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Custom map offline colony save file corrupted

I had created an offline reptilian colony with my custom map “volcano beach” (which you can see and download in the custom maps section of the my colony forum) a few months ago. I hadn’t checked on it for 3 or 4 updates and when I tried to access it in the 0.71 version of the game it told me that the file had been corrupted and didn’t let me enter. I then tried to restore the backup file but I found out that there was no backup file for this colony (and I never deleted it or any other file from this colony).

Android, Samsung galaxy a5 phone

Update: after managing to enter it on the windows 0.70 version of the game (which I have now updated to the 0.71 version) I was able to access the colony on the phone, because I have cloud sync on on all of my colonies, both offline and online except for my red planet regions colony which has now been corrupted on my phone (I only have it on the phone) and since, for some reason, there are no backup files for any of the colonies in the my colony file, I will now have to delete this colony.

I hope this only happens to offline colonies and only on the phone, because I don’t want any of my big online colonies to get corrupted on both devices and not be able to get them back.
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