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Special Relic Collections

Hello guys.

In my last post about space mining, I have mentioned about special relics you can put them into collections.

These relics have their backstory and lore, and a full set of relics collection will unlock more possibilities for your colony with hidden technologies or buildings.

Here are my ideas for the collections!

Relics of Old Colonization Era
Curiosity drives exploration and leads to discoveries as always. Even before United Earth, Humans have been launching space programmes to colonize planet of the distant worlds.
Unlocks Galactic Colonialism tech with full set.
  • <Debris of Old Colonization Starships>
    Earliest colonization starships in Human history is the Pioneer MKI. Though they are not quality as the immigrant shuttles nowadays, they are important the proofs of humans stepping into the space colonization era.
  • <Beacon-Net Space Relay Node>
    Positioning in deep space was not easy in the early days of space colonization. A crude positioning system was constructed using old-fashioned uplink satillites. Later, as the system is replaced by the new Galactic Positioning System, these arrays get abandoned and tossed away into deep space as scraps.
  • <Abandoned Reclamers>
    Somehow these old-fashioned steel behemoths of colonization get tossed into space? It doesn’t matter, it’s still a valuable relic to be - These Reclamers are AI-driven construction/mining vehicles - The protoypes of the present day new rovers.
  • <Lost Diaries of Early Astronauts>
    These diaries, contained inside lost data banks, will show how astronauts of old colonization era conduct their missions and tells how they lived in space and outposts, and also their amazing skills to survive in adverse conditions.

More sets of relics ideas will be added...
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