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Earth faction Automation of every resource .

#1 2018-05-26 18:08:17
Other then the planets full of lawyers Opps snakes Opps reptiles Ok all the same species .
Earth is the only faction that can not make every resource . Lis has the black market which to my knowledge even brings in paintings ( done by lawyers ???? ))

Anyway crystal can be automated easy enough just by planting a large enough plot so they grow back faster then they are harvested .

So every thing BUT regolith the only way is to buy it . Buying is easy enough as star gate can import every thing but painting . But what fun is that ?

Thing is reg cant be auto if its mines they dont grow back lol .
BUT maybe a new earth based building that takes several resources and turns them into reg . The irony in this is no matter which you choose the cost will be higher then the product .

But a finished colony like my biggest can afford the expense of making stuff that it takes as a lose .
Kind of like the way you try and get buildings to eat over production of resources .

anyway just a thought . Just like the idea of being to run every resource in well no longer have green lol so really dont bug me like it use to . But still have red and that does . Got to get the red out .

#2 2018-05-26 18:12:19
Ps you never have put in a better source for making gold .
having 500 gold plants is a little much how about a alien or odis gold plant ?
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