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Here are a list of keys that I think would be nice to put in the game.

1.) Confirm key. When you are selecting zones to build buildings, you should be able to press enter to confirm the selection instead of having to click confirm all the time.

2.) Bulldoze hotkey. Maybe make it so that players can press delete to enable bulldoze mode. Also, make it so that clicking on empty space while in bulldoze mode doesn't cause you to exit bulldoze mode.

3.) It would be good to see some deactivate/activate and deactivate all/activate all keys. After selecting a powered building, the player should be able to press a certain key in order to deactivate or activate it. The same key should be used to activate and deactivate a building, so it would allow you to quickly toggle a building off and on. By pressing shift+whichever key, the player would be able to toggle all buildings of that type off and on very quickly. maybe A and shift+A would do the trick.

4.) The player should be able to upgrade all structures of a certain type using shift+U. The user should be made to press enter to confirm the warning screen or backspace to cancel, or else that defeats the point of being able to press shift+U if the user has to always click ok on the warning scree. This would not be a very big risk since shift+U is nowhere near the enter key, so the user would have to move their fingers and deliberately press enter, so less chance of a catastrophic mistake.

5. Repair key. By pressing r, or another key, the user automatically activates the repair command on that building. I'm not sure if this is already a feature since I do my repairs from my command center.

5y ago

Could someone please explain to me how to use the AMK key I purchased?

I sent the following to the support email:

How do I use the key?

I paid for it.
I downloaded it.
I try to upgrade.
It asks if I have a key.
I click “Yes”.
It does nothing!

P.S. When I double-click on the AMK key it opens EZ Letter Writer then tells me the key is not for EZ Letter Writer.

Come on, man! I need some guidance!

Any help y'all could give me would be appreciated.
1y ago
I am seeing the same behavior on .47 in Chrome (latest version).

Opening the key bindings and selecting the binding I want to change seems to set the key, but after I open that dialog, if I try to use ANY binding (custom or default) the bindings do not work, they bring the key binding interface back up.

I noticed that when I went to exit the key binding screen after setting the binding I wanted to change, what happens instead of taking me back to the Engine Settings screen or out of Engine Settings when I click Dismiss, it instead says something about setting a key binding for null. The screen can then be dismissed, but bindings do not work at all after that.
5y ago
Hey guys, i purchased the game and the devs have sent me the key a few months back, sadly i deleted my emails due to a massive spam attack on my account, i can actually still play but if i want to install the game on another device i will have no key.

is there a way i find my key in the game somewhere or do they need to send the key again via email?
5y ago
I bought premium via the website/PayPal. Got the key, can play on with premium the web version. Can't seem to apply the key to my iOS app, and can't get my online cloud save to load in the iOS app either.

I did have another game going before I purchased the key on the iOS app, however. I started a new file to try out regions after purchasing the premium key.

Can anyone help with applying premium key to the iOS app?
4y ago
If you've ever played My Colony 2 and popped open the Statistics window, you may have noticed this mysterious section:

So what is "soon" and what is "universe?" Well soon is v0.21.0, and Universe is the new, more decentralized way that different worlds can interact with each other in My Colony 2.

The original My Colony had a centralized multiplayer server, but Multiplayer was limited to chat and online trades. My Colony 2 features real time online multiplayer, but is limited to players playing on the same world. Universes allow individual worlds (aka servers) to expand by connecting to each other, extending in-game chat, resource trades, and other features across servers.

This is a decentralized approach, and not every game will be in the same Universe. Anybody can create a new Universe, and anyone can join an existing Universe, provided they have the credentials.

To create or join a Universe, all you will need to do is go to the Universe tab on the Statistics window and enter a public key and private passcode. The key and passcode can be anything you want, you can make them up out of thin air. The passcode is optional. You will then be connected to any online servers who are using the same key and passcode combination. That's it. You can share your key and passcode with anyone you want, or just keep it private between friends.

In addition to the public and private keys, there is a third key that is hidden from the player, but is built from a hash of all of the game data objects in your MC2 install (aka mods), ensuring that only games using the same game data files will be a part of the same Universe (imagine the problems if games with different data items could conduct trades).

There will be no public directory of Universe keys, so the only way to give out your Universe information is to do it yourself. Of course, if you are wanting to build a large and inclusive Universe, you can post the information publicly on the forum or elsewhere, but that is up to you.

