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Add setting in consolate/capitol for "get education immediately"

My people are complaining about being uneducated, but all 6000 student slots

(3000 elementary, 3000 transcendant) are constantly empty. Or will they only

get an education if they need it for a job, or if they have enough miney saved up?
I've seen nothing official yet but education seems very broken or ...heh...overpowered.
my example story was happiness of 98% with 1200 colonists. i added room for 1400 colonists happiness dropped down to 20% 100% were angry because of education which was available but none of them were getting it.
I hope in time a change is like
if a colonist doesn't have enough IQ for a job they'll go to a school if one is available instead of their happiness going to 0 and then protesting themselves to death at the government building located next to the very school that can help them. :(
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