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Updates and Announcements

2019-10-14 16:15:24

My Colony Suspended from Google Play

Update (20191016): Google Play has accepted my appeal and My Colony is back in the store! Thanks to all who contacted them to help them "see the light." Original post follows.

Without warning, Google has taken the extreme step of removing My Colony from the Google Play store for violating their malicious behavior policy, while offering no explanation or examples as to the reason for their decision. You can see further information related to this removal on this thread. Please feel free to contact Google Play regarding this decision.
2019-09-30 12:37:15

My Colony v0.97.0 Released

I am now putting the finishing touches on My Colony v0.97.0, and it should be hitting all platforms over the coming days! Originally I had planned on making this a big Water World update, and there is some new Water World stuff in here, but as usual, plans tend to change once I start getting into the update. But asides from the new content (there are 10 new structures in this release), there are some nice interface tweaks in this update that I think (hope) you will enjoy. So let's take a look at what is new!
2019-09-18 15:28:50

My Colony v0.96.0 Released

Hello everyone, I have another My Colony update ready for you today, v0.96.0. This update is somewhat minor, but during last weeks major content update, I had inadvertently removed the Fish Hatchery from the game, which in turn caused a whole bunch of problems, including the build menu not working for Advanced Builder Bots on mobile. Not good!
2019-09-11 16:21:54

My Colony v0.95.0 Released

Today I am putting the finishing touches on the v0.95.0 patch for My Colony, and it should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. I've actually got a fairly big update in store for you guys today, so I hope you enjoy it. Let's take a look at what's new!
2019-09-04 14:35:00

My Colony v0.94.0 Released

So I'm getting the finishing touches put on My Colony v0.94.0 which should be hitting all devices within the coming days. This is yet another I.T. content update, with a few other goodies and changes thrown in for good measure. Let's take a look!

To begin with, I did not even realize that the Custom Map feature had been broken for some time now. The game could load old custom maps just fine, but newly created maps were not working, resulting in the user seeing a blank black screen when trying to start up a custom map. The issue was with the way Custom Maps were being saved. This has been corrected, but any custom map made between client versions v0.86.0 and v0.93.0 will not function. You can create new custom maps now without issue.
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