Universe will be the headline feature for the upcoming v0.21.0 release, and there will be more information as development progresses, but if you have any questions/ideas/suggestions for this new feature, you can reply to this thread.
1y ago
Colony Wars Key Bindings

For desktop players, new key bindings have been added to the game to make play easier. Here is a documentation of what is available so far:

t: open in-game chat and focus on chat input
tab: open in-game chat for 5 seconds, do not focus on chat input
esc: acts in this order, depending on what is going on: close in-game chat, deselect all units, open menu
d: deploy lander or unload transport
h: center camera on base
b: switch sidebar to building list
u: switch sidebar to unit list

1-0 (top number keys): select fire team. if holding crtl key, assign fire team. So if you have some units selected, press ctrl+1 to assign them to fire team #1. Then later press 1 to select those units.

crtl: hold on the control key and click/drag over units to instantly enter multi-selection mode without having to press/hold first

I will keep this post updated as more controls are added.
3y ago
Site owners are able to customize how their forum or website looks and behaves when accessed under Forum Fiend. This is an overview on the customization options available to site owners and developers.

Firstly, if absolutely no site owner action is taken at all, Forum Fiend will still attempt to derive your site's name, icon, and theme color from the meta data of your website. These items are taken from your site's title tag, it's favicon, and the theme-color meta tag.

High-Level Configuration

The easiest way to customize a site under Forum Fiend, one which requires no development experience whatsoever, is to upload a forumfiend.json file to the root directory of your site. Any site that is accessed by a fair number of users through Forum Fiend should take the time to include this simple file. The forumfiend.json file allows you to set high level parameters for your site, as well as branding logos and theme customizations. Creating the file should take no more than a couple of minutes, and you can see a complete guide in the following thread:

Complete forumfiend.json Reference

Access Methods

Forum Fiend can display a forum using either the Tapatalk API or through a custom WebView interface. Tapatalk access is based on the outdated open source version of the Tapatalk API and is no longer maintained. If your forum already uses Tapatalk, it may work just fine under Forum Fiend, and you are encouraged to test it out to be sure. Note that the Tapatalk interface has not been updated since 2014 and will not be receiving support or updates in the future, as newer versions of the API are no longer open source.

The Forum Fiend WebView

Forum developers or site owners with JavaScript experience can further customize their site under Forum Fiend using the custom WebView API interface methods. Site owners who have Tapatalk installed on their system but prefer to use the custom WebView under Forum Fiend can do so by setting the disable_api to "1" in their forumfiend.json file.

The Forum Fiend WebView has a user agent string of ForumViewerCore. Developers can check the user agent to determine if their site is being accessed under Forum Fiend. Some implementations may want to alter UI or Stylesheets based on the presence of Forum Fiend.

Forum Fiend will also add a global ForumViewerCoreInterface JavaScript object to your site for accessing WebView API methods. Thus, the presence of Forum Fiend can also be detected in JavaScript by checking for the existence of the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface object.

setProperty Interface

Forum Fiend will add a window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty(key,value) function to your website that will allow you to customize several aspects of the Forum Fiend interface. Below is a reference to things you can do with the setProperty function, as well as some code examples. All keys and values must be text strings.

User Account

To personalize your forum or site for your Forum Fiend users, you can display their logged account username and avatar on the main forum listing screen. Use the following two properties to set the user's details.

fvc-logged-usernameusername or "0" for not logged in
fvc-logged-avatarfull URL to avatar image file (png,jpg,gif supported) or "0" for no avatar

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty("fvc-logged-username","little bobby");

Pagination Bar

Forum Fiend can provide a pagination bar at the bottom of the screen with controls for first/last/next/previous page. The following table lists the pagination related properties, followed by a code example.

fvc-show-pagination"true" or "false"
fvc-pagination-pagedispex: "5 of 10"
fvc-pagination-firsturl: ""
fvc-pagination-lasturl: ""
fvc-pagination-nexturl: ""
fvc-pagination-previousurl: ""

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty("fvc-pagination-pagedisp","5 of 10");

Colors and Theme

There are several properties related to the appearance of the site under Forum Fiend.

fvc-themeTitle/Status Bar Colors, hex string
fvc-page-foregroundgeneral foreground (text) color, hex string
fvc-page-backgroundgeneral background color, hex string


Slide-Out Menu

The left-hand slide-out menu can be customized using the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem(name,icon,url,color) function. The following lists the parameter values expected for the function.

nameThe name of the menu item. If set to "CLEARMENU" will reset all custom menu items.
iconabsolute url to a png icon for the menu item
urlabsolute url to navigate to when the menu item is selected
coloroptional hex color mask for the icon, or null

