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Annexation question

I am new and not sure how this works but I have seen some members talk about starting a insect colony and then annexing it with your human commonwealth for like aluminum. How do you do this? When I am in my commonwealth there is an annexation option but it just wants to make my map bigger. Do I need a higher level capital or something? Basically I want to bring in some different worlds to my human commonwealth than the moon and mars.
1. Build a zolarg colony either under Zolarg home world or a Zolarg Commonwealth
2. Build the Advanced Command Post
3. Choose annexation
4. Fill in the chartercode of your human commonwealth main colony
5. Go to your human main colony
6. Open the message saying "colony xxxx requests annexation"
7. Accept the annexation
8. Annexation is complete

Note: annexation comes with costs which are billed to the colony that accepts the annexation. They are civic costs and financial costs. Taxes that aren't paid yet are also billed to that same colony.
Tryibh to do thisxwith an ice world its not working no message sent to my main colony at all
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