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Armstrong LC - Come be a shark!

There are two kinds of Commonwealth: sheep and sharks. Anyone who is a sheep is not welcome. My Question is who is a shark and wants to join my new commonwealth?

Sharks are winners, and they don't look back because they have no necks. Necks are for sheep.

We are a commonwealth similar to Germany, ambitious and misunderstood!

If you want to be a shark use my charter code: gArZ4cAu

I will help anyone that needs it if I can, I am so proud to be the shepherd of this herd of sharks!

Good Day Fellow Leader,

The Nations of Oz would like to extend an invitation to you, for your commonwealth to join the Nations of Oz Federation. We are a commune of Commonwealths, whom help each other build up our colonies. We have so many interesting and crazy stuff on our Discord. Come by and see.

We hope to hear a favorable reply from you.

Grand Wizard of NOZ
(Definitely a SHARK)

*We are not a Commonwealth. Come by and see.
The Founder of NOZ

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What's your definition of a shark then?
Sharks are winners. Nuf said.
The Founder of NOZ

NOZ Thread :
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My Colony

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