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Updates and Announcements

2019-07-01 13:06:38

My Colony v0.89.0 Released

Today I am pushing out a minor release to My Colony, patch v0.89.0. There isn't a ton to say about this update, as it just corrects the syntax errors that had been logged and makes a few minor UI tweaks. The only real noticeable change occurs if you are playing with a mouse. Now when you highlight a building, it will get a red outline color, and also bring the highlighted building to the foreground if there is another structure on top of it.

Sorry to all to the slow pace of progress on My Colony and my other apps right now. This summer has proven to be extremely busy for me outside of game development, and it sadly does not appear to be slowing down any time soon, so I expect July to be just as slow as June was. Eventually the busy season will end though and I will be able to get back to doing "real" work, so stay tuned!
2019-06-08 00:48:32

My Colony v0.88.0 Released

Good evening to everybody! I was at a conference earlier this week and I didn't have a ton of time to work on My Colony, but there was a laundry list of bugs which needed to be addressed, so I wanted to get an update out tonight before I head out of town for another meeting this weekend. And while this update may be small in scale, it is none the less big at heart. So what's new with v0.88.0? Let's take a look!
2019-05-25 19:14:11

My Colony v0.87.0 Released

As I'm sitting here putting the finishing touches on the My Colony v0.87.0 patch, I realize that there must be something seriously wrong with me, for this is the second update in a row where I have decided to just totally go in and rewrite or change large parts of the game engine. I have to apologize if I am making you all feel like guinea pigs, although I suspect that My Colony players are going to be used to that by now. So what all has changed in v0.87.0? Let's find out!
2019-05-15 16:31:44

My Colony v0.86.0 Released

I am finally putting the finishing touches on the My Colony v0.86.0 patch, which should be hitting all devices within a few days. I had planned for this to be a huge exciting content update, but then once I started working on it, I began running into one problem after the other and it ended up taking way longer to complete than I had anticipated. As a result, there are a lot of engine changes in this update but no content additions, so from the outside it may look like I've spent the last two weeks doing nothing. Rest assured though, there are some improvements to the game in this release, so let's take a look!
2019-04-20 14:13:59

My Colony v0.85.0 Released

I am just putting the finishing touches on the My Colony v0.85.0 patch, which should be going out to all platforms over the weekend. v0.85.0 is the "dark update" and you are about to find out why! Let's take a look.

To begin with, I have thought for some time now that there is a disconnect in the theme of the game between the overall UI and the Statistics and other popup menus, since everything has a dark theme except for the menus. So I have decided to make some changes, and all of the in-game popup screens are now in dark mode.

In addition, the "window" border and mouse-over highlight colors for the new dark mode menus will take the color of your colony theme color. So if you choose Blue for your colony color, the border and highlight color for everything will be in blue. I have also changed the UI font. It's not too much different, but I think this font renders better on lower resolution devices.

Next, I added a new Reptilian structure called the Petroboiler, which converts Ether into Oil. Upon playing Reptilians on the Abandoned World for a while, I determined they needed a better way to get Oil, so the Petroboiler fulfills that purpose.

Speaking of Ether, it is now live and available to trade on the GBT. To accommodate this, Ether storage has been added to the Quantum Warehouse, Gravitational Compression Warehouse, and the Unholy Pit of Stuff.

Finally, Humans get a brand new structure this update called the Advanced Cloning Facility, and believe me, this building can crank out colonists like rabbits.

The Advanced Cloning Facility runs off of Ether and requires Ether for construction, so you will not see it in your construction menu until you purchase an Ether contract from the GBT. You can find the building in the construction sidebar right next to the old Cloning Facility, or you can also do an upgrade on an existing facility.

Those are the major changes for this release. There are a few little things and fixes that aren't worth typing about but they should make the game better nonetheless. As always, thank you for playing My Colony, and stay tuned for more to come!