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Texture mod editor not working since version 0.56

A detailed description of your issue.

Whenever i try to create a new texture mod it just keeps on loading, on the orange splash screen and has been doing so since version 0.56, it let's me do everything else in the mod section just not that, also once it's clicked and goes into loading mode it then has to be stopped by closing the game down otherwise it would continue indefinitely.

I can load up the texture mod i have been creating and it works fine and i have tried creating a new texture with the vanilla version of MYC and my own and both do not seem to affect the problem so i'm guessing its a loading of the texture editor only or that's what it looks like to me.

Steps to replicate the issue you are having.

Just try to create a new texture mod using a windows 10 laptop and click create new texture mod .

game>> more options>> modding>> texture mods>> create texture mod.

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The windows 10 desktop version played on a Toshiba satellite, Win 10, 64bit, 4gb ram, intel core i3

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