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Unable to Load or Restore Game


I've got an online game with the Zolarg Empire. I just spent most of my money and Civics creating an embassy from one of my other games to this one. I confirmed everything worked, saved, reloaded to ensure people actually started working there and didnt show as homeless, and saved again. I exited the Zolarg game and returned later. I placed a single Unholy Diamond Spawer on the map, and attempted to save. This time, it didnt save. It tried for about 30 minutes, but could not save. I exited the game and restarted the phone, only to find it stuck at "Restoring Data". I tried this several times with the same result. I tried several local test colonies with the same result. It wasnt until I tried an online game that it loaded, and all of my local games began loading as well afterwards. My Zolarg game will not restore though. I may be mistaken, but it doesnt appear to be getting any info from the cloud, or perhaps it isnt connecting to the cloud. Any assistance is appreciated. I've got a Note 8.
Update: I made a gift from UV to my other colony before it's apparent heat death. The gift was Sugar, and went through successfully. Although I saved my game, I now see the gift is no longer present in my resources. I'm wondering if something else hasn't happened here.

My other colony has also begun accruing money at an unrealistic rate. I've managed to accrue around 400,000 in gold over the past day or two. That's about double what I feel I should normally earn.
I've now made three separate games. Of those, all of them now been corrupted. The Imperium of Man, my largest colony, with a rather splendid econmy, refuses to load since updates designed to "stabilize" the Android client. Since the corruption of my first colony, I made two more. The first was corrupted after only 2 days, and the second corrupted after about a week and a half. Bast, what did you do. Android client ran fine for me until you made updates to "fix" it.
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