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Merge Workers/Bots

#1 2017-12-27 18:47:02
Right now having 100ds of Workers to collect resources just slows down the game to some point where its nearly impossible to play
right now I Play Zolarg on Sugar planet with 200 Worker and it lags pretty hard but when i delete them the sugargrow just eats my buildspace ^^
So in Summary over 400 Workers acroass the board;
200 Worker Drone
100 Waterbug
50 Lumberbug
50 Alumibug

ofc all this bugs need to find a Path.

Now heres my Idea is to reduce this amount with a Tech and building
Idea came from Bobs Tower Defence on Sc2 ^^
You put in 10 Worker of a Type and get a worker with a x10 Modificator
10 Workers of a Type get a 1x100
so in my Example above I would have fallowing;

2 Worker Drone x100
1 Waterbug x100
5 Lumberbug x10
5 Alumibug x10

This should reduce the calculation of path alot and i think its not so hard to implement (am i wrong?)

#2 2017-12-27 23:15:46
it was suppose but no like it and i love this thing but it will be more smart to add automat building for zorlag to don't have this probleme
if you don't understand my post i am sorry but if realy want to understand it ask me and i will translate it
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