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Recently purchased premium key. Activated on Win7 native client and Samsung S7 android v 7.0. Have recently not been able to play at all on phone ( eternal load screen ). Whilst on Pc client will load and i can play offline but cannot start an online game. Nor do online features of the game work in my one online colony. It seems to me that i may have triggered autobanner while trying to fix the mobile version ( i didnt know the premium key had a limited number of " charges " thus may have activated twice on phone ) Wondering if there is any way to confirm? Also if i can appeal said ban. I really love this game and i recommend it as often as i can. Any assistance would be awesome If error logs or screenshots will help pls lmk.
This is the same for me, I'm stuck on doing cleanup whenever I try to go online on my premium account. Activated on my windows 7 desktop, android, and windows 10 laptop. Is this due to the key?
I dont know all i know is i still cannot use online features of mycolony on any platform. It will let me start a online colony on my mobile, however shortly after game crashes and i can no longer connect to said colony. When i was trying to fix my mobile version i may have reactivated the key by accident, thats why i mentioned it. Im more than willing to just purchase another key however id like to know WHY this one is preventing me from online play. Any updates or suggestions would be immensely appreciated. Id like to be able to play with my friends again.

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