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Encyclopedia UI

#1 2018-01-18 01:19:02
At least on the current Android version of the game, the encyclopedia leaves a lot to be desired... Some obvious improvements that come to mind are:

Search feature

Sorting, tags, etc.

Buildings, techs, etc. grouped into categories of some kind.

Clickable dependencies that take you to the entry for that item (resource, building, tech, etc.)

These may all be implemented in desktop versions of the game. I haven't tried those yet so I don't know.

#2 2018-01-18 07:40:41
The online version is the better one because a couple players put it together. The one in-game hasn't been finalized as Bast is waiting until the game goes to version 1.0
#3 2018-01-18 14:01:08
Bast waiting till 1.0 lol funny wile it is a little clunky its better then what the game started with ( NADA ZIP ZILCH lol )
You know if it bugged me enough ( which it does not as I have most of my colony filed under Brain -I would redo it my self after all its simple enough to redo just the time to do it .
as for my colony 1.0 well maybe in another year lol then it will be my colony 1.1.0 my colony 1.2.0 and so on .

As long as he keeps doing updates sales will remain high thus he will keep doing up dates lol
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