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My Colony v0.58.0 Released - Page 2

Cool looking update. I like the education idea. Is there a way to see the IQ of a given colonist? I built a bunch of all types of schools but IQ seems to have capped out at 93. I suspect that may be due to only unemployed going to school though.

Is there a built in IQ global or individual max?

Really like the new building placement graphics. Not sure if that was this update but it looks nice.
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JaxxSilva said:
Cyberkayu said:I built a lot daycare, elementary,highschool and college, but no student at all. I wonder why, as the colonist IQ average at 75.

Are they too dumb and lost on the way to school?

At the moment, only unemployed people will be students. So you have to have more people than you have jobs for and then they will go. Hopefully there will be an addition in the next update to change this policy to be either "educate first" "educate/employee equally" "Employ first" or some similar method that gives the user control.

Ok, i did a test based on your statement. I purposely go deactivate all center of artificial learning and relic study. So due to the unemployment, they went school.My colonist IQ now average at 127

Thanks for the info =]
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I think there are problem with the IQ and education system.

The IQ don't stay with the colonist. Once i did a fire drill or they exit the school and enter into employment, the average IQ of colony drops again.
Charter code: T0gtaz50 (Both 0 are zero). Join me, I am resource rich.

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