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Sugarcane growth

As a request, can you please slow down the sugar cane growth. For LIS especially, I am almost overrun with sugarcane and can't build enough small sugar processing plants to overcome it since there is no other storage option until much later in the tech tree. My LIS colony is under the one mentioned below.

I have another colony - Zolarg - where I have to fight for space to build stuff because of how fast it grew and overtook the empty space. On that one I haven't even built anything to produce Sugar because of how much I still have to get rid of. I litterally have a column of storage buildings 5 wide 2/3 across the map (still converting to Unholy Pit of Stuff...) just because of the sugar. Charter is: P1fxduac.

To everyone: please respect that my colonies are set to Private and I WILL kick anyone out that isn't mine.
What i do, when i start on a sugar cane planet is (while gathering starter resources) delete most if not all the sugar cane, to prevent this from happening. A bit tedious, but it helps later on.
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Or bast could more it so that players can build over cane, thus deleting it. That would fix the problem entirely.
1. Build tons of sugar burners
2. Produce tons of worker bugs

I think this will work
Acu said:1. Build tons of sugar burners
2. Produce tons of worker bugs

I think this will work

That would certainly help, but too many entities(bots and workers) on the field can terribly slow down fps after a while. By letting people build straight over canes as if they were blank land, bast could get rid of the problem entirely, and being overrun with cane would actually be more of a good thing than a bother. The price of building over cane would be that you waste the cane and gain no sugar from it. But as people are compaining of having too much, I don't think they would mind loosing a few canes to build their hall of congress :)
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