrens well.

If you are asking what Maks are physiologically like - I can say, they are ‘kind of’ a fusion of cactus and lizards.
Like lizards, Maks have dry scaled skin, with waxy layer which prevents water loss by evaporation in daytime and act as first layer insulation to keep them warm in night-time.
A fact that some of their scale would form little spines like cactus. But that's not the only thing they are like cactus - Their skin can perform something similar to photosynthesis. Though it can't provides sufficient energy to maintain all of the activities of a Mak, however it can still keep them alive under at most 2 monthes of hunger, accounting food reserves in their body.
Maks are quite short even when they stand upright, which adverage Mak person is just around 110 cm tall.
Their diet is mostly composed of cultivated brown mycelium and fungi, often cooked into a sludge-like porridge. Sometimes accompanied with some roasted small amimals.
Their lives almost goes around with farming, cultivating mycelium.
Basically, in the moring, most Mak villagers will work in their plot of farm and some will go foraging outside. Before the afternoon the growers have to hydrate the mycelium and remove overgrown parasitic fungi blubs, and cover the fields with pieces of shade cloth to protect it from strong noon sunlight. In the afternoon they will hydrate the mycelium again and add fertilizers.
The process starts in every season (except summer) of the planet, repeats until the harvest at the end of the season. Each harvest usually last for a few days, to harvest mycelium, mushroom, collect fungi for sowing, process mushroom and mycelium into fine powder for storage.
In summer, which their mycelium is too hot to grow, most of the Maks will spend their day making pottery, repairing tools and making mud idols in their mud houses. This is also the season which some Maks begin seeking trade with other villages, find their soulmates, and celebrate their religious festivals.
An average Mak can live as long as 66 years.
A Mak society is composed of the following people: Growers, Foragers and Chieftain.
Growers composed the majority of a Mak society, who are responsible to grow food for their village. In summer, they will become traders and artisans.
Foragers are those who Maks who are curious of what's outside or just want to seek for some extra food. The foragers are also responsible for the defense of a village.
Chieftain is the head of a village, either experienced grower, popular artisan or bravest forager. They just behave like anyone else in normal days, but in decision making, a Chieftain is in charge.
Culture and Religion
The fact is, they are pure and simple. They love peace, they like friendly people, they enjoy their life, they love their food and arts. They will only worry about what they should.
Even their crude arts reflects their simplicity in their life - simple curves and shapes, no complicated deocrations added onto.
Robes are their major clothing, weaved from dried inedible fibres of some types of mycelium. Robes is the representation of an grown-up Mak which is able manage their lives on their own. For the broods, they would just literally put a piece of cloth on themselves.
Maks don't have a collectively organized religion. Their pantheon religion are composed of many gods, but each Mak will have the gods they would like to worship. Most commonly worshipped gods are related to harvest, sun, sandstorm and art.

Alright, enough lores, time for some actual models!

Hopefully this would be a good attempt and you'll like it.
Further thoughts are welcomed!
Correct me if I had something incorrectly interpreted.
No @GeneralWadaling you are on the right track. Actually I can use your interpretation when designing the rest of the levels, as I didn't have such details worked out in my head yet!
3y ago
That's the end of the story!
Hi, following this:

And since I had some spare time, I attempted to create a new formula for the decay. 3 considerations:
  • I wanted something that would decay faster with higher numbers, and slower for lower amounts. Something exponential with the excess amount.
  • Of course, "high" number is relative. So the formula shouldn't take as argument the absolute resources stored, but rather the excess ratio = amount you have/amount you can store (eg if you have 9M over 1M storage, you have an excess of 9).
  • Finally, our formula can't decay according to time. We can't just have something looking like Ae^(-Bt), because we don't have time memory of the previous amount.

Here is what I came up with:

v(n+1)=v(n)*exp(-v(n)/90000), v(n+1)=amount after one iteration of decay

Of course, since this tends towards zero, you need to cap it so it doesn't go below 1.

This is what your resource curve will look like if it doesn't do anything other than decay, and if you have an excess ratio of 9 (9M over 1M storage).
The decay will stop after 44 minutes.

Excess ratio of 1.5, decay in 15 minutes.

44 minutes may still be too much, you just have to play with the C=90000 constant.
Click to expand section.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import math
import numpy as np

def v(u):
return u*math.exp(-u/90000)

points = 1800*30
x = np.linspace(0, points+1, points)
y = []
y.append(1.5) # we have 10 units over 1 unit storage (unit=million/billion/trillion)
found_y = False
for k in range(1, len(x)):
if y[k]<1:
y[k] = 1
if not found_y:
found_y = k

print('Last value', y[-1], 'reached after', round(found_y/30/60,1), 'minutes')
plt.plot(x, y)
plt.xlabel('ticks (30 per second) (0h30 here)')
Which you can execute here

(yes, I had fun making this)
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