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more lighting

I think that colonies need more lighting than just the small light post.
Some better lights could be
arc lamp: up from lightpost
Large lamp: 2*2 tiles better than arc lamp
Ancient alien beacon: Large area purple light used in late game.
This was made really fast and without much thought but I just noticed that the human civilization could use more lights.
I think that bast could simply add road options with lamps included with the road in a single tile. Then he could give the road tile itself a lighting value and it would be as if the lamps in the road tile are lighting the area. but a lighted road tile would cost significantly more resources and require an amount of power to support each tile, so the player would have to space their lighting road tiles out and alternate between regular and lighting road so as not to waste too much power. Bast would only have to make one lighting road version of every type of road in the game. Then he can put a lamp on all four corners of the tile so that it can still look good no matter whether the tile is used as an intersection, an up/down road, or a left/right road. In the same way that basic roads can be upgraded, bast could make it so that lighting roads have their own upgrade path. For instance, a hardened concrete lighting road would not only give rovers more speed than a regolith lighting road, but it would also give off more light and consume more power. It would also be a neat thing to watch when all of the road lights cut off at night when you go over your power limit.

A light post is sort of out of place, this is because you might have city streets with one strip of road with rows of buildings on either side with no space for lighting whatsoever. If the rows of buildings don't produce light, then that's no good, because you would have a dark street. you need to have lighting down all those roads, so a 1x1 lighting road tile would do the trick. This would also be an easy way for those who have filled their maps with advanced buildings and have no more space to add lighting to their colonies without having to destroy some buildings to do so.

If I were bast, I would also add a happiness factor based on how bright or dark the paths are on colonists' commute to work/entertainment. If a colonist's path to work is too dark, they feel uneasy or even afraid, and that subtracts from their happiness. Remember, a city's rating also depends on how much it values the safety of it's occupants, so my colony should be no different. This would also force the player to keep track of how much or little lighting their streets have instead of just seeing lighting and the day/night cycle as a cool graphics feature.

I wonder where I could get copies of the different road tiles that bast has made. I would edit them myself to contain lamps and then sent the edited tiles to bast.
There is already a forum for this... Lighting day and night is the title.
My Colony

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