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Welcome gifts & messages for commonwealth colonies

Hello and sorry if this has already been mentioned,

I get most new colonies when I am not online. Would be great if I could set a standard initial gift (think like 50k Ore, Coin, and Food) when someone joins. I think this would help with people seemingly creating colonies and then bailing and starting another if it doesn't start well. It would also be cool to set like a welcome message as well if at all possible.

The resources would come from a pool that I can donate to from my capital. So if I am getting lazy it will eventually run out unless I put more into the pool.

Thanks for reading!
your idea can be very cool but some people can take your charter code come,go away,come,go away,come,go away
and continue just to have free ressource i think if it is add it will be better
to add a secure programe like if you come one time you can't have a second time the gift and if you ask for a lot of charter code and do this you can be black listé (you can't come on any commonwealth and take any gift during some time and if you continue you have a warning and after you are block for 1 mouth )
and for the special gift like what said Forcedminer:
"player can create a custom gift bundle"
it will be better to creat and rename the type of gift (so you can rename and chose what is in and send a message with(optional))
Yeah that's why I was think of having a pool of resources in case some one just bombed your commonwealth, they would eventually get zero for the gift once the pool is gone. And you dont have to worry about it affecting your capital.
I don't think so though, since if they started a new colony on your charter they would have to build the colony up to gain independence, and they need your approval to be annexed, so they can't really do that right now unless they change their name every time they declare independence and then request an annex. That's why you never accept a request to annex without knowing who the person actually is. It's different when someone starts a new colony on your charter because your name is listed on the charter screen at random alongside all of the other commonwealths. However, if they are requesting an annex, there is a reason why they want to join your commonwealth, and it's your job to determine what that reason is. that way, even if they change their colony name, you know who they are and they can't trick you into thinking that your getting a different colony annexed.
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