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No water source in gual

My people are dying because nowhere or way to get water. Can make women water gathers but can't make them do anything they just stand where you send them.
Same with me
lol well if you started gaul on a italia map then no way to get water ( bast you may want to be aware of this lol
Gual have access to Italia map BUT No way to get water at all zip nada .
now me I am going to see what happens if i put in only druid rings to get research fast enough to get the water source gauls can us BUT need research for .
BTW as long as you use the normal gaul map Th other not Italia map it has never ending water on it . Defintly a add in needed lol
Usually the Italia map has single river squares. Try building a hunting party right next to those blue river squares and you should be fine. Only one servus aquam needed.
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