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Colony Specialists!

H3110 guys!

That’s an idea that have just flashed in my mind.
What if, we can hire someone to boost the colony development?
That may not be a very refined idea, but I’d like to introduce it here (^ ^)

Here comes the:

The Specialists is a special class of colonists. They don’t count into the overall population, but they are counted into the Specialist Slots.

Let’s begin with the Specialist Slots, which defines how many specialists you may own. The Specialist Slots are provided by consulates and capitols, in my prototype ideas. A higher level consulate/capitol can provide more Specialist Slots.
You can hire (if vacent slot available) or replace (when there’s no vacent slots) specialists anytime, but they cost civics to hire and maintain.

Now let’s introduce my ideas about the Specialists!
(remarks: the second trait of the specialists requires upgrades.)
  • Quest Keeper
    • Accomplishment Presentation - Increase score awards for every accomplished Quests by 5%.
    • Quest Negotiator - You can switch a quest to another random one. Once per day.
  • Innovation Engineer
    • Semiauto Production Line - Production rate of industrial resources increase by 5%.
    • Factory Designer - Cost for construction of resource buildings is 15% cheaper.
  • Welfare Officier
    • Social Affairist - Colony happiness is increased by 5%.
    • Charity Campaign - Unhappiness caused by low wages and poverty is decreasesd by 10%.
  • Colonial Foreman
    • Overseer - Production rate of resources is increased by 5%.
    • Industry Logistics - All buildings with jobs provided provides 2 more jobs. Maximum efficiency of the buildings is increased by 15% (does not affect buildings that requires no workers).
  • Economist
    • Currency Policy - Economy buildings produces 30 more money per production cycle.
    • Economy Stimulation - Money production of all buildings are increased by 5%.
  • Taxation Officier
    • Tax Conversion - When taxing your colonists, tax yields is increased by 10%.
    • Property Tax - All buildings produces 10 surplus money per minute.

More specialist ideas will come soon!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Some ideas for Zolarg specialists:
  • The Sage
    • Observative Learning - Every research building produces +5 research per production cycle.
    • Collective Intelligence - Every 1 population produces 1 research every 5 minute.
  • The Council of Elders
    • Coordinated Discussion - Production rate of civics is 5% faster.
    • Divine Law of Elders - Civic buildings also produces some antaura.
  • Queen of the Fertile Lands
    • The Good Harvest - Food and Sugar production is boosted by 15%.
    • Hive Architect - Mounds and Unholy Mounds provides 25% more housing.
  • Communal Union of the Worker Bugs
    • Production Standards - All productions, excluding civics, research ,money and antaura, are 5% faster.
    • Labour Brigades - All buildings requires 15% less worker to operate.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Some LIS exclusive Specialists:
  • Space Mercenary
    • Smuggling - GBT trades costs 50% less civics. However, the 50% of amount of that 50% civics saved will become the additional commission cost, in money.
    • Piracy - Unlocks Pirateer’s Depot, a more powerful yet cheaper fusion of Starport and Shipyard. All Pirateer’s Depots are automatically razed when you remove Mercenary from specialist slots.
  • Militia Officier
    • Neighbourhood Patrol - A colonist will require 0.5 security demand instead of 1.
    • Compulsory Militia Training - Every 1 population is counted as 1 defensive power but also requires a maintainence of $2 per minute.
  • Ambassador of Liberty
    • Live Free or Die - (Motto of the League of Independent States) All colonist happiness is increased by 10%, but unfavouring policies (needs definition) recieves larger unhappiness penality.
    • Code of Liberty & Justice - Decreases crime rate by 10%. Also unlocks the building Court of Liberty, no matter this specialist is hired or not.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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