Death 3d v0.0.4 has just been released for Desktop and is ready to download from the Ape Apps Launcher. This release is still very much beta, but does include a whole host of multiplayer improvements and bug fixes. Score is even kept now for online games!

In addition, there is now a full time Ape Apps Official online server running 24/7. The server currently supports 10 players max, plus one AI bot who is running around there shooting stuff at all times.

Finally, perhaps the more exciting part, Death 3d v0.0.4 multiplayer beta will be arriving within the next few days on the Windows Store for Windows 10 users. This will help me record more telemetry data to work out more bugs with the system.

Eventually Death 3d will be making its way to Android and iOS. It is already running fine on those platforms, but the touch controls just are not there yet.

More to come though, enjoy!