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General plot of Death 3D?


I'm pretty interested on how the plot of the game will be going. The first episode looks fine :)
Besides describing the current plot, I'll also make presumption on chapter 3 of the game.

As far as I know, base on information provided by @bastecklein 's messages and posts, as well from the game itself, that is the current plot.

Chapter 1: Lunar-3 Prison Facility
Frank Munson (player) is mercenary hired by LIS for conducting covert operations against United Earth military. However, 4 years ago, due to an unsuccessful mission and betrayal of his squadmate (bribed by United Earth intelligence authority), Frank ended up imprisoned in the top security block of Lunar-3 prison facility, under command of a legendary member of Space Marines, the most ruthless chief warden of this prison in history, the "Dogface Boy".
Yet Frank had not yet gave up his life and free will while his stay in the prison. Eventually he had his extremely rare chance of escape at the time when Human Civil War was at the peak. While a lonely security guard was on a regular routine checking Frank's prison cell, the guard was killed by Frank, at the blind spot.
With the pistol looted from the killed guard, Frank began his breakout from his prison cell. The top security block was surprisingly underdefended, he managed to breach the containment in no time, escaping to the other blocks of the prison. His next stop? The maintenance block where he could obtain a detailed structural map of the facility.
He got what he wanted in the maintenance block, quickly he planned his escape route, which he could maximize his chance of survival by bypassing major security checkpoints, obtain supplies he needed for breaching the security, and paralyze the critical functions of the prison facility. Just like the way he used to be in the old days when he infiltrate military facilities.
Frank's escape plan progressed successfully and did stir up large chaos in this heavily guarded facility. While most security officers were confused by the strange traces of Frank, Frank's escape had caught special attention of the chief warden of the prison facility. Dogface Boy knew the exact place Frank was heading to - The supply dock of the facility.
Eventually Frank was intercepted by the ruthless chief warden. However, after a lengthy battle, which left the corridor in front of the transporter room in complete disarray, Dogface Boy was mortally wounded when he caught a class 3 rocket square in the face.
At last, Frank escaped using the teleporter of the transporter room, sneaked into the Galactic Freight cargo ship The Pegasus - which was heading to Earth.

Chapter 2: Cargo Ship Pegasus
(detailed info not known, hence much less info is here)
Frank infiltrated into the ship and made his way to the bridge of the vessel. The captain of the ship, Wurm (ex-member of United Earth Space Marines) was shot and the ship was destroyed by Frank upon emergency landing on Washington D.C., the political capital of United Earth.

How would Chapter 3 go like? (presumption)
Here is my presumption on the plot of chapter 3. Since this is presumption, please don't take that serious.

Chapter 3: Washington D.C.
As the emergency report from Lunar-3 and the distress message from Pegasus before its destruction were received by Earth capital security agency, the military police on Earth were already prepared for recapturing the dangerous convict Frack Munson at the landing spot. However the self-destruction of Pegasus was not expected, which had distracted the military police. Frank managed to break through the first layer of containment and headed deep into the center of the city, preparing for his bold plan came up with while he was on Pegasus - assassinate the President.
Shortly the officials of the city announced a emergency situation in Washington D.C., kicking up the alert level of the city. At the same time, the capital security agency deployed a Space Marines team led by Arms McGee to guard the White House.
Every streets and alleys of the city was soon stationed with military police and heavy vehicles, nevertheless, Frank destroyed the defense lines one by one. Eventually he reached the White House, which was guarded by the Space Marines.
A tough battle was fought between the veteran mercenary and the well-equipped Space Marines. After an hour of battles that had almost torn the white house apart, Frank pushed forward to front of the bunker under the White House, however the last line of defense was guarded by Arms McGee, one of the most experienced officer of Space Marines.
A battle between two real man, as described by McGee before his last heartbeat. McGee eventually lost in the duel, he had both of his mechanical arms crumpled and his chest pierced by countless bullets.
At last, Frank broke into the bunker where the President was hiding (and livestreaming his presidential campaign), shot the President to death right at the scene.

After the assassination, using the roughly intact communication device in the bunker, Frank sent his last message to LIS and his ex-squadmates. Afterwards, he once again picked up his weapon, attempted to fight his way out of the city. At last, he was surrounded by helicopter gunships in the suburbans, reduced to ashes under intensive rocket fire and bullet showers.
United Earth, despite able to stop the rampage of Frank Munson, however what they had lost was far more than that. The tragedy of President's death demoralized the United Earth military at the battlefronts for a while. The massive casualties caused by Frank was not easily compensatable, especially the loss of 3 legendary members of Space Marines, disruption of the Lunar Run supply line due to destruction of Pegasus, and an almost nonfunctional prison facility.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Correct me if I had something incorrectly interpreted.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
No @GeneralWadaling you are on the right track. Actually I can use your interpretation when designing the rest of the levels, as I didn't have such details worked out in my head yet!
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