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Needing help with building layouts.

What got me into playing My Colony was a smartphone app, which my smartphone wasn't able to take. I'm currently playing it on my laptop, letting my colonists harvest stuff while I do other work (an idle game, heh).

I just built my colony, and after looking at the other colonies here that have been built, I realized that mine looks like a total, disorganized mess - in total an urban planning nightmare. The first time I played this game, there were no lights, no day-night cycles, but a recent update just added them.

I need help with a building layout that allows me to have a landing memorial in the center, while maximizing the work-to-population ratio (should ideally be somewhere near 1:1) and taking into the account the necessary light posts.

Please note, I am not a premium user, which means I cannot just sandbox anytime I want.
If you have the resources, just experiment. That is the fun of the game :)
mines a total mess too but i don't care for now i just want those resources and civic points as quick as possible so i can create my new commonwealth after 6 months away from the game! i will just bulldozer the map when i have the capacity up enough
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There is a right way, but it's better if you do it "Your" way. I experimented with a "grid" like system and it worked out decently. After letting my resources gain, I'd do construction or reconstruction on specific sections of my base. Each section has its own job/house/entertainment ratios.
this is why I have had like 30 colonies and start new games after about 20,000 souls. aside from grids, I have also had luck building colonies on a spiral and in bunches of clumps. when chain building became a feature it became so much easier to build in long lines. so that's a thing, too
Example of my Grid

EDIT: Nvm won't let me upload screenshot...
My Colony

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