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[MCR] Come join the Mars Congressional Republic .. we have protogen - cwMXoAZ9

Welcome traveller i see you are not associated with a commonwealth charter?

Why not add ours as your charter code cwMXoAZ9 we will help with resources any way we can.


You need not be a pro at this game all levels of citizen are welcome here, we have players who have been around since the game was in 0.20 beta and are always happy to help, we also have a discord channel for chat and tips.

Not only can we help with the game we also helped with some of the early graphics and continue to add our ideas in the game ideas forum, but we don't have to wait to see your ideas added to the game because we also have a very active modding group who are slowly modding the UE charter maps into the Expanse universe check the post linked below for more info.

( see here - )

plus we can help you use mods for this game on your computer just ask for help in the forum post linked above.


I will fill this out more sooner but we have just been attacked by the UN and this weird purple mutagen called proto molecule was released into the mars colony so we are busy cleaning up at the moment so please feel free to leave a comment or 2 below and please vote in the poll.

Toddy - President of the M.C.R.
Join the new world - Mars Congressional Republic
Charter code - cwMXoAZ9

mars that's who :D
Join the new world - Mars Congressional Republic
Charter code - cwMXoAZ9
Greetings to the Leaders of Mars Congressional Republic,

I would like to extend this invitation to you and your commonwealth to check out the Nations of OZ Federation. We are a collective of many other Commonwealths.

More information :

Hope to see you there soon.

Grand Wizard NOZ
The Founder of NOZ

NOZ Thread :
Join us :

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