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Campaign suggestions and Storyline! - Colony Wars

Hello commanders.

Hopefully I can provide some ideas for Colony Wars Campaign!

You are a commander in Terra Nova, newly promoted as lieutenant at the outbreak of the civil war by Harold Franklin, the colonel of the colony.
Right after a short promotion process in such emergency, a LIS commander named Jackins D. Jones raid into the commander office you just receive promotion.
Harold pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Jackins, at the same time Jackins have his assault rifle pointed at Harold's chest.
You pulled out your pistol, originally pointed at Jackins and ready to pull the trigger.
But Jackins begin persuading you to join them - ‘Do you think killing more innocent people for the Union will make this corrupt world even better?’
At this moment, you begin hesitating.
‘You won't betray the Union, right?’ Harold, trying to pull you back.

At this moment, you choose the faction you wish to play.

If you choose United Earth, you'll save Harold by shooting at Jackins' arm, forcing Jackins to retreat, Harold will bring you to communications room to receive orders from Marshal Bradley R. Johnson.
If you choose LIS, you'll shoot Harold's leg, and leaving with Jackins. Jackins will bring you to the hideout, joining the resistance leader Beuford P. Tots.

United Earth
  • Emergency Retreat
    Congrats for the promotion commander, but we don't have the time to celebrate. An unknown resistance launched unexpected attack on our Space Marines dispatchment on this planet in a sudden, at this rate we'll lose all our men within hours. Here is your first task, defend the starport and evacuate all remaining Space Marines force as possible. We're counting on you!
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Defend the starport for 5 minutes. The starport must not fall!
    • At least 3 full transport shuttles must be evacuated. (12 Space Marines)
  • Red Rocks and Red Blood
    Thanks for saving the Space Marines from Terra Nova, the soldiers are paying high respect to you. But as you see, the Resistance declared war on us. They call themselves Independent State. Though this is ridiculous, they are posing problems. Chaos begin stirring up the colonies around Terra Nova. More importantly, I am sending you to Crimson Rock, where our prototype weapon archives center lies. Our coordination officer Yoshihara will tell you more details.
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    I have heard of your story in Terra Nova, it's a amazing work. Okay, here's the details. Garrisons reported strong Resistance activities in Crimson Rock. The archives center is relatively safe in suburban, here we need you to establish defense around the lab before the enemy notice the facility. Don't let the Resistance touch any documents, since these confidential weapon blueprints here will help us in the future battles. Eliminate the Resistance forces once you think the facility is secured. Good luck! Commander!
    -Yoshihara Minoru

    Mission objectives
    • Establish a base near the Archives Center.
    • The Archives Center must not fall!
    • Eliminate all LIS forces.
  • There are Crowbars in My Woods
    Hey, Commander. Nice to see you again. It's a honour to be praised as a hero in Terra Nova and get promoted as Captain… isn't it? Marshal is too busy to manage every battlegrounds, so now you are under my command again. Remember, always, remain, respect, to, your, officer.
    I need you in the jungles of Janiss-5. Resistance saboteurs broke into prison facility that I am responsible for, released some dangerous political prisoners. My force will lock the area down much as possible, while you'll search for these troublemakers soon as possible before they sneak away from us again.
    If you fail, both of our military career will be screwed up. Understand?
    What are you waiting for? Go!
    -Harold Franklin

    Mission objectives
    • Find all the Saboteurs and prisoners before the countdown strikes zero.
  • Who is the Traitor
    Good job, my commander. You have fulfilled your responsibility, as you should be. Just do one more thing for me, I'll consider submitting another promotion request for you.
    I have a rival, Ronnie. This man always gets into my way, ruining my good plans in battles. I am suspecting this bastard turned to the Resistance. Find evidence of his betrayal, and more importantly, destroy him!
    -Harold Franklin

    Mission objectives
    • Find Ronnie's base and infiltrate his radar.
    • Destroy the real traitor.
  • Operation ‘Kaiser’
    (Inspecting documents) …… I can't believe Harold betrayed the Union. The Resistance bribed him. I'm glad you are wise enough to identify who is friend or foe. You have proved your capabilities again, for this, you're promoted to Colonel.
    -Marshal R. Johnson

    (Incoming transmission)
    Marshal, our prototype weapons developed from blueprints in Crimson Rock proved effective against Resistance forces. Ronnie's forces just retrieved Fort-35 from the hands of our enemies using them.
    -Yoshihara Minoru

    Fantastic! Thanks to your blueprints, now we can plan a counterstrike on these troublesome Resistance forces. Speaking of that, now you're one part of Operation ‘Kaiser’. And you gotta take a important part of the operation. You'll lead one of our newly built tech forces to take Emper System back from our enemies. Make a wise use of them!
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Capture the Fort Command. Do not destroy it.
    • Destroy all LIS bases and forces.
  • Dangerous Encounter
    (Video records)
    Do you see that? Is that a human sized ant… Wait, it has a gun!? Everybody find a cover!
    (Goes static after the soldier being shot by a gun)
    -A poor soldier, who encountered unknown being

    That's all available records of recent alien encounter incidents. Well, kind of... Unbelievable. Something that should only happen in manga stories now take place in reality.
    -Yoshihara Minoru

