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in game federations - Page 2

"You can expand the borders of your map an unlimited number of times. Theoretically, it can be larger than any regions map." How?
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The "Annex Land" Button at the bottom of your capitol's policy menu. It may require a certain level of capitol above and beyond level 1, but I'm not sure what level exactly.
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does anyone know how to leave a federation
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Amorphus said:Well, mc encountered a setback. Mc was crashing so much in android phones that the game was blacklisted by google play store. this took a large chunk of bast's profit away from mc, so updates started coming much slower. I even stopped playing mc for a time as well. But then, mc is making a slow comeback in my opinion. It seems that on top of trying to resolve the android issues, he's coming up with new ways to make mc more valuable, like adding a regions feature, which I've actually suggested before. He also plans to add textures that run through the maps of a region.

I think that mc needs to make a full come back before we start seeing things like federations added to the game, since the forum is still pretty dead and there wouldn't be many people to actually fill the federations.
ah, I see. I was also gone for a while, so I missed this stuff.

yeah, it's been a while since I played so I don't know if anything has changed
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username said:it has been a while last played my colony, but I do remember that there was talk about adding federations to the game, but now it doesn't seem to have materialized, so what happened exactly? It would be nice if maybe for version .74 we got some version of an in-game federation for my colony.

not materialized in fact will update in future possibly.
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