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Ideas for trading gameplay

Hello guys.

A little elements for the trading gameplay.

Seasonal prices
If the price would shift greatly with the current season on Earth (not in real life, but IN GAME), this would make the trading gameplay more interesting.
The prices of most goods are at the peak when it is close to the end of an Earth year, because... you know, the preparation for the New Year celebrations.
Space Cranivals takes place every 4 years, no matter on Earth or among other colonies. At the year of Space Carnival, commodities like rum and robots are very profitable. In addition, rare alien goods like crystalline and relics can make a large sum of money when exported to Earth.

Contrabands (…?)
Some goods are banned for exporting to Earth, maybe depends on faction, campaign story plot, or random as someone on Earth headquarters was on nutz that he said ban exporting... Food?
This will give some challenge for players financing themselves.

Market Share
Market share will affect the export profit of your goods. The more you export to Earth, the higher rate of market share your faction have, and hence more profits in the future sales.
Of course, never over supply one kind of good. This will neither earn money effectively, nor help your faction gain more market share on Earth.
Sales during Space Carnival will provide extra market share.

Price Refreshes Quarterly
Unlike My Colony Classic, the free version of it is offline based, there is no real-time price changes like in GBT online trading.
My suggestion is prices will refresh quarterly. In every refresh, prices will normally shift towards a normal value. If there are factors such as recently lifted contraband mark, over supply, extra demand, etc, then the price will shift differently.

Though the things may be complicated, but hopefully this will make the trading gameplay of My Colony 2 more interesting.
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You seem to see trading as exchanging with an AI, right?

I would see trading as only between members of a same server. See also the lore discussed here. It seems that the planet will be isolated not like in MC1, and this will make trading with Earth a lot harder.
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