Really I am posting because I am wondering what or if you changed something that effects ratings ?
Thing is the Up and down is going - strange part is with just very minor adjustments it tends to stay at 99 % O i cold get it to 100 % no problem but its working much much better this way .
I also noticed colonists saving go up very very slowly ( unless i give them a stime and again this is working so unless it falls below 96 % I leave it alone . So far that has only happend once and even then I was doing alot of rearranging so colonists were moving from jobs to other jobs for a short time lots of unemployment ( but I did delete many buildings so was expected they reemployed quickly enough .

All I am really saying is if you did something it worked the game is now once again very easy to add 20 k colonist a hour without rating going nuts and once done stays at 99 for long long time days .

New colony I started the 15 ( yesterday today is the 16 has 37 k colonists and all teck bought even 15 million atmosphere . Now i am putting in 100s of investment banks to se just how fast I can get that 100 million civ points need for the last teck .

being a fast builder I tend to push the game engine to the max and if i cant cause game isssues there are no game issues lol

anyway great job ( now if only native - aka Windows 32 64 bit or even the launcher worked windows ten does work chrome works great .