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem("Latest Posts","","",null);
window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem("Exciting Section","","",null);

Application Toolbar

The top actionbar/toolbar of the Forum Fiend app can also be customized using the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem(name,url,icon,secondary) function.

nameThe name of the menu item. If set to "CLEARTOOLBAR" will reset all custom menu items.
urlabsolute url to navigate to when the menu item is selected
icona named icon, reference below, ex "back" or "chat"
secondaryboolean value, if true will force the toolbar item into the drop down menu

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem("New Post","","add",false);
window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem("Sign Out","",null,true);

Named Icons

Here is a list of available named icons you can try out. These can be used for both Toolbar and Menu items, but toolbar items require a named icon (menu icons can be a URL).
2y ago
Starting with MC2 v0.23.0, all new colonies will default to the following Universe. This change will not impact existing colonies, so if you want to join the new "global" default Universe, you simply need to put in this setting:

Public Key: mc2global
Private Key:

(Private key is blank, there is no private key)
1y ago
I just purchased an EZ register premium upgrade license key, uploaded the key, and nothing has happened. My profile still shows as not upgraded. I tried to re upload my key, and I get a response back that I cannot upload the same key more than once. Please provide some assistance.
11mo ago
I just purchased an EZ register premium upgrade license key, uploaded the key, and nothing has happened. My profile still shows as not upgraded. I tried to re upload my key, and I get a response back that I cannot upload the same key more than once. Please provide some assistance.
11mo ago
Buzzy said:Hi,

I just bought the premium version of the game and created this forum account. I see that you can link your account to your profile to show you're a premium member by uploading your product key which is a file with a .amk file format.

I'm on android, where can I find that file?

Send an email to from the email address you use for your Google Play account and explain that you purchased the game on Android and would like the multi-platform key. Be patient. It can take some time for the key to be emailed to you.
6y ago
Version 2.17 has been in effect for a while, but I still don't see how to access the vendor's inventory, or how to buy items from him using the Fire Stick. The vendor seems to be represented by a "Y" and some gold coins next to it in the bottom right of my screen, but no key on my Fire Stick corresponds to "Y". (As opposed to "A" being next to a play symbol, which obviously means the play button is for the main attack.)

Could you tell me what key(s) I need to press to access the traders? It would also be a good idea to include that info in the control instructions as well, which provides no guidance for this situation. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here....

Update: I finally figured out that from the Inventory page, the "up" key eventually gives access to the vendor's inventory (and then back to the regular inventory). So that issue is resolved.
4y ago
if you have the actual key file, can you just log into the account portal at and upload the key file to your account?
10mo ago
wile it would be nice it would also bring chaos to the building minus .
Just how many tiles is that ?
Would definitely case clutter how about this bast if you add tiles that go into a group such as these program the game so ONLY one tile shows on the build minu and then using the tab key would rotate through all available tiles of that type then click confirm .
Like so choise the displayed tile from teh building bar - minu
the builder window pops up like normal then use tab key rotates through said tiles until you see the desired tile and click confirm .

One other thing if these tiles were a prim only thing just make corner tiles be able to rotate this would reduce the number of tiles needed . From his concept .
5y ago
Here are the current update plans for My Colony.

v0.49.0 has begun on web and will be a bug fix update. So far there are strange rendering issues on MS Edge browser that need worked out, plus other existing bugs. Don't ask me what day it will be done, I don't know yet.

After v0.49.0, most of the remainder of the month will be spent finishing Antiquitas, which I hope to have released before US Thanksgiving holiday (11/23).

Once Antiquitas is done, work will begin on My Colony v0.50.0, and I have significant updates planned while I start getting the engine ready to support my next game, Colony Wars.

First up I will be doing quite a bit of work on the interface. I am thinking of replacing the bottom left corner menu that you get when you click on a building (with the build, sell, cancel, etc buttons) with a small row of icons that appears under the buildings when you click on them. Then there will be a new building stats screen with improved data, such as production per minute and some fun graphs and whatnot. Will also give info related to how many of each type of building you have and so forth.

For vehicles, I will be adding the ability to group them together with keyboard shortcuts, and then calling them up with a keypress. For instance, you will be able to highlight a bunch of vehicles, press ctrl+4 to assign them to group #4, then when you press the '4' key, it will call up all of those units.

I am also going to be totally redoing the way GDP is calculated. Having a horde of cash or resources will no longer boost your GDP. It will instead be based on your production output for a specific time period.

