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Im just waiting for more reptillian stuff to come out
One thing that has really bugged me is the forced price on the market. I hate the idea of stopping price gouging. I thought the idea was just to lower inflation. I just tried to buy some gold, but no one is selling. Decided I'll buy for a higher price to get it faster, but I get a mark for price gouging.

Also there isn't enough buildings for reptiles and the ants don't seem complete. The lava planet is a good idea, but it isn't complete. I made obsidian ants, but they won't gather. It seems the humans are the only fully complete race. It would be great to have every race complete like the humans.

New type of planets should be made. All types of planets should be available to all races, with unique ones for each race. Also should keep adding new buildings and technology for races.

I don't like that tycoon new game. It looks like the same thing for humans with a different ui.
I get the feeling as Bast him self says he is burned out on programming it .
kind of sucks really but alest humans and bugs are done enough to enjoy playing the game .
Dude needs a vacation
My random thoughts:

- The game is missing conflict. I don't mean combat but some sort of random events that knock you down so you have a reason to get back up. This could be disabled if people just want easy building mode. Repair and trash are minor versions of this. Natural disasters (global warming, earthquakes, solar storms etc) could keep the player engaged.

- Building the online version is not just 2x harder than offline. It's more like 10x because people are very creative and will break/abuse and get every ounce of gain out of a system. Even Blizzard tried to build an online market for items/gold and in the end it failed due to large human player farms as well as automated bots, which ultimately killed the economy via hyperinflation.

- It seems like Bast is building EVERYTHING. A forum, a marketplace, an account system, a launcher etc. It's pretty amazing but seems to spread him thin. There are existing tools/libs/marketplaces/authentication/forums etc so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time. That said, if he wants to learn or control those aspects I respect that.

Big thanks to Bast for making some great games and engaging with the community. I'm a big fan and will continue to be so :)

My YouTube tutorial series:
In my opinion, once you get to the end of the game, there is not a lot to keep you playing, and it doesn't take all that long to reach the endgame.

So I'll get bored, and then return upon new content.

Bastecklein (spelling?) I know you have repeatedly said you didn't intend for the GBT to be as it is, and that you didn't design this as a trading game but here's the thing.

What is the point,(besides a change of difficulty or playstle) of having different species that specialize in producing different resources, without trading?
I lost interest when the massive tax happened. I took a few months off hoping the community would have smoothed over the GBT crisis. Sadly it seems the internal infrastructure never really bounced back.
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