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♧ // FFF partnership // Senātus Populusque Rōmānus - SPQR// We need you! // Help and Guidance! // ♧


(Love me BLARG and Nunez)
"Antiquitas is growing, and as the game grows we need to follow in MyColony's footsteps, to build a community were we can foster and grow." Those were the words I first used to entice the glorious people of the FFF into a partnership. Thanks to Nunez and BLARG I have been able to revamp the server and spread the word of Antiquitas (I mean what's a guy with no experience on building a server gonna ever do well?). Turns out it's attracting big servers. I made a partnership! I know from nobody to slightly elevated random dude! Awesome let's continue....

Who are the FFF?
I'm glad you totally asked! Just imagine a very big building with lots of shiny new modern stuff and then imagine it's in a average city in a average country. They are that shiny modern building! You see my analogy was terrible so if you didn't get the point of it I'll explain it. They are above average. See it doesn't sound as awesome? Thanks for judging me. Well at least I've whittled away some of the precious time before our inevitable deaths. Oh wait that's a bad thing. And as death nears closer why not spend that time in an awesome discord community? I mean death's hardly gonna be fun so squeeze all the fun out of life but share cause sharing is caring. Anyway I've talked here to long and said too little, now to be lazy and repeat what I wrote before....

We bring you Sen- you know what that's a long name, why did he choose it? The answer to both is just use SPQR (Yes I'm lazy and I'm seriously gonna use this material so stop judging me with those beady eyes) As Emperor of Rome and Cheiftan of the Tribes of Gaul I promise that we will bring Antiquitas to glory, I mean hopefully..... (What? Stop looking at me like that!)

What has SPQR got that othere Antiquitas Discord Servers haven't? A server.
This Server has 7 roles (Actually now we have 9 roles now, I could change it but then you would think I've done nothing.)! I know! It's more than 6 ( don't need to change that. Again stop looking at me like that!) ! Each Role is adapted to a purpose and of course in the future more will be added! I mean what could be better? Everyone else you say? Pffff- no. (Hahahaha not anymore old me! Or you! New me thinks that because of the FFF not everything is better! You still l think everything is better? Dangit.)

With tons of help and guidance you will love it at the SPQR (SPQR - FFF? FFF- SPQR? SPQR? FFFQPR?), with features added all the time- listen that's gonna be hard to furfill, I mean I do have to sleep.... With features added...... nearly all the time. (Jokes on you I have Nunez and BLARG and they don't live in Britain! It means more production! Mwahahahaah oh your actually still here? Well sorry you had to see that, moving on!)

"SPQR a future- wait no a past with grapes and public baths cause it's Rome not Mars"


Wait- Are you just gonna end it there?
Erm yes
What about the picture?

You not gonna add something original?
Add something more!
Okay! Jeez that was intense! Okay erm.... We have another bot? Oh and some people! We have 5 bots just one is secret! I just ruined it's secrecy. We are gonna add more bots! We have quirky names for them, the server is Roman themed with quirky Roman names to the channels! One of our bots has a unique level system with a cool intro to the server and leaving message.... but you will never leave right? It's awesome in to many ways! We have updates for- hold on! If you're coming to the server you won't need this information! You aren't coming? Why not? You are? Great! See you there!

(Hahahah pretend it's the right symbol Gaul, pretend you didn't miss click another similar picture that could of been the feds symbol. Thats not even meant to be a joke.... I actually can't be bothered to find it in my images....)
Our numbers are rising! Why should you miss out on the fun?
Here here!
This server is fun but lack some member so why not coming there? You wont regret it and it will give you loads of fun
Now many of you probably don't know anything about where you are actually playing in so Freedmoon is proudly our Historian in the new channel Historia, come check it out!
I’m from Rome GLORY TO SPQR even if it’s a bad place to live
When they ask if you are fine, but you aren’t really fine and start to cry
Also I like turtles
I’m not depressed I’m only poor
Max63max1 said:I’m from Rome GLORY TO SPQR even if it’s a bad place to live

Heheh, why not join us?
Is there a way to trade with others in this game?
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