There is also going to be a new map editor coming to the game with different terrain features. You will be able to build your own maps and then start a new colony using custom maps (offline mode only), or export your maps and let other people play them.

The engine will be getting support for flying-type units which can move over buildings, walls, and other obstacles. The current construction drones will be made to fly.

Some buildings will become movable, in that they will be able to "pack up" into a vehicle, drive to a different location, and then "unpack".

On top of these changes, I want to have several big Zolarg content updates before Christmas. Once 2018 starts, I am going to begin implementing the 3rd race in the game, Reptilians. Also in 2018, My Colony premium license will increase from $2.99 to $3.99. I think it's still a good deal, especially given the amount of content now in the game, and will go towards maintaining the server. If you are on the fence about upgrading though, there is your heads up.

Another note, sometime in 2018 (first quarter probably) I will be removing all Facebook integration and switching over to the Ape Apps account system (the login you use for this forum). It's not quite ready to go yet, still needs key features like password reset/recovery. Once I make the switch, playing My Colony online will require an Ape Apps account, and your game saves will be tied to your account. I will probably also remove most of the auto-banning and open up applications for server moderators who will have tools to be able to take a more human approach to anti-cheating. Having moderators and tying online play to an account should help cut down cheating quite a bit.

Anyway, that's all I got for right now. As always, tons more to come! I don't know what % done My Colony is now. 20% maybe?
5y ago

A Unified My Colony Community

NOZ, Nations of OZ, is in a word, COMMUNITY. This is the where you can to share, talk, voice chat on the common interests and games we have on our server. The largest being My Colony, followed closely by Cafe Bot.

NeotheOne started this project with a a few mates and it has grown to a place where acceptance is key, and no one is alike. A culmination of amazing cultures coming together to create new experiences for all.

NOZ is let by Veterans, NeotheOne, Vyryn and Wubs, together with amazing players like Cry8Wolf, Wubs, Vince some of whom have made it to the TOP 5 GDP. You can also meet our other fast rising leaders in NOZ by joining us at Discord.

Not only that, NOZ runs an active trade channel for MyColony, making it much easier for members to trade or buy resources. NOZ Discord today has over 600 members.

The Nations of OZ works closely with all players to help and nurture individuals who are either newbies or leaders with much time in the game.

We also boast an international Discord server, with people from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Chile, India, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia and so much more!

In July 2018, NOZ started opening new channels for other games to evolve the NOZ community. The Games are :

Full Fledged Communities
My Colony
MineCraft - InvasionMC
Pokemon - PokeCord

Other Bots
B**bbot (Access to channel - ID required)
Third Prince of NOZ (Our very own NOZ Bot)

All said and done, NOZ will continue to have My Colony as our mainstay and community.

Nations of OZ Federation DISCORD link -


The Nations of OZ has 5 ranking tiers, namely

Archmages are the community leaders and server admins. Between us, we do all of the following: server administration, posting announcements, keeping new things going on, communication with other federations, banning members, leadership discussions, leadership direction, and public presence. Also all responsibilities of Wizards.

Wizards are junior admins, responsible for settling disputes that get out of hand, assigning roles, fixing server issues and other duties assigned by GWs, in addition to the duties of Conjurers.

Conjurers help with running the community, welcoming new members, assigning roles, keeping chat active, monitoring chat, keeping an eye on trouble makers, and are involved with all leadership discussions. This is a moderator type role. Conjurers also have all the responsibilities of Sorcerers.

Each month, 2 Conjurers are elected for a 1 month term to begin the month after.

This unique role is a recognition of the hard work our largest members have put into the game. Anyone with a colony of at least 500,000 people can get the Magus role. It is added on top of other existing roles (Sorcerer/Mage).

Sorcerers are key members of the community. They are experienced in the game, and have earned their independence and decided to create a commonwealth. Sorcerers are involved in most leadership discussions, and take on extra responsibilities such as advertising their commonwealth and helping newer members, helping to expand the community.

Mage is the general membership role in NOZ. Anyone who has joined NOZ receives this role. They have access to the full resources of NOZ and are expected to grow their colony and learn the game, helping other members as able


What is DISCORD?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers and works on both your desktop and phone.We all meet on Discord to share, and enjoy each others company while we wait for our storehouses to be full. Come on by, and meet the people of My Colony face to face. Join us as we step into a world of fantasy.

