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Rating - employment-Unemployment - protesting Bug Solved !

Version 0.60.0 chrome ---- ( ALL platforms ) Well I now know what how and why And even can tell you what to change in your programming to solve one of the most talked about game problems people get .

So Ill post the rating photo and tell you why it is happing take some time to understand what I am saying .

Ok so my latest colony gets around 65 k or so have them on LIGHT work load !<<< ( this is important )
And every thing is running nice and smoothly rating staying rock steady at 100 %
around 65 k I added another 15 k jobs - colonist at the same time decided that ((( Light work load just was not producing well enough so switched to REGULAR work load .

That's when rating starts acting strange if you look closely at the photo it starts going down to 98 and back to 100 over and over . THAT IS THE TIMES when colonist get fatigued and go rest . then when rested are once again totally happy .
Now that in its self is NOT the issue . What happens next is the game starts getting all the colonists in the same work rhythm ( this is old news and I use to forced them all to work and rest at the same time ) so now the game its self ends up causing all the colonists to work and rest at the same time .
Thing is what happens next is now all the colonists get tired at once and ratings start drooping farther then they all go back to work and ratings rise BUT not back to 100 % each time they get tired the ratings drop more and each time they go back to work the rating go less high .
Now the feed back loop has started and it ends with the colonist all mad and protesting and a dead colony .

The SOLUTION !!!!!!! Change how LOW the colonists energy GETS before they go off work . now they go off work around 30 % energy change that to 45 % THEN most important Speed up the whole cycle slightly . Excample - NOW they go to work and stay-- say 15 mints before getting tired and going home change it so it takes say 10 mints .
((( IMPORTANT this will not work UNLESS you change When the colonist go off because of energy LVS That Is the biggest thing that is causing the problem .
Deport homeless frezzez chrome only opption if used is close chrome relaunch game
ps to reproduce deactavate homes then piss um off lol then try using deport homelss when 100 % are homeless

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