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Anything for faster starship production?

I can not seem to produce starships fast enough, even though I fill up a ton of medium cities in my regions map full of Advanced Ship Yards. Does anyone have any ideas of potential end game starship production that can keep up with the high starship consumption of The Octogan?
I was thinking a Nanite Starship Yard could be a possibility for this. Does anyone else feel like this could fit?
Even though Bast could potentially use nanite tech and potentially simulation tech for next-tier shipyards, keep in mind that starships are supposed to be that one resource in the game that's rare and expensive, making them a luxury owning even 100 will look good to a colony. It's not supposed to be as abundant as other resources like steel or food.
I know that they are luxury resources, but I am literally running out of space to produce these things in order to keep up with my Octagons.
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