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Import/export Menu suggestion


i'm fairly new to the game, and have only really got as far as building the mass driver, but it occurs to me that it would be useful to have the ability to "favourite" resources on the import and export dialog, thereby sticking them to the top of the list.

i'm suggesting this because I have a colony that produces large amounts of certain resources that appear right down at the bottom of the list, and selling at 100 a time with a lot of scrolling in between gets tiresome :)
You can upgrade the mass driver to export larger amounts later in the game and somewhat compensate for this.

Instead of a favorite, I'd like to see it pop back up where you left off, so whatever you just sold would be right there again.

But like I said, you can upgrade the mass driver to higher volume later in the game.
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thanks JaxxSilva. I had a feeling i could upgrade the building to sell more because i played antiquitas and the forum in thatgame is upgradable to be able to sell units of 5000.

Your own suggestion would be equally acceptable to me i think :)
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