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Story campaign for MC2, and factions

#1 2020-07-01 08:44:40
Hello guys.

Chronologically MC2 takes place before the establishment of United Earth in My Colony universe, according to the background settings set by @bastecklein.
Things might be less complicated than in the era taking place in My Colony (classic).
Roughly thinking, I guess we can have story campaigns in MC2.
And because it might be before the Earth Unification War, there are still independent nations. This means... A space race might occur. There might be different nations or alliances having their own special technologies.

If you are asking for more detailed items, here they are.

  • <FutureTech Alliance>
    The alliance of of the Western advances, directed by United States and the European Union. Owning the majority of world's capital and state-of-the-art talents, the Alliance pioneered the space colonization era.
  • <Red Satellites Treaty Union>
    RSTU, better known as ‘Red Union’ , the Union was formed under the influence of old Eastern powers Russia and China in order to rival the FutureTech Alliance. Their unmatched mass-production capabilities and highly developed cyber technologies are their strong foundations of space race.
  • <Brotherhood of Polaris>
    The third-world nations had been kept being neglected by the rest of the world. Instead of waiting being saved from unfairness and despair, they decided to fight for themselves. The Brotherhood had the connection to a mythical, religious organization, which the organization assisted them by fostering unification and supplying them resources needed for confronting the powerful rivals of space race, to ultimately discover the promised land they desired. Their strong faith brings them courage and endurance to overcome any difficulties.
  • <Project SEED>
    While other alliances seeks for power and wealth in the space race, only few people still put the importance on continuation of species - Which, the space race further catalysing the irreversible catastrophe of ecosystems. What Project SEED seeks for is a place to save remaining species on Earth from, meaningless competitions that will only bring calamity to everything.

  • New City of Prosperity
    The race between FutureTech Alliance and RSTU. At the late stage both factions found themselves stepping into the ecosystem calamity they had created on Earth, eventually cutting all assistances to the colonies, and abandoning all of them in the loniness... Which the colonies must survive from.
  • The Exodus
    The story of the Brotherhood finding their promised lands. The beginning was smoother than expected, however internal conflicts of the Brotherhood were incubating in the shadows, the colony must made the best choice in this crisis.
  • The Ark of Life
    The attempt of Project SEED creating a new Eden for species on Earth. The terraforming gave them tough times, failures from other SEED colonies had aroused suspicion of colleagues, however all these would lead to the discovery to save Earth from the ecosystem calamity.
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#2 2020-07-01 11:11:10
The timeline is generally like this. Events are in chronological order.

Before the MC2:
  • Formation of FutureTech Alliance between United States and European Union
  • FutureTech Alliance successful establishment of first colony on Mars
  • Formation of Red Satellite Treaty Union by China and Russia in respond to FutureTech Alliance's success
  • Global studies defined the era of space race has begun
  • A mass number of third-world nations broke off from United Nations, formation of Brotherhood of Polaris
  • FutureTech Alliance invented continuum engine, capable supporting one way trips to another stellar system
  • FutureTech labs sabotaged, nuclear fusion engine blueprint stolen by multinational hacker organisation suspected to be from RSTU
  • New highest record of pollution and greenhouse emissions has brought up concerns from ecologists and eco-friendly supporters about irreversible ecological calamity on Earth, leading to establishment of Project SEED
  • Alliance, Union and Brotherhood completed their construction of their first colony fleet, the beginning of Colonization Race
  • Project SEED borrowed a total of 25 colonization vessels from FutureTech Alliance, to prepare for Ark of Life program

  • Alliance and Union compete for control of Venet-55, the main theatre of the space race
  • 64% of Venet-55 colonized, 38% belongs to Union
  • Brotherhood launched their so-called ‘Exodus’ plan, colonizing the Nod-73 they discovered recently
  • Project SEED spread their colony ship to various habitable planets of surrounding systems
  • Union established a escorted supply line between Venet-55 and Solar, further pressuring Alliance
  • All Brotherhood colony ships established colony successfully
  • Corruption cases reported in Union colonies weakened their influence in Venet-55 and other systems, setting Union back
  • 23 Project SEED's colony ships arrived destination safely, 2 crashed due to meteor shower incidents
  • Venet-55 fully colonized, 52% owned by Alliance
  • Roundtable Incident revealed ambitions of some governors of Brotherhood colonies, planted the seed of Brotherhood Civil War
  • Union launched system-wide propaganda campaign in Venet-55, successfully achieve 50% influence on Venet-55
  • SEED-03 colony failure due to unexpected terraforming changes
  • Brotherhood Civil War broke out between seperationists and Brotherhood loyalists
  • Earth headquarters of Project SEED warned Alliance and Union about the coming ecological calamity impact on Earth in the space race
  • Conflicts in Venet-55 intensifies, Union and Alliance increase supply operations to conflict regions
  • First Firestorm recorded on Earth, proven caused by extreme climate change, Project SEED broadcasted a worldwide warning about the ecological impact of space race
  • Firestorm intensified, devastating Earth, killed 1.4 million population
  • SEED colonies failed one by one, only 4 still considerably normal, aroused suspicion of some SEED staffs
  • Due to heavy opposition to space race on Earth, Alliance, Union and Brotherhood halted all assistances to their colonies in order to deal with the ecological crisis on Earth
  • Almost half of the colonies in Venet-55 and Nod-73 ghosted due to lacking supplies, colonies signed permanent ceasefire treaty in order to survive
  • Only one SEED colony still under operation
  • Firestorm on Earth turned 60% of lands into scorching deserts, 20% of natural resources lost due to the worldwide disaster
  • The last SEED colony failed, but discovered the Miracle Formula to save Earth from ecological calamity

  • Earth was saved from Firestorm annihilation within 2 years
  • Total collapse of human civilizations
  • Some colonies deserted by Earth survived, becoming city states
  • United Nation dissolved, assets sold to remaining plutocrats
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#3 2020-07-01 11:39:28
How would the future tech alliance still exist after the United earth government took over all of the earth (including the US and EU)?
#4 2020-07-01 13:29:39
username said:How would the future tech alliance still exist after the United earth government took over all of the earth (including the US and EU)?

The human civilizations collapse after the Firestorm crisis, turning Earth into chaos, United Nations and all organizations dissolved.
And that is where United Earth comes in, reunifying the humanity as one, later.

According to official My Colony lore, United Earth rises from global chaos, launched the Reunification War and finally establishing themselves as a formal single nation.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
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