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New hotkeys

Here are a list of keys that I think would be nice to put in the game.

1.) Confirm key. When you are selecting zones to build buildings, you should be able to press enter to confirm the selection instead of having to click confirm all the time.

2.) Bulldoze hotkey. Maybe make it so that players can press delete to enable bulldoze mode. Also, make it so that clicking on empty space while in bulldoze mode doesn't cause you to exit bulldoze mode.

3.) It would be good to see some deactivate/activate and deactivate all/activate all keys. After selecting a powered building, the player should be able to press a certain key in order to deactivate or activate it. The same key should be used to activate and deactivate a building, so it would allow you to quickly toggle a building off and on. By pressing shift+whichever key, the player would be able to toggle all buildings of that type off and on very quickly. maybe A and shift+A would do the trick.

4.) The player should be able to upgrade all structures of a certain type using shift+U. The user should be made to press enter to confirm the warning screen or backspace to cancel, or else that defeats the point of being able to press shift+U if the user has to always click ok on the warning scree. This would not be a very big risk since shift+U is nowhere near the enter key, so the user would have to move their fingers and deliberately press enter, so less chance of a catastrophic mistake.

5. Repair key. By pressing r, or another key, the user automatically activates the repair command on that building. I'm not sure if this is already a feature since I do my repairs from my command center.

Thanks bast for voting yes. Maneuvering my colony will be much easier with these keys.
I would like the bulldozer to stay as it is for this part : Bulldozer turns off when you click an empty tile
What if we put an option for the bulldozer turning off when you hit an empty tile, and then make the default setting where bulldozer doesn't turn off when you hit an empty tile. That should satisfy nono's preference and Forceminer's and my preference. We could put the option into engine settings say "clicking empty tiles deactivates bulldozer."

The reason that I like bulldozer to keep on when i click an empty space is because what if you are trying to bulldoze tons of sugarcane, trees, or synth crystal nodes because they overgrew your colony? you would have to click each one and select delete on the meny, that's 2 clicks per node. But now that we have bulldoze mode we can redunce that to 1 click per node. Still, it's annying though because if you miss and click an empty tile, like I do all the time, bulldoze mode cuts off and you have to click the icon again, so that's still not as efficient as it should be.

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