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Adding a birthrate effect that independently raises population

#1 2018-04-13 02:49:24
This might be a long shot, and I'm not sure if it's been mentioned before, but here goes:

Using statistical calculations, bast could implement a population growth rate that is independent of immigration or tourism. This rate of growth would be extremely slow and would speed up in relation to the amount of colonists that you have living in your colony, while still being pretty slow even for a large colony.

The colonist would start out with zero iq and would not need a place to live or a job until they reach a certain iq. When they are spawned, they would start to receive a periodical supply of money from the two parent colonists that spawned them and would use that to buy food and water. Bast could also draw them as tiny colonist sprite. The priority for them would be to seek out constant supply of education, but would also need entertainment as well.

The reason why I say that they don't need a home would be because it is assumed that they would be living with one of their parent colonists.

Also, when the planet is fully terraformed, bast could put further purpose toward the family houses that one can build. Two colonists living in one of these homes would have a very good chance of spawning another colonist.

The reason why I wanted to recommend this idea was that just in case you can't pay your charter tax, you can still grow as an isolated colony, albeit very slowly. I mean, in real life, that's what would happen if a colony were to get isolated, eventually people would be born and the population would increase, but over the course of years.

Let me know what you think.

#2 2018-04-13 17:48:56
I think they are a clone now there seams to be more then one around ( weird Al )
No births in my colony when colonists show up once they get the option they can be cloned .
Frankly its much more efficient and a lot less messy then live births .

dont think Bast plans on adding births ( besides the game engine already has tons to deal with .
adding this in now means even more unemployed colonists and even more homeless .
Housing full kid gets kick out at birth ( hey he needed to get a job anyway ) lol

#3 2018-04-16 15:33:28
Hm, didn't know that cloning didn't count as immigration. I thought that the only way to get colonists was through immigration and the cloning still counted as that and could be disabled by a commonwealth if a colony refused to pay taxes.

Oh well, as long as we have a way of increasing the population without relying on immigration then I'm satisfied.
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