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Can't login

Hi, on My Colony on the facebook gameroom signing in dos not work, also when signed in the page is blank and says nothing.
My Colony and Antiquitas no longer use the Facebook login. The other apps may still have that but it won't work as they are still in the process of being updated for the conversion.

Once all apps are converted a premium license on one platform can be spread to all with that login.
Can't sign in to My Colony in the game. The fidget just runs at the bottom of the sign in dialog but it never signs in.
I've signed in to the site (obviously) but it still won't accept a sign in for the game.
I can't access my colony.

Closing the game and reopening My Colony worked. The game opened with me signed in having already logged into the website.
It only worked the one time. Upon returning to the game from this forum, My Colony refuses to sign me in.
I've been trying to login for the past 8 hours with no luck.
OK. It now responds and logs me in, sometimes immediately, sometimes as long as a couple of minutes. I think it is working, just some patience with it may be required.
Hi It's September 18 and I'm having the same trouble logging in to My Colony via my Dell laptop with win7. I'm running game on my android phone and no problem there. Fix?
My Colony

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