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Construction Glitch

#1 2018-01-16 22:30:20
Having a weird issue that started today. Whenever I confirm construction the building location selector that shows where the building will go does not go away. I have to click somewhere else and then choose "cancel" in order for it to go away. I can't select a different building type to reset like normal either.

Also once constructed my bots immediately begin building a new one right underneath the existing building. Since it is underneath I can't select to cancel.

It's a brand new colony so it's sucking my resources if I just let them continue to build over and over.

On the Chrome Version .53

Any help would be appreciated.
#2 2018-01-16 23:13:20
Humm well the game does have quantum physics in it sounds like quite the space saver lol
Sorry to say if a bad erorr was put into the colony by a glitch you may not be able to save the colony .
No matter how good the programming may be errors happen .

But try deleting the one on top first then delete te one underneath then save exit to main reload game and try again most of the time that will clear any errors .
In order to work the building creating teh erorr must be deleted befor reloading
#3 2018-01-17 14:55:06
Sure I just started over. It was useful for solar panels in the very beginning not taking up space. Just thought I'd ask about it in case it was a thing.
#4 2018-01-17 15:41:07
it is a rare thing but more of a error then a bug .
If teh game is being maxed out with lots of stuff being done at once ( say 3 types of bots building wile 2 types of bots mining it can cause a error best thing to do is keep a steady pace and try to not do tons at once .
I am bad about it lol and know how to stop most errors cause by it .
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