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Ultra compact service utilities for late/end game

Hello guys!

Some old players like @Ansom would like to see very compact service facilities, saving places for factories while fitting into the gaps easier and helps better management, or something that can serve lots of colonists in a limited place.

You know, when lands are scarce, and you cannot expand your colony productions, while facing enormous service demands.

So this time, my big batch of idea will feature ultra compact service facilities.

  • Pure Quantum Matter Extraction
    Learn how to extract pure quantum matters, a mysterious matter tha has infinite possibility, from the long lost methods from lost civilizations.
  • Modular Engineering
    Using pure quantum and ancient alien knowledge to find out the most space-saving designs of facilities using micro-modules.
  • Quantum Dimensional Engineering
    Harness the power of quantum technology and knowledge of the dimensions, find out ways to ‘expand spaces’ inside limited space.

New Resource!
Quantum Battery (QB) is the new end-game resource for developing even compact buildings.
These quantum batteries contains pure quantum matters that requires extra care when dealing woth them, especially they are volatile under exposure to strong solar radiation.

  • Pure Quantum Extraction Lab
    Where the smartest scientists collects pure quantum matters, and seal them inside batteries.
  • Transcendent Modular Colonimulation Centre
    Harness the power of quantum technology and modular engineering, Colonimulation now introduces a even higher entertainment experience for colonists, and super-large service capacity.
  • Transcendent Modular Quantum Health Centre
    Not just it is runed using quantum matters, this facility also make use of the quantum matter for therapies, serving numerous sicks and ills quickly.
  • Transcendent Modular Education Pod Cluster
    With quantum modular education pods, more transcendent quality education can be carried out at the same time - Just hop into one of the pods, and the pods will bring you knowledge by quantum influence.
  • Transcendent Alien Power Tower
    Beyond what ancient aliens had done so far, now with the quantum modular technology, more reactors can be installed. Most importantly, easy replacement of modules makes easy maintenance.
  • Transcendent Arcology
    Imagine when we can pack even more people into a limited space using quantum-powered modular furniture, windows and walls. Everything are quantum powered.
  • Transcendent Quantum Forge
    Infinite possibilities with quantum technology. With this Transcendent Quantum Forge, Anything can be created with pure knowledge.
    An upgrade of research convertor.
  • Transcendent Modular Server
    Modular quantum processors are able to process quadzillions of terrabytes at 0.000000273 second. So why not use it for servers?
  • Gate of Utopia
    The recent advance of quantum-dimensional technology allowed us to create space. Imagine you can create a space large as a city just using the space of a room, enjoying endless entertainment and leisure, and living in ultimately relaxing homes you ever seen.
  • Gate of Heavens
    Don’t worry, you’re not dying. It’s just an artifical dimension, where the best medical technology integrates, and no disease are cureless.
  • Gate of the Endless Libraries
    Every trace of knowledge we have discovered can be found here. I’m very sure that everybody can find their clues here, and eventually become ultra-smart beings.
  • Gate of Hell
    The most realistic Hell world you have ever seen, the most terrible space for criminals.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I would love to see this!
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