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Where To Get Uranium

Uranium is one of my problem areas. There are no deposits on the land to harvest, so the uranium bots are useless. I built a LOT of the black market bazaars but they produce it very slowly. The uranium refinery does not produce it, it only refines and takes what you have and basically doubles it. Which leaves buying it in the marketplace (I have yet to see any posted for sale) or buy it off the black market at steadily increasing prices.

Is there another way to obtain Uranium that I am missing?
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I'm sorry, but to my knowledge only deposits and the refinery can produce uranium, like you said. I would suggest either requesting others for Uranium (for example, I'll send you some if you need some), creating a different colony just for mining in a commonwealth and exporting the uranium (not really worth it) or just buying it in the League Trade Authority or the black market. A trick for the black market is to not buy a lot at a time, but to buy some each session so that prices stay lower.
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Uranium enrichment centers take uranium and double it. That is the way you can "synthesize" uranium. It does require a lot of aluminium though
Once you get to the point where you can make a lot of aluminum generators you can really take full advantage of the uranium enrichment centers and then the alien version of it too.
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