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Commonwealth loans

#1 2018-01-10 17:05:21
Hello people, back with another idea. It comes directly out of the sim city playbook.

A new colony should have the ability to take out a loan from their commonwealth when they need it at the commonwealth's approval. When the new colony takes out a loan, they and their commonwealth would also have to agree on the amount of payments and the interest rate that the loan would have.

After the loan is taken out, the player can contribute to the loan at will, or they can wait until they are required to start making payments. When it comes time for the player to make payments, the payments and interest rate could either be added to the colony taxes amount to make it simple for the lendee, or they could be on their own separate bill. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to calculate what portion of each payment is interest, just have them make flat payments with an added interest fee based on their interest rate of the loan.

The interest factor of the loan is purely there to motivate commonwealths to loan money, because they would receive more money in return, and you might have some commonwealths that turn into loan sharks for the sake of making money. If a commonwealth and it's loaning colony have very close ties or the two players are very close or even relatives, the interest rate could be set to 0, but I would still have it for the benefit of the lender.

In fact, what if we could make it so that one commonwealth can loan to another commonwealth through the use of the embassy? It would allow commonwealths to make money by lending to other commonwealths, and some commonwealths could even become loan sharks for the purpose of making money.
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#2 2018-01-10 17:51:10
sounds like a dangerous way to risk owning alot of money to another colony or possibly until a AI government.
I like it.
hope loansharking doesn't become a thing if its added. :P
#3 2018-01-11 15:15:06
Forcedminer said:sounds like a dangerous way to risk owning alot of money to another colony or possibly until a AI government.
I like it.
hope loansharking doesn't become a thing if its added. :P

Thanks @Forcedminer, I agree that there would be a big risk, and that would become part of the challenge of the gameplay. I think it would be cool to make a money focused colony and build up a reputation for loaning money to other commonwealths with reasonable interest. If a colony were to build up its reputation to where they have loans out to maybe 40-50 people, they could get a nice chunk of income.

There would have to be consequences though, since if there aren't any, people could just loan money and never pay it back. You could do several things, but I think that giving each colony a reputation score on their website would do the trick. That reputation score would be listed by that colony's name should it happen to appear in the randomized charter list that you get when you are starting a new game. And, I would also make it appear on embassy stats and requests to build embassies. That way, if one commonwealth start to cheat another commonwealth, that lending commonwealth can add a demerit to the lendee commonwealth's reputation. I would only allow the lending commonwealth to tack on one merit or demerit per day though so that you can't spam demerit and completely crush someone's reputation or spam merit and give them the best reputation in the world. I would also have each payment that you pay correctly automatically add a merit to your reputation and each time you refuse a payment or try to pay and don't have enough money, it would add a demerit.

I'm thinking of a posetive/negative system. When a colony first starts out, they start out with 0 reputation. However, if they are merited or demerited by their commonwealth or other commonwealths, their reputation will go positive or negative. I would give a range of -1000 to 1000 so that it would take some time for a colony to build up a fully good or bad reputation. 1 demerit/denouncement would lower it by 1 point, and one merit/praise would raise it by 1.

This could also detirmine how much of a loan that colony can take out, but if that is too complicated, it isn't a necessary feature. So all in all, if you have an awesome reputation score, you will get more sub-colonies to your commonwealth, people are more likely to loan to you, and you can loan a bigger amount with better interest rates, and you also have more leeway to screw up. Whereas if your reputation is bad, you won't get any subcolonies to your commonwealth and nobody will loan you anything, or at least not anything with a reasonable interest rate.

What do ya think?
#4 2018-01-11 15:25:20
I remember thinking something awful like if you borrow from an AI and can't pay it back a bulldozer comes in and starts smashing buildings collecting the raw materials to pay for your loan until its paid back or until your entire colony is destroyed.
I would sort of imagine having to sign a mock contact that does clearly state the repercussions of not paying it back on time.
with the player just having to scribble anything in a dialog box for confirmation
I sort of imagine it like that scene from tom and jerry where tom the cat basically signs away 20 years of his life and his arm and leg for a car so he can impress the woman of his dreams.
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#5 2018-01-11 17:29:55
LoL wile I thought of this idea as well I never posted it .
It would be a pain for Bast to add as the loan shark thing would be another types of trades fesaco in the making .

It just would not work without Government ( AKA Bast ) spending all his time adding Regulations .
And we all know how much people love regulations lol
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