Wiki : Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser. As of May 2017, Discord has over 45 million users

5y ago
Check your key bindings in the engine settings. I've noticed that both "Show unemployed colonists" and "upgrade" option both have the same key binding, which is "u".

Thanks very much for including your game version and platform in the bug report.
5y ago
I chose a new key the first time it works and then when I want to set a new key it does not work anymore
5y ago
Recently purchased premium key. Activated on Win7 native client and Samsung S7 android v 7.0. Have recently not been able to play at all on phone ( eternal load screen ). Whilst on Pc client will load and i can play offline but cannot start an online game. Nor do online features of the game work in my one online colony. It seems to me that i may have triggered autobanner while trying to fix the mobile version ( i didnt know the premium key had a limited number of " charges " thus may have activated twice on phone ) Wondering if there is any way to confirm? Also if i can appeal said ban. I really love this game and i recommend it as often as i can. Any assistance would be awesome If error logs or screenshots will help pls lmk.
5y ago
I dont know all i know is i still cannot use online features of mycolony on any platform. It will let me start a online colony on my mobile, however shortly after game crashes and i can no longer connect to said colony. When i was trying to fix my mobile version i may have reactivated the key by accident, thats why i mentioned it. Im more than willing to just purchase another key however id like to know WHY this one is preventing me from online play. Any updates or suggestions would be immensely appreciated. Id like to be able to play with my friends again.
5y ago
UPDATE Just loaded antiquitas on 64 bit Chrome Regular save does not finish just like 32 bit chrome
two different laptops one is 64 bit windows 7 the other 32 bit windows 7 now downloading windows 7 64 bit desktop version
desktop version 64 bit saves correctly but again BOTH 64 bit chrome and 32 bit chrome fail to compleat a regular NON compressed save .
advert chrome crash probly just a glitch in my 32 bit chrome its self no crash in ether 64 bit or 32 now
But agin oringial Chrome 64 bit and 32 bit regular save fail to finish .
PS 64 bit pc just redid windows 7 browser clean first time every running Antiq . .
key board key short cut hard reload ctrl - f5 does not do reload on ether pc browser .
5y ago
No change . I deleted all browser files then reloaded game .
But tring to do a hard reload using the key board short cut has no effect ctrl and f5 key .
if there is another way of doing a hard reload please let me know .
5y ago
If you open the key file using a file manager app, or even email it to yourself and click on the attachment that way, it should allow you to open the key using the app
5y ago
So I paid out for the key that lets you unlock special items in Antiquitas, and my question is how would I go about finding it for when I need to switch computers?
5y ago
I'm trying to find my key, could I get it reissued or some advice for where I should look?
5y ago
The first time the video was presented, I really liked to watch it. But not so for the second and third,... Yes, giving the galactic gift straigt up, would be nice. The received message can still can contain the video of course! One might be actually interessting sometimes!

@bastecklein, you are absolutely right. But does it work the other way round? If I bought on on play store without ape account? And if I then register to ape and sign in? If that is the case then I was wrong. My fault then. I understood the web page that they called buying via ape to be an advantage (over other purchasing options)

My Colony is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of My Colony on all platforms! Click Here for more info.

From that quote I deducted maybe wrongly, that its not possible to transfer a premium version from android google play to a ape account to a pc version.

Btw... I watched the galactic ad video. After reading the text message. The galactic empire has a gift for me!!! Watching the video... What really? I get this advertised game for free today? Thats nice. Oh wait, its just the non-premium version, which _is_ already free for all. Ahhh I see. Its just the free resources that is a free gift. Okay fair enough... next day... Again the same free game advertised to me. Yes! And its still free. Today, tomorrow, and every time in future. What a farce. :D

Many people say I interpret too much things into words, overall. They could be right. So I dont blame anyone. But still don't like that "kind of communication".
4y ago
i would really like if the usage of keyboard is increased more in the game play, especially after opening the Stats, using the first letters to navigate within the stats, and then especially while gifting, or exporting/ importing; if the resource can be selected using the Keyboard, it would make our life a lot easier.

i propose the following Hot keys for selecting the resources

A=Alien Artifact




so me, @wubman, @SickSadSaint, and @Sobeirannovaocc were discussing on the topic, on how to make the game keyboard friendly, and less mouse dependent especially for the experienced players but still not let it be too confusing and tedious for the new players.

the first step would be to add another option to Toggle hot keys on/off .the default setting being Off so that the game in beginning is same as it is right now.

