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Colonial disasters

As some of you might know, the lava world planet has disasters like lava spreading all over the place (wow...) . But, why are the planets completely fine? Why is there never danger on those planets? Could someone explain that to me please?

So I haven't fully worked out what planets should have certain disasters, but the difficulty level should decide how bad it is and how offend it will take place.

Here are some examples:

red planet

Some of you might know the planet mars, but for those who don't, here is a brief overview about that planet. Its just like the red world planet, but once a year, a giant dust storm will occur and cover the whole planet. And that is what I sort of want, dust storms. They cover up the sky, will make the colony darker, and since there is less to no light, solar panels will make less energy.

ice storm

On the ice planets there will be once in a few hours be a period where the wold temperature goes down a fair bit, causing machines to work less efficient, workers get slower and people will get ill. Then ice meteors could strike and place a few ice deposits and/or other deposits. But some of this issues could be prevented by building a heater, witch will hear up a 15x15 area around it. In that area, life would be normal again.

And last...
... couldn't think of something else:-(
I do think that each planet should have it's own events and hidden challenges, and I like the idea of a dust storm.

Dust storms would indeed darken the map, but just in case the player sets the engine to always-day, I would override that with this disaster. Dust storms would tear at structures and increase their decay speed substantially during the storm. Also, the storm should randomly deposit ore in open plots. This would be a rare occurance to have ore deposited on a plot of land. Colonists exposed to the storm would lose some health, but their health would only go down as far as 50% due to the storms. These storms should stop occuring would the atmosphere reaches 1 million.

The ice world disaster would be hard to implement though because bast has yet to implement any sort of heat aspect to the game. ice and crystalline meteor impacts would be nice, and the user would need to build shield generators in order to protect their buildings and colonists. Any meteors that manage to land on an open plot of land will either leave an ice or blue crystalline deposit depending on their type. This should not happen often. This would stop happening after 1 million atmosphere though.

lunar planet: meteor bombardment - meteors made from regolith and aluminum pound the moon every hour or so, so it's important to keep your structures shielded. Buildings that meteors land on take massive damage, and colonists and rovers would be killed on impact. If a meteor lands on an empty plot, it will drop regolith or aluminum depending on what type of meteor it is. This ends when the planet is over 1 mil atmosphere.

asteroid - living on an asteroid can be dangerous, because meteors are constantly colliding with the asteroid due to the asteroid being in an asteroid field. meteors made from any of the base resources, ore, gold, aluminum, uranium, regolith, crystalline, and ice, land on the asteroid in spurts. In fact, meteor strikes would happen the most often on asteroid planet types. When a meteor lands on an empty plot, it leaves it's resource behind, but if it lands on an ore node with the same resource type, it adds it's resource to that node. Be sure to build shield generators to protect your buildings and colonists.This way asteroids can get at least some aluminum. This ends after 1 mil atmosphere, so be sure not to terraform the asteroid if you like this effect.

I would make it so that paradise planets, or planets with atmosphere's between 5-15 mil atmosphere, would have no negative disasters.
I agree whit you that they would only occur every hour or something, but having a high oxygen level wouldn't really help every time, bot more likely make them more rare and less destructive. So late game players like me, are not save but saver. If you know what I mean. And another reason to not fully disallow them, us that even on our beautiful planet earth, dust storms do occur in some places. So having a lot of tall building's would make it less common as well.

And about turning it off, what if they still occur, but they won't render for the player. But is is happening. Get it?
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