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Space Mining Operations

#1 2017-09-11 12:58:44
After building a "Space command center", you can start preparations for the "mining missions", start the shipbuilding and, when done, choose the target planetoid type, and then start accumulating resources that they consider it useful to start a small colony (for a predetermined total load to be split as you prefer). The members of the crew will automatically be recruited among the colonists (so it would be better to have some unemployed to enlist - not to leave some jobs vacant).
Once the preparations have been completed, the spaceship is launched and arrives at the destination. Small maps of mining planetoids are open in pop-up windows - like for the information box in the game - (and all are accesible from the Space Command Center) here you can build your mining base and extracting different resources, depending on the kind of planet, using the technologies you already have.
The mining extract is divided into 70% to the mother colony, 20% available for new construction / purchases for the mining base, 10% as compensation for the workers of the mission.
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#2 2017-09-11 17:17:15
Nice idea, provided with pictures :)
#3 2017-09-12 02:13:23
Thats a cool idea, and your graphics are awesome
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