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I’m back

Hi I’m back from a long hiatus of not playing my colony
I’m back yay
So... I missed a few major updates...
What does the crystal vaporizer do?
Wat is obsidian for
Thanks if someone can help we with this.
Join a community mate, we can help you with all your questions :)
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Yeah, the cyrstal vaporizer is for the new lava world. It uses atmosphere and crystaline to make water.Obsidian has no use yet, but will have a use later on.

Make sure you don't start a lava colony with the intent of making it a permanent one, because you will be sorely disappointed, haha.

you can also read the previous update notes in the main announcements thread.
Oh and how do you delete a colony?
AC682 said:Oh and how do you delete a colony?

From the title screen, go to More Options, then Game Data.
OMG Patchdaddy is still alive!
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