Bast alot of people who even payed for the game can be to poor to keep internet access at home .
Yea I know hard to believe isn't it . Well bast the game is $3.50 monthly internet access runs from 50 $ to 80 $ minim .

Now being old and on a Fixed income it leaves little left over for luxury ( me ) And being young and on mom and dads dime also leaves little room for luxury .

So why don't you give us who payed for the game a brake . And give us the ability to play FULL version offline . Just so you really understand its not just about what I want .

PSSS only version working on windows ten are windows ten and chrome. Your apps launcher just shows a black square with nothing in it .The other windows versions are not working as you already know .

The way it is now the windows ten version will NOT let me play payed version unless I am signed in
( Just turned off my wifi and checked . It will let me play a NON payed for game without net access .

Anyway wile many games need to be online there is no reason this has to be unless a person wants to trade with other people colony's . You realize if all ONE MILLION downloads created a account today this site would be down for a month . On top of that it would cost a boat load if even 20,000 people came here every day .

anyway think about it thanks Great games btw

pss if windows 64 bit and 32 bit worked they CAN be totally played off line as I can import the payed file from my pc then ( alest last time they worked i could .)