    It is likely Insectoids... But where did they come from?
    Oh, commander. Sorry for not noticing you are already here!
    I appreciate your great work in Operation ‘Kaiser’, you have made remarkable contribution to the Union. The General Assembly quickly agreed to promote you to General ranks. It is a big honour!
    I bet you'll be a great Marshal better than me, in a future not so far away! (Thumbs up)
    As you see, while we are having a hard time with the Resistance, there are aliens crawling on our flanks, with intension unknown. We need you to collect more information about those aliens. For this dangerous mission, you'll have one of our best Space Marines of the Union, Sarge. I'm very sure you will cooperate with him very well.
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Keep Sarge alive.
    • Find and infiltrate the alien base.
    You need some Insecticides?
    Seriously, the Zolarg Empire of Insectoids allied up with the Resistance? THAT Zolarg Empire we just heard of its establishment recently?
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Yes, Marshal. And they sent a message to warn us - ‘Stop your action against the liberty warriors, or we'll officially declare war on you.
    -United Earth Diplomat

    Now everything just get complicated... And they call that not yet declaring war on us?
    Commander, you have just come at the right time. The Insectoids are standing on the enemies' side. Our flanks are in danger. There is one location you have to keep Insectoids away, Urano-6. We also have our strategic uranium mine here, we cannot lose this place to either Insectoids or the Resistance. Defeat the Insectoids there before they can further disrupt our battles with the Resistance. I'll send you a dispatchment of Hazard Squad to aid your mission.

    Mission objectives
    • Destroy all Zolarg bases and forces.
  • Interstellar Missile Crisis
    There is an emergency situation here, Commander. The Resistance developed their own warp-speed interstellar missiles while we got distracted by Zolarg's forces. The intel satellites just detected missile bases on New Bavaria. Wonder how far can the missiles reach? They can fly straight to the Solar System! Homeworld of the glorious human civilization will be under threat! Mobilise your forces now, you need to destroy their missile arsenal before they have launched any single one - each missiles carries a disaster warhead!
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Destroy all missile silos before the timer strikes zero.
  • The Last Siege
    That was close, commander. But you have just saved the General Assembly from a deadly disaster. The General Assembly is pleased.
    Now the tide of war turns to our side. The missiles of Resistance can no longer threaten any of our strategic locations, while the diplomats managed to make Zolarg signed a ceasefire treaty with us, now we can at least push the Resistance back to where they can't do much harm to us.
    Here is task for you, commander. Probably the last task. We plan to destroy the Resistance's stronghold on Basilisk-55. Once this stronghold has reduced to rubbles, we'll have a strategic victory. Our first space strike batteries will be ready for devastating fire support.
    - Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Destroy all LIS base and forces.
  • Aftermath
    LIS succeeded to break away from United Earth, marked the victory of them.
    Despite LIS' success, United Earth still achieved a tactical victory, pushing LIS to the barren ends that they can no longer threaten the great Union... At least for a while.
    Marshal Bradley represented United Earth to sign a peace treaty to end the civil war.
    However, the General Assembly is dissatisfied with the outcome. After the peacemaking meeting, Bradley resigned under the pressure of General Assembly, but recommended the General Assembly let you to be the next Marshal of United Earth.
    The General Assembly agreed to promote you to Marshal of United Earth.
    Zolarg Empire also withdrawn their forces as the announcement of end of war, returned to their homelands. The first interstellar alien civilization known to humans, but worries regarding this dangerous guest had spread across the public - would this Insectoid empire be another threat to the great Union?
    Anyways, you are now known as a war hero across United Earth, who had saved the Union from being disintegrated by LIS uprising. A bright future awaits... Maybe.

Later I'll update the post for LIS campaigns.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I have updated some United Earth story contents, and a more detailed ending. The LIS campaign stories will be uploaded in comments.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
LIS campaign ideas part 1.

  • Arsenal of Tyranny
    Admiral, this is our new officer. Lieutenant, this is our leader Tots.
    -Jackins D. Jones

    Good job, comrade.
    (Dismissed Jackins)
    (Looking at player)
    Hmmm. I can see you have the determination to save people from misery of tyranny. Good.
    Here's your first mission. The Space Marines are standing strong that they are a big obstacle of our uprising, you'll lead an assault team to destroy their arsenal, cutting their supplies off.
    Good luck, commander. For Freedom and humanity!
    -Admiral Beuford P. Tots

    Mission objectives
    • Destroy all enemy buildings.
  • Bradley Hills
    Nice work, comrade! Terra Nova has been liberated! You're really on the side of freedom!
    Admiral Tots have assigned you to my division to help you familiarise with our operations. While Tots will be busy elsewhere, there are tons tons of things Admiral leave us to handle, and you'll have to take one of the tasks.
    (Reading documents)
    Oh, here's a urgent task for you. Our secret convoy were in trouble a few hours ago, prototype weapons taken away by the United Earth scums. The weapons are now kept in colony Bradley Hills, which is not so far away from Terra Nova. Before United Earth sent the weapons away, take them back safely. Show me your hat trick!
    -Jackins D. Jones

    Mission objectives:
    • Capture the enemy port in the North. Do not destroy it.
    • Destroy all United Earth buildings and units.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Colony Wars
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