another addition would be to have a have a drop down menu and you can search resources like you do in the buildings tab. Just put in AL and it would come up with aluminum etc whenever you are importing/exporting/gifting

now when the hotkeys are off, the cursor would auto focus on the search box, and you can directly type the resource name without using the mouse.
when the hotkeys are toggled On just pressing the hot key for that resource would get you to to the gifting pop up box, or import/export that particular resource.

similarly, the hot keys can be used to navigate through the States and even when a colony's dialogue box is open:

M = message
G = gift
E = embassy
R=rescind charter
T=demand tribute
A=foreign aid

the hot keys in this case would appear if you bring your pointer over the symbol, and the 'name of the symbol, hot key' would be shown
hot keys for resources can be shown to the right of the resource name in the resource list while gifting
4y ago
maybe giving steam users their own premium key would help. However, make sure the premium key is locked to that one steam buyer
4y ago
Today I am proud to announce that Epic Adventure v0.7.0 is now complete and will be hitting all platforms shortly. This update adds some of the key concepts to the game that moves it one step closer to being able to start adding a bunch of content - Food/Hunger/Health/Eating!

When you log into the game next, you will notice brand new Health and Hunger indicator areas at the top left corner of the screen.

As you go around the world and work, you will become more hungry. If your hunger level gets down to zero, you will start losing health! Luckily, you can eat now. Before the game had Apples, and eating them is simple. If you have an Apple in your hand, click on the Apple again in your belt inventory to eat it.

Note: Unfortunately, due to an existing error in the game code that has since been patched, if you are continuing an existing game, you will start off starving in this update. Hurry and eat a bunch of Apples! New games are not impacted by this issue.

In addition, a new terrain/food item has been added to the game - Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are more abundant than Apples but do not provide as much energy. In the future though, they will be used for different spell and food recipes!

There are still a couple of key concepts that I need to add to the game engine before I can start really digging in with content. The next thing I need to add is movable world objects, such as animals and enemies! That is going to be a big one, and will be the focus of v0.8.0. Once those are implemented, Epic Adventure is going to be pretty much an actual game, but there is still a lot to do. Stay tuned though, because the next update is going to be an "epic" one!

3y ago
With the recently released v1.2.0 update for Voxel Paint, there are now some new keyboard shortcuts you should know of to help you with your voxel art. This thread will be updated as new shortcuts are added.

  • Pen and Eraser Tool: Holding shift while using the pen or eraser will activate free draw/erase mode.
  • Select Tool: When using the Select Tool, holding down on Shift before you click on a voxel will do a "Flood Select" operation and select all connecting voxels.
Ctrl + A: Select all voxels.

Ctrl + M: Make all selected voxels metallic
Ctrl + E: Make all selected voxels emissive
Ctrl + O: Make all selected voxels windows (50% opacity)

d: While in select mode, pressing the "d" key will duplicate the current selection, creating a copy.
g: While in select mode, pressing "g" will group the selected voxels. After this, you can click on one of the voxels in the group to select that group again.
u: Ungroups the selected voxels.

r: When you are using the Move Tool or pasting duplicated voxels, pressing "r" will rotate the voxels you are moving by 90 degrees.

Escape: The escape key will deselect all voxels and also cancel a pending voxel duplication operation.

When voxels are selected, you can move them in any direction using the keyboard numpad. The numpad + and - buttons will change their elevation, and the numpad Enter will apply all changes.
3y ago
Hello everyone:

I bought premium of my colony on the app store. I would now like to update my windows client with it. Where do I find the key?

Many thanks in advance.
2y ago
I really like the game but there should be so many changes which would improve the playability a lot.

Those ones that are abolutely needed:
- the shortcut C for cancel doesnt work, how can you remove many wrong roads? Please fix it!
- if you sell a lot of buildings you can press S for the selling menu which works fine, but then you have to move the mouse to press sell again, there should be a key to confirm it, e.g. not far away from the s-key.
- The dropdown menu workers doesn't show anything as human, perhaps remove it (only for humans)

Funnier ones which would take more effort would be:
- Moving a building should be possible if the destination is within the old squares (move a 2x2 building just 1 square away)
- Creating blueprints and pasting them, so you dont have to build the same complexes over and over...

Thanks in advance!
1y ago
Log in to @bmeyer00511

Towards the bottom is an area to attach your key file to your account.
1y ago
Replied to your email, but also for anyone else who sees this, there was actually a bug in my code that @kbird63 's message pointed me to where the "browse for key" feature was broken, which I have now resolved.
